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The 5th Hokage sighed, "I never expected this"

"Nobody saw it coming Hokage-sama" A sliver haired Shinobi said "So much for a team…." He half whispered

"I expected this from Sasuke, but not Sakura!. Why'd she go to she had nothing to gain" The 5th said frustrated

"Nothing but his trust "

"You think she's following him?"

"Yes" Kakashi answered

"Fine, if you want you have permission to get a team to go after them" the 5th said



"She did what?!" Ino yelled

"Yeah are you sure you're talking about Sakura-Chan?" Naruto asked

"We have reason to believe that she left with Sasuke, and we think Sasuke's head towards the sound. So if Sakura is following him she'll be there too" Kakashi said sighing " Lord Hokage has given me permission to gather a team to go after them and that is Naruto, Choji, Neji, Kiba,and Shikamaru as the team's Captain" Kakashi said The 5 of them exchanged looks. Shikamaru sighed and took a step forward.

"This will be troublesome but both of them are Leaf Shinobi, they must be brought back to the village" The 4 nodded in agreement as Shikamaru's statement, Shikamaru pulled out a scroll. "Ok here's the plan, Kiba will be in front, you and Akamaru will be leading. Having Akamaru in the front means he can warn us of enemy, they might have set traps along the way. So be on the look out Kiba you focus in front of you. Next will be me, I give signals easier this way. I be covering some of the front too. Next will be Naruto you will be covering the left , next to Choji you'll be covering the right. Last is Neji who will cover the back, every body clear?" The 4 nodded and turned back to look at Kakashi.

"I'd come with but I have to do a different mission " Kakashi said and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Well dig out you're weapons we need to check them before we leave"

I'll bring you back, both of you that's a promise Naruto thought to himself

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