Listen: (Apologize by Timbaland

It was raining. Dark clouds blocking out the rising sun.

Hoykar stood under the rain, moon-silver hair plastered to his face. Physically he was trembling, body wracked from the cold of the weather. Inwardly, he was still, unmoving.

Behind him the rain had long since soaked through the sweet-cakes and deluded the wine, so carefully lain out for the special day. For his life-day.

It had happened before, so, so many times. It always started out well, fingers entwined, tender touches and loving words. Than Winnowill would come up, or something would be forgotten, or something so stupid and trivial they never remembered after. And then Kureel would pull away, shout and glare, each words piercing Hoykar's heart. Always the same, vicious, unending circle. Then Kureel would storm away, leaving Hoykar to pick up the pieces of his heart and wait for his return.

Kureel always came back, and Hoykar was always waiting. He was waiting because he needed Kureel. Needed his love, and his kisses, and his tight embrace. He needed the late nights cuddled close in bed, the lips brushing his ear and whispering an apology. Needed it, thirsted for it, like it was life itself.

But this time there would be no more waiting. There would be no more coming back. No more sweet apologies whispered from the warmth and safety of each other's arms. Never again.

Hoykar was glad it was raining. He could pretend the tears were only raindrops.