Kakashi's Reasoning

A/N:I don't think many ninja have graves, but for the sake of this story I made it so. If ya don't like it, read another damn story and shut the hell up about it. other than that, thanks for giving this story a read.

Naruto was tied up and on the floor of the Hokage's office. He did't know why. Well, actually he did, but it wasn't something to tie him up for. All he did was take some paint and paint a few graves to honor those heroes who had died. Sure they had the memorial stone for that, but most of those graves in the graveyard had ninjas in them, and he wouldn't Naruto Uzumaki if he didn't honor them in his own way. Of course, he didn't want anyone to know he was honoring them, so he didn't exactly put the letters in order. He still had a reputation to uphold afterall.

"So brat, whay'd you paint all those graves with R's, S's, O's, E's, and H's?" asked Tsunade as she sat down in her chair. She looked over some photos of the crime/prank. Each headstone had one letter on it in bright orange paint. There were a lot of headstones.

"I'm not telling you why Baa-chan," Naruto huffed as he turned his head away. Tsunade's brow wrinkled in frustration. "You little squirt! How many times do I have to tell you not to call me Baa-chan?!" she growled at him. He turned his head back towards long enough to stick his tongue out at her.

She slumped forward and placed her head in hand. "Naruto, you're sixteen years old, you're a ninja of the Leaf Village, and you're possibly one of the strongest people I know. So why would you pull a prank like this?" she said, her voice tinted with slight disappointment. Naruto stared downwards as she finished her question. He felt slightly ashamed that he had disappointed her.

"Can you untie me Baa-chan?" he asked as he looked into her eyes. Her eyebrow cocked at this as if to ask why. "I'll show you why I did it," he explained.

She nodded to the Anbu standing next to Naruto, and he cut him loose. Naruto stood up and took six of the photos from her desk and started rearranging them. He placed them down in front of her. Only now did she realize why he did it. The photos spelled out 'Heroes'.

"It was just my way of saying thanks for being there. They're the heroes of this village, and people have seemed to have forgotten what they've done for them. This way, they won't be forgotten. They deserve to be remembered, and this way people won't forget them," he spoke, a somber toned voice.

Tsunade just smiled at her idiotic adopted brother. She couldn't believe he would actually do something that was, for lack of a better term, decent to remember those fallen heroes. She stood up and hugged him, placing a small kiss on his forhead.

"How about some ramen Naruto?"

"Damn it, why do I have to clean these? I thought Baa-chan was cool about it!" Naruto muttered under his breath as he cleaned what felt like the one-thousandth headstone. He had already cleaned off four areas of clan graves: the Aburame, Hyuuga, Nara, and Yamanaka sections. He noticed most of the dates for when they died were the same as his birthday, but he knew the reason for this. He just entered the Uchiha section when Kakashi poofed in reading his Icha Icha Paradise.

"Hello Naruto," he said as he flipped a page and leaned against a particularly beautiful headstone.

"Heya Kakashi-sensei. What are you doing here?" Naruto asked as he started on a headstone. This one had the same date of death as those who died in the Uchiha Massacre.

"I just came to keep you company while you served out your punishment. Hope you don't mind," he said as another page was flipped. Naruto finished the first headstone and went to the next, putting 2 headstones instead of 3 between him and the one Kakashi had chosen to lean on.
This one also had the date of the Uchiha Massacre on it.

"Don't you have better things to do Kakashi-sensei besides to bother me during my punishment? Like think of someting else to teach me besides about elemental chakra?"

"You don't like my teaching? Fine, I guess I'll go teach Sakura some new jutsu for her to work on," he said as he started putting up his book. Naruto's eyes bugged out at the thought of not learning some cool new jutsu after he was done cleaning so he did the only thing he could think of. Beg.

"Wait Kakashi-sensei! You can hang around here and keep me company if you want to. It's just, it feels like you're trying to replace me with Sasuke as your favorite student. I mean, you taught him about elemental chakra and all this back during our Chuunin exams! I just don't wanna be some replacement, ya know?" he finished as he went back to cleaning.

"It seems everyone has made the same assumption you have Naruto. Did I ever once say Sasuke was my favorite student?" he asked as Naruto finished up the headstone he had started on.

"No, but it just seemed that way. I mean you payed more attention to him than to anyone else. It's only natural for us to think that," he spoke as he finished up the last headstone between him and Kakashi.

Kakashi ran his fingers over the names on the headstone he was leaning on, almost reverantly in Naruto's opinion. He only wondered a bit as the why before he placed the rag to the first side of the headstone. This person died in the Kyuubi's attack.

"Do you want to know why I spent more time with Sasuke than you and Sakura?" the Jonin asked. Naruto finished the first side of the headstone and moved to the next side to where Kakashi was at. Naruto nodded as he started cleaning where Kakashi just had his hands. This Uchiha had died at about the age of 14 in the 3rd Great Ninja War.

"It was because you two didn't need me like Sasuke did. In him, I saw me when I was that age. I was emotionally cold like he was and barely acknowldged either of my teammates. Can you believe it was the very same Uchiha whose grave you just cleaned that snapped me out of it?" he said as he ran his fingers over the name once again. Obito Uchiha.

"This," he started as he peered closer to get a better look at the name, "Obito Uchiha must have been one hell of a friend then, huh?"

"He was the best friend I've ever had," Kakashi said as he leaned back against the headstone. Something triggered in Naruto's head as he looked back at the headstone.

"Why was he married at such a young age? Was it because of the war?" the orange clad ninja asked as he had finally noticed the headstone was indeed made for a married couple. Kakashi only chuckled at this.

"Obito wasn't married. The person whose name sits here," he said as he ran his fingers over the name, "was very special to Obito. He would have died to save her. Instead he died saving me, the person she had a crush on. Afterwards I told her how he felt about her, forsaking any feelings I might have had for her just for her to better understand what she should have seen instead of what she saw."

"So why does this Rin person have the last name Uchiha? Did she marry an Uchiha after that or something?" Naruto asked, now more confused than ever.

"She asked to be adopted as an Uchiha after that incident. Obito's parents endorsed her adoption, and soon after she was accepted. They wanted to adopt me and have me marry Rin not long after that, but I refused. They said the Sharingan should stay in the Uchiha clan, but sensei disapproved of that, and of course they were going to listen to Konoha's Yellow Flash," Kakashi said as he started to walk away. Naruto had one last question to ask him though.

"What were they like Kakashi?" he asked.

"Almost exactly like you and Sakura. Except you two have something they don't," the Jonin said as he turned back towards the curious blonde.

"And what's that Kakashi-sensei?"

"A chance."

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