Lizzy looked down and saw the stain of blood in her underwear. The thing that she had been dreading had happened: she had gotten her first period. "Casey, I need you NOW!" Lizzie screamed.

"Lizzie, why the hell are you screaming? Besides Casey's not home, no one's home besides Marti and me…well and you," yelled Derek.

"Smerek, I'm telling Dad when he gets home that you said a bad word," said Marti.

"No you won't Smarti or I'll tell Nora you ate a cookie before dinner last night when she said you couldn't have one," Derek said.

Meanawhile upstairs Lizzie was all but freaking out in the bathroom. "O my God what am going to do? I can't tell Derek I got my period that would be SO embarrassing! Besides he'd probably tell everyone and make fun of me for freaking out! But I don't really have choice! I mean I don't have anything in here with me! I'm pretty sure Casey has some pads in her room. O my God I can't believe I have to do this," Lizzie thought.

"Derek!" Lizzie screamed.

"Lizzie shut up!" Derek screamed from downstairs.

"Derek, I need you to come upstairs right now! Without Marti!" yelled Lizzie.

"Hey, what am chopped liver?" screamed Marti.

"Smarti, just stay right here while I go check on Lizzie," said Derek.

Marti just crossed her arms and made a pouty face at Derek.

When Lizzie started hearing Derek coming upstairs, from inside the bathroom she said, "Derek I'm in the bathroom. But DON'T open the door!"

Derek thought to himself, "Oh no why I am getting a bad feeling about this."

"Ok, I'm standing outside the bathroom door so what is so important that you had to scream at the top of your lungs?"

"Derek, I really wish I didn't have to tell you this but I just got my period…for the first time-"

Derek cut her off, "Ok you can stop right there 'cause I don't deal with 'girl stuff' like this! I'll tell Casey or Nora to come to talk to you whenever they get home."

Lizzie was all but crying now, "Derek, NO! WAIT! I don't have anything! Can you please grab me a pad from top drawer of Casey's dresser for me!"

"Can't you get it yourself? I mean you're not going to bleed to death just to walk over to Casey's room!"

Lizzie was crying now, "Derek PLEASE! I really need one!"

"Fine! I'll get one for you! Just please stop crying and screaming!"

Derek went and got a pad from Casey's room and then went back to standing outside the bathroom door.

"Ok I've got the stupid pad. Now what do you want me to do?"

"Just push the pad through the crack in the door."

"Ok it's through. Can I go back downstairs now? Marti is probably wondering what the hell is taking so long?"

"Yes, but please tell Casey or my mom as soon they get home to come to my room because I need to talk to them."

"Can't you tell them?"

"Derek! Please just tell them!"

"Fine! I'll tell them! I'm going back downstairs now."

"Good because I just want to be alone right now."

As he was heading downstairs he thought to himself, "Maybe Lizzie is actually more of a freak than Casey! No wait that's not possible! No one could be more of a freak then Casey!"

As she heard Derek walk downstairs, Lizzie went to pick up the pad from underneath the door and thought to herself, "O my God! That was so embarrassing I can't believe I had to tell Derek I got my period! He's probably going to make fun of me for the rest of my life! Great knowing Derek he'll make sure this the topic of conversation at dinner tonight! What am I going to do?!"