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Death will set you free

Chapter 1


Sasuke said while deflecting one of Itachi's punches. Itachi smirked.

"what make you think you can stop me"

and with that he did a high kick hitting sasuke causing him to crash by a nearby tree, stopping just behind the cliff.


Naruto yelled. He was just beyond the field tending to Sakura's wounds who was unconcious. He ran to check on him confident that Sakura would be alright if he left ehr unattended for a few minutes. He knelt beside him and turned his face. It was covered with blood and he too was unconciuse.

Itachi came up to him.

"So what are you gonna do now, your friends cant protect you anymore. all you do is cause them pain. Its your fault there gonna die tonight-"

"shut up"

"Its your fault garra died"


"Its your fault that sasuke deserted the village"

It was beginning to rain now.

"its all your fault that sakura tried to kill hers-"


Naruto yelled, tears going down her face, blending in with the tears of the sky. He knew all of this even though he never said it aloud, in the back of his mind he knew how much pain he caused all of his friends. He and Itachi were now fighting taijutsu style. Itachi dodging Naruto's blows while smirking. Itachi made a hand sign and breathed out a huge fireball. It hit naruto causing him to crash in the side of the hill.


Naruto said barely able to stay conciouse.

"its me your after, leave them out of this"

Itachi looked at him,How pathetic inches away from death and all he can think about are his stupid little friends.

A few yards away Sakura was beggining to wake up. She was sore all around and could smell blood all around her. She forced herself in a sitting position leaning against a tree behinfd her.

"You should stop worrying about them, there as good as dead, unfortunatley for you we have different plans"

She turned to look at the source of the voices. Se turned around and saw Itachi standing over Naruto who was on the gorund.


Sakura yelled realizing what was happening. Itachi turned and looked at her, made a hand sign and before he could kill her Naruto realized what was happening and he threw himself against Itachi. They were falling over the 500 foot cliff almost in slow motion to sakura until they were out of view. Naruto could feel himself falling, at least i was able to do something right before i died. "NARUTO!" someone screamed and it all went dark.

"NO!" the girl sobbed. It was raining harder than ever, and all was calm. The errie silence following the fight seemed suffocating. "sakura" A silent voice said behind her. He too had tears going down his face, he had woken up just in time to see Naruto sacrifice his life for the girl he loved. Sakura was on the ground on the edge of the cliff were Naruto and Itachi had fallen to there deaths, nothing could have saved them. She was shaking with sorrow over the death of the best thing that had ever happened to her. "He's gone" Sasuke said and put a hand on her shoulder at a attempt to comfort her. "he h- he's gone?" She continued to sob uncontrollably. "n-no...no...NO! NARUTO!" she screamed

"NARUTO!" Sakura screamed again as she stood up from her bed. It was morning. Tears were going down her face.

It was a dream...again

For a second it felt like he was back with her again...only for a second. She wiped the tears from her face and got up from her bed trying to put Naruto as far away in her mind as she could. She headed to the she turned on the faucet to wash her face she looked up at the mirror that hanged in her bathroom wall. She was very pale, her eyes were blood-shot from crying all night and the sparkle and love of life that were usually seen in her eyes were gone. It was only then that she remembered the funeral schedualed the next day. She was asked to say something, seeing as how she was one of Naruto's close friends. Se did not know if she was going to speak or even attend the funeral. Going, seeing everyone, and seeing his body in the coffin would just make his death official.

"from what we could figure out there were two men who broke into the apartment sometime around 1 am and 2 am. There was a battle fought and the result was Sasuke's death" Kakashi said aloud to the jounin, ANBU ops, and Tsunade who were in the room.

"We discovered blood from Sasuke, Naruto and Karin. Either Karin managed to capture Naruto or he's dead" Kakashi said and stopped. He turned to look at Tsunade who was sitting at her desk. Instead of looking at Kakashi she was staring out the window. Kakashi could see that her eyes were red from crying the night before when they delivered the news to her.

"what do we do now? if orochimaru has naruto they can extract the kyubi from him!" A jounin said aloud.

All of th epeople began to stir not realizing this

we cant let that happen!...the 4th gave his life for this!...what are we going to do!

"Everyone calm down! We are not gonna let that happen!Iruka yelled. He was standing up from his knew how hard this was for Iruka. Iruka had always regarded Naruto like a son, and now it was like he had lost his son.

"Please comtinue Kakashi" Tsunade said quietly. Apparently the outburst had brought Tsunade back to earth.

"Were gonna form a search team for now, ask anyone that was out at that time, knowing the akatsuki they will have covered their tracks really good" Kakashi finished and sat down.

Tsunade then stood."Ok i want all the ANBU Black Ops to dispatch and look for Naruto, if you find a lead first come back and well come up with a plan. i dont want to loose any men on this mission, especially Naruto"

Everyone at the meeting began to exit the hokages room. The ANBU black ops headed out with their mission. Tsunade again lost in thought about what had happen. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder'

''dont worry well find him its naruto he knows how to look out for himself" jiraya said in an attempt to comfort the hokage.

"yeah... but this might be the thing that finally gets him"

Tsunade said in fear of the future.

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