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Naruto woke up at 5 am 'why the hell did I wake up this early', he decided he didn't care because today was the day he became a ninja.

The old man didn't suspect it but naruto knew some ninja had read them from scrolls in the local library.

Naruto got dressed in some new clothes and set out to the training ground.

Naruto arrived at his favourite training grounds by 5:30, he began by making a few kage bunshin clones and having them do laps he made some more and gave them scrolls to read, he had figured out the kage bunshin training method quite soon after he had learned the technique.

Despite what alot of people thought naruto wasn't that stupid.

At 7 he set off for the academy, leaving behind his clones to keep ran as fast as he could to the got there by 7:45 and walked to the room he was supposed to go to, there was no-one inside so he put the note on the teachers desk and took a seat in the front row.

About ten minutes later iruka walked into his classroom and saw a kid asleep in the front row and a note on his desk, he read the note and shook the boy, "Hey kid wake up", naruto opened his eyes, "who are you?", iruka looked at the boy weirdly "Well according to this not I'm your teacher. Why are you here so early kid most of the others don't arrive for half an hour", naruto rubbed some of the sleep from his eyes, "I guess I was just excited for my first day here", iruka was a little taken aback by this but decided to leave the boy alone, he left for the teachers lounge untill the rest of the class came.

Naruto sat there untill the room began to fill, he started to drift of again untill a loud boy with a dog on his head demanded "Hey you, get outa my seat", naruto turned around and looked closely at the seat, he then turned back around and stared at the boy, "I don't see your name on it" the boy seemed to get angry before he replied "You don't even know my name so get out of my seat before I beat you out of it" naruto grinned, it was not a nice grin, it was the sort you got when your playing poker and suddenly remember you have five aces stashed up your sleeve, kiba egan to get uncomfortable with the grin the boy was giving him, all he wanted to do was sit next to hinata but this guy looked like a psycho, "ok have the seat then you freak",

Naruto was a bit put down, he wanted to beat the boy to a pulp 'oh well'.

Iruka walked in shortly after all the class had all gone to thier respective seats, "SIT DOWN" everyone was sitting down anyway but they shut up aswell, "Okay today we have a new student, Naruto would you introduce yourself", the psycho that scared kiba earlier stood up and walked to the front of the class "Hi I'm naruto" he walked back to his desk, leant back and apparently fell asleep.

Naruto was actually checking out the class 'That hyuuga looks nice, wonder what she has under that jacket,hmm who else is nice in here' he scanned the class and saw a girl with bandages around her legs 'I would love to unrap those' despite what he thought naruto was a pervert, all men are. Not much of the other hirls in the room had much he could look at, most of them were looking at duck ass over there, naruto was brought out of his admiring the stock in the class when a piece of chalk hit him on the head.

He lifted his head to look at Iruka, the look he gave you would have thought he had just said that naruto was better off working in hooters than as a ninja, naruto reached into a pocket on his cargo pants, the room tensed, he lifted out... a little orange book and began to read, Iruka felt sorry for the boy, most of the girls in this class knew what that book was, he watched as all the girls around him got up (except hinata) and began to walk towards him, the boys in the class closed their eyes, this happened to kiba before, they heard a woosh sound, being boys and naturally curious they opened their eyes, all the girls were on the floor, blood was dripping from thier noses, the boys looked at naruto, he ajusted his t-shirt a little and continued to read.

Once the girls had been woken up and returned to thier seats the lesson continued, many of the boys started asking them what they saw but they just stared dreamily into the distance,Hinata who had seen the "show" was also being asked, being shy and all, the boys thought she would tell them but even she didn't tell them, the boys had no other choice but to ask naruto.

Naruto sat outside during lunch under a tree, looking up at the sky, his fun was inturupted however by the boys of the class (shikamaru,chouji,shino,kiba and surprisingly sasuke), "Naruto we want to talk to you" so far shikamaru seemed to be the leader of the group, naruto nodded indicating they could ask, they all sat down and shikamaru began to talk again, "What did you do to the girls, every time we ask them they stare into space and don't come back till we shake them, how did you get away with reading that book?" at the end of his question shikamaru pointed at the book that had mysteriously appeared in his hand, naruto thought for a while and decided to tell them, "I showed them a genjutsu of them as the main character in this book", several of the boys hadn't read the book so they didn't know what to make of what he said but kiba answered for them, "That is genius, any man would love to do what the men in those books do, so that must mean the women would love to have it done to them" kiba was grinning like a madman, if he had this guy helping him he could get laid very soon indeed.

Naruto seemed to read kiba's mind and grinned back at him, the other boys just went along with it, except sasuke who just walked away soon after hearing kiba's boys talked all the way through lunch and they exchanged some useful ideas.

Naruto sat back into his seat at the front of the class, hinata seemed to be looking at him with a little more than friendship, naruto noticed this and decided that after class he would do a little investigating. Naruto "slept" through Iruka's next lecture and scared the shit out of Iruka when he answered the question given to him perfectly, naruto was about to continue when he felt a sudden rush of memories, the kage bunshin had reached thier limit for the day.

After school naruto said goodbye to his new friends and set off in direction of his house, when he was sure he was safe he put a henge on himself and doubled back, 'Target sighted' he saw hinata walking home alone, he set a genjutsu as quickly as possible that made her think she was still on her way home when really he was leading her to the park.

When he got to the park he changed the genjutsu so she thought she was in her room, obviously he made sure no-one was around first, he only wanted to see what was under her jacket that she wanted covered up so much, she began to unzip it and took it off, narutos eyes bulged, 'She is very well developed for a girl her age' and she was, by the look of it naruto thought she was in at least a D, he watched some more and decided to release the illusion when her hand travelled down her pants.

