(Listen: If You Only Knew by Gil Ofarim)

It was love at first sight for Halla. Kindre was so beautiful, lamplight turning her gold hair into waves of sunlight, silken robes hugging her curves.

Halla watched her every day, her nimble fingers darting across her loom, or deftly working a needle and thread.

How could someone like Kindre ever love her? Halla looked in a mirror and her hair was dull brown, her skin pale and freckled, her body with no curves to speak of. How could someone like her ever catch the eye of Blue Mountain's master tailor?

So she watched, every day, for centuries. Watched her as she worked, sewed, and wove.

Then it all changed.

"You think I haven't seen you?"

Halla stammered, trying to deny Kindre's words. Until Kindre silenced her with a kiss. Kindre's lips were soft, gliding against hers like the silk she worked.

Slowly Kindre pulled away, smiling, "How could I miss you?"

Halla felt her heart take flight.

They head towards Halla's chambers, fingers entwined, gazing at each other. Neither hear the sharp crack of rock, or felt the falling stones.

'A fault in the rock.' it was said. The wall was repaired, Blue Mountain moved on, and two tailors were forgotten.