Air Gear and Danny Phantom crossover

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summary: Akito fells like he is not welcomed anymore so he packs up and leaves...for Amity Park, meeting some new friends along the way, but now it is up to Ikki and Ringo to bring him back...because they were forced Mikan...what happens when they reach Amity Park and find new begins and some strange ends.

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Akito was in his gown that he and agito had bought together with their own money. It was a pink gown (girls gown) that reached up to his knees and under that he wore blue boxers with sharks on them, that was agito's ideal the gown was akito's ideal. He was in bed looking at the wall thinking.

'Ikki...' a tear rolled down his golden eye as he remembered what happened a few hours ago.


Akito was out looking for Ringo and Ikki because it was time for dinner.

'Where are they?' he asked himself, but never the less got an answer.

'How the fuck should I know?!' came the answer of none other than Agito.

"Agito." Akito laughed and knew Agito was smiling too for making him laugh but the laughing stop once Akito saw something that broke his heart into small pieces.

Right in front of him were Ikki and Ringo (he was on foot no ATs just walking) but it wasn't that they were standing there it was the fact that they were kissing.

They stopped when they felt someone was watching them. They turned their heads to see who was watching them, who they saw was a shock to them, it was none other than Akito.

Akito, they notice, was just staring at them with an unreadable look on his face

"It's time for dinner." Akito whispered and then walked off. When he got home he went straight to his room saying that he wasn't hungry.

End Flashback

"Agito, I'm ready to go now." Akito said as he switched the eye patch over so the left eye was exposed.

Agito jumped out the window with what little stuff he and Akito had.

Somewhere on a bus there where two girls, one was complaining while the other one was hitting her head on the window.

"Lizzie, please stop, you're making a scene." the girl who was hitting her head on the window said.

"Why should I stop DJ, you know I hate our cousin with a passion." the girl who was complaining said.

The girl known as DJ sighed. She was dressed in black baggy cargo pants, her shoes black as well, and a black sweeter with the grim