It was almost a comical sight, hinata standing there, fishnet top on, hand down her pants and red as a beetroot, Hinata squeeked and fainted, naruto decided that it wouldn't harm anyone if he took her home 'It's not as if I'm being watched or anything.

Anko looked down at the scene with amusmant writen on her face and horny writen on her mind, she had noticed the girl was acting a little wierd from a couple of buildings away, she started to get the idea she was under a genjutsu when the girl took off her jacket and reached towards her pants, she was surprised when the girl suddenly came to, turned beet red and fainted, she was even more surprised when a muscular young boy walked over to the girl, took her hand out of her pants, put her jacket on her, picked her up and jumped decided that she'd call the boy in on rape, she grinned to herself and jumped after him.

Naruto had absolutly no idea where the hyuuga compound was but hoping that when the person following him caught up he could ask them. He didn't have to wait long, when he reached a small clearing a woman with purple hair and very revealing clothes, naruto was one of the only men in the world that could force themselves not to have a nose-bleed looking at women.

Anko was surprised when the boy didn't burst off in a nose-bleed, but she had more suductivness under her skirt (not up her sleeves), she decided to show of her cleavage, she leaned towards the boy and asked him a question, "What are you doing young man"

Naruto was trying not to rush forwards and hug the womans huge assets but kept his eyes fixed on her face, "I'm taking my friend home, on that subject coulod you tell me where the hyuuga compound is", anko pouted, "why is your friend on you can trust me, y u wouldn't lie to me now would you", naruto began to panic, only on the inside, this woman was trying to make him die of blood loss he was sure of it, "She hit her head on a tree stump", it wasn't a complete lie, she had probably hit her head on a stump when she fell, anko sat down on a tree stump leaned back on a whole tree and opened her legs, naruto couldn't help it and fainted, anko grinned it was time for some fun, she proped the boy up against a stump, she sat the girl on his lap, a leg either side of him, she unzipped the girls jacket and placed the boys head between her breasts, next she placed one of her hands in his pants and one of his hands on her ass, the final thing she did was slap them both in the face, they both woke up and looked around till they realised where they were, naruto jumped up but since he had a hand on under hinatas body he lifted her up with him, at the same time hinata realised what was in her hand and instead of fainting came, then fainted.

Anko was laughing her ass off, the two of them were the were the perfect entertainment and she now had blackmail on the muscular blonde and the well endowned blue haired girl, 'wonder what I can get them to do' she grinned as lots of possibilitys came to mind.

Naruto placed hinata on a stump and glared at the purple haired temptress, "What the hell is wrong with you?", anko adopted a thinking pose before she answered, "I like having fun, now kid if you don't want the head of the hyuuga clan knowing you were feeling up his daughter then you are going to listen to my demands", naruto paled, 'Oh my god if thats what she did without having blackmail material what will she do with it?', "When I ask you to, you will do what I want, kind of like a slave but with more freedom, and when she wakes up we will tell her the same thing, and remember that I can call in a "favour" any time I want", naruto gave a slow nod, "ok lets wake her up then", anko walked over to hinata and squezed her breast, she chuckled when she saw blood trickle down his nose,when hinata woke up anko informed her of the deal, hinata didn't see anything wrong with doing an odd job or two for the women to stop her father from killing naruto,after the deal was finished naruto walked with hinata and anko to the hyuuga compound, they said goodbye to hinata and started walking away, naruto was about to run when anko turned him around and grinned at him, "you and should help that girl with her confidence issues, now it's time for me to call in a special favour, I noticed that you read a certain little orange book, so I guess you know what kind of favour i'm going to call in", naruto sighed, he thought he could have got away before she called in a favour, "My place or your place", naruto said in a defeated tone, anko was glad that the boy had caught on so quickly, "MIne"

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Naruto sat up in the bed and looked at the beautiful woman lying next to him, 'Wow that was very fun' naruto checked the time, his eyes widened, he grabbed his clothes and began to get dressed as fast as he could he returned to the bedroom to grab his t-shirt, he looked to the bed to see anko looking at him from under the covers, "Lets do this again some time", naruto grinned and sped out the door.

Iruka was quite angry when a disheveled naruto barged in through the class room door and jumped into his seat, "I would say good timing at getting to class on time except that class started an hour ago", naruto slumped in his seat, he looked like he had been up all night, "Now naruto would, you mind explaining why you are late", naruto paniced for a minute and it showed on his face, when he calmed down he hesitated a bit during his explination, "Umm...I've been over a friends and umm... I slept in ...Yeah thats it I slept in", Iruka raised an eyebrow at naruto's hasty explination but accepted it.

At lunch time naruto limped over to a tree and sat down under it, soon after his friends came and sat by him, kiba was the quickest to ask, "Dude what happened to you", naruto took out his copy of the orange bible and handed it to kiba, "page 74", kiba turned to it and grinned, "You lucky bastard, who with", naruto was hesitant before answering, "A woman named anko, boy it was fun, last thing she said to me befor I left earlier was "Lets do this again some time"", well then you lucky bastard how about I get you some ice while these guys find out what they don't know", kiba said as he passed the book to shikimaru, the book was eventualy passed around the group and high fives were exchanged, kiba returned with the ice pack and naruto placed it between his legs.

Naruto had a good day after that, hinata didn't do anything except sit next to naruto and answer questions, after school he walked to his house and sat on the couch for a while waiting for the pain to subside, he realised that he hadn't trained all day and didn't give a crap, he had fun at anko's and he had noticed something that he hadn't before, there was a very nice looking girl in the back row, she wore basically the same clothes as he did but instead of a normal t-shirt she wore a skin tight one, her hair was a very deep shade of red almost black, she was one of the best looking girl naruto had seen so far and he dreamed about her that night, what he had failed to notive was the elongated canines and red eyes.

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