A/N: I went back and changed Naruto's Age he 25 now so yea It's kinda short again but anyways enjoy, am working on updating some others that i haven't up dated in a long time.

"Ino you're not the only one that wants to hang Sasuke" Tsunade replied

"Let us not forget it's not all his fault Sakura blindly followed him knowing very well where he was going" Jiraiya added

"I guess you're right" Ino sighed " I still wanna punch him"

"When we get them you can do that, but for now you should return to the acdemy "

"Yes Hokiage-sama" Ino bowed and left

Sora looked down at Kenji and smiled. "Are we going back home Sora-chan?"

"Not yet, but soon. They said if we played the part really good we'll get to go back and live with them"

"Ok how will we know if we done good?"

"They'll tell us, look" Sora pointed to a dark figure near the entrance of the Village. "After we talk to that man only then will we know what to do"

"Ok!" Kenji let go of his Mother's hand ran over to man in black. "Did we do good?" Kenji asked the man

Sora ran up and place a hand over his mouth

"Please excuse him, he doesn't know what is going on "

"He is forgiven" The man's voice was deep it had sort of a softness to it, unlike the man himself. "Is he in?"

"Yes he's in the acdemy, they supect I'm Sakura-chan, other then that they have no idea"

"It's a good thing you look so much like her"

"Yes it is "

"Get people to like you and think you are regular Mother and Child"

"Understood " Sora bowed and the man dissappeared in a puff of smoke. Sora grabbed Kenji's hand and started guilding him back to there 'home'.

"Sora-chan who was that?"

"That was just someone i needed to talk to ok "Sora said smilng "now what do you want to eat?"


"Ok well go get some mkay?" Kenji nodded happily, Sora smiled too. So far nothing has happened, I hope it stays like that. I fear for her sake that nothing happens. Sora thought quietly, her expression turned from joy to son's black eyes met her blue one's.

"What is it Sora-chan?" Sora's head shot up, his voice had snapped her out of her thoughts. She realized a moment later it was only Kenji's voice and turned to face him.

"It's nothing you need to worry about" Sora forced her self to smile at her son, even though everything was not all right. Even if she were to tell him he would not understand. "Come on let's go eat ramen"

"Ok!" Kenji slipped his small hand out of Sora's and started running ahead