Derek had been laying in his bed for the past several minutes trying to figure what exactly had just happened during his conversation with Casey in the hallway after he had talked to Lizzie. The way she was just standing there outside Lizzie's bedroom door, her sort tilted to the side, and the way she said had called him "a really good guy" she almost looked sort of hot. "O my God! What the hell am I thinking? This is Casey; my annoying pain in the ass, step-sister!"

A knock on his door interrupted his thoughts. "Who is it?"

"It's Edwin. Can I come in? I need to talk to you."

"Yeah, sure but make it quick," Derek said as Edwin walked into his room.

"What's with Lizzie? I know you know something."

"Um, Edwin if Lizzie wanted to tell you she would and I don't think this is something she'll be telling you about."

"And yet you know? Why the hell would she tell you something and not me?! Lizzie always tells me everything, but just right now when I went over to her room she said she just wanted to be left alone and refused to talk to me!"

"Ed, are you seriously THAT oblivious as to what happened? Think about it: Lizzie's an almost 13 year old girl, what do girls around that age start getting once a month? "

Edwin's face turned bright red, "Oh, I really didn't need to know!"

"I tried to tell you, but you had to know. The only reason I know is 'cause Marti and I were the only one's home when it happened this afternoon. Anyway, let's please drop this whole topic now."

Edwin just kind of stood there for a minute.

"If you don't need anything else you can go," Derek said, motioning towards the door.

"Derek, is this going to make things even more awkward between Lizzie and I?"

"Ed, since when have things awkward between you guys? I mean you guys always hang out."

"Yeah, but lately things have just been really weird between us It's like… I mean like hanging out with her, I just hate the awkward feelings I have about her sometimes when we're hanging out."

"Ed, you're both going through puberty so it's bound to be a little awkward at times."

"It's just I wish things could back to how they were like 6 months ago, when it wasn't awkward between us."

"Ed, as much you think I want to hear you pour your little heart to me …I don't. I've already been through the whole 'awkward' stage."

"Oh yeah, how can I forget when you were 13 and your voice pretty much cracked non-stop!"

"Shut up! It's not like yours sounds much better now. Anyway, look I know because of all the changes you're going through that you're feeling things and thinking things you've never felt or thought before and you're body is changing and reacting in ways you have no control over. And yeah, it is awkward and embarrassing at times. But it doesn't last forever. Eventually, things won't be so awkward anymore."

"Yeah, I know it's just not exactly fun right now."

"I know, but you'll live, I promise. Like I said every guy goes through it."

"Thanks, Derek. It's a lot less awkward talking about guy stuff with you than Dad."

"I thought you came in here to find out about Lizzie?"

"Yeah, well I did, but I obviously had more than that on my mind."

"Well, if you ever need to talk about guy stuff, I guess you can always come talk to me because I remember how awkward it was talking to Dad about this stuff."

"Thanks, Derek," Edwin said as he started to walk out of Derek' room. "Oh and Derek, as far as Lizzie's concerned this conversation never happened."

"Ed, don't worry I won't say a word."

"Oh God," Derek thought, "I'm so glad I'm not 13!"