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Death will set you free

Chapter 4

Naruto was lying on the ground again. It had been over 4 hours that he had to succumb to this torture, though everything seemed almost as if it were in a dream. He seemed to be outside though the sky was blood red and the ground and the sun were black. There was nothing around him except dirt and a few trees.

Please make it stop

Out of the corner of his eye he saw a boy. With all his strength he turned to look at him. He recognized immediately who the boy was. A young boy around five or six with sun yellow hair and the brightest blue eyes you will ever see was sitting on a swing all by himself. He seemed to be watching two other young boys around his age playing near the plays cape. After about a minute or two of watching the boys he got up and approached them.

"Hi I'm Naruto. Want to play with me?"

He asked the boys and extended a hand of friendship to the nearest purple haired boy. The boy look up at the one they called naruto and then to his hand and immediately slapped it away. He got up and the other boy followed leaving naruto standing by himself. The boys ran to their mother and naruto watched as the boy's mother told them never to get near him again. The present naruto looked at his younger self and saw that his face was full of tears.

Its not fair

Suddenly the scene changed again. The plays cape and swing disappeared and naruto could see that it was the streets of konoha. The street was filled with people all crowded around one spot and they were shouting things. Naruto could see what they were crowded around and saw that it was himself at age 8. He remembered this all to well. He had been out that night looking for a store that would let him in so he could buy some food, when all of a sudden the nearby villagers began to beat him up. The people who were not joining didn't even bother helping him or calling someone for help. They just stood there and watched or just passed by like nothing was happening. After a while the villagers got bored and left the bloodied naruto on the ground crying.

Nobody would help

The scene suddenly disappeared and naruto could feel himself being tortured all over again. He wanted it all to stop, he wanted to pass out, to black out, to….die.

"Looks like were finally making some progress"

Itachi said appearing next to naruto.

No I cant let it end…sakura

Naruto looked at Itachi with eyes full of hatred

Shes waiting for me

"Get out of…my..HEAD!" Naruto said with all his will power and instantly he was back to the real world. He opened his eyes and saw he was back to the room he detested so much, chained to a chair. Itachi to came out of the trance he seemed to be in.

Damn and I almost had him…this damn brat is not going down so easy

Itachi thought. Kisame got up out of his chair and stood beside itachi.

"what happened?"

he asked. Itachi was rubbing his eyes. This was the 4th time this week that he tried that jutsu and he wasnt used to doing it so much.

"the fox-brat is harder to break than the other jinchuriki"

Itach said staring at naruto full of rage. Naruto had sweat going down his face and was panting. He tried telling himself that it wasnt like that anymore. He had people who cared about him now, people he had to live for.

"you...wont ..get away with this"

Naruto said still exhaused as if he just ran a 20 mile marothon without stopping. "theyll notice im missing theyll look for me" naruto said, though if you listened to him closely you could hear a hint of doubt in his voice. He suddenly felt a sharp pain on the side of his face. Itachi had struck him with the back of his hand.

"No naruto-kun they wont…..they think that your dead" Itachi said with a smirk on his face. Naruto at the sound of this widened his eyes and looked up at itachi.

"whar?" he said in disbalief

"yeah they held your funeral about a week ago, you see we disguised one of our guys to look like you and killed him at the gates of konoha. To them you don't even exist anymore" Itachi continued. Naruto suddenly felt Itachi get closer.

"And if you ask me" itachi continued but in a small voice so only naruto could here.

"theyre better off without you. Even if you were alive they probably wouldn't even bother looking for you"

He finished. And stepped back away from naruto trying to see how he would react.

Naruto sat their in disbalief. They all thought he was dead. Everyone he ever cared about.


He thought. She thinks he's dead. For the 1st time since the torture began he felt that they have finally done it. They broke him.

"Itachi I need to talk to you"

Konan said approaching Itachi outside of Naruto's cell.

"this isn't working. If this keeps on going for much longer he will die. And naruto dying isn't going to help us harnes the power of the kyubi"

Konan finished as she peaked inside were naruto lay. He seemed dead as he sat chained to the chair. She knew that this was getting to be too much for him, no matter how strong his spirits were. Itachi closed the door startling Konan.

"well there isn't much we can do, I think were finally breaking him"

Itachi said trying to find a way to continue this, besides it was beginning to be sort of fun for him.

"I really advise against that Itachi, a day or two more and naruto-kun is dead"

She said staring up at the dark lifeless eyes of his. To be honest she had gotten a sort of attachment towards naruto. She always admired him and now felt a tinge of guilt when she saw what they did to him.

"Well we cant have him die now can we. I guess were gonna have to move to plan B. well start tomorrow." Itachi said and left Konan. Suddenly he stopped and turned to look at Konan.

"you know this might actually be better. Im sure naruto-kun will like the dark side better"

He said and walked away.

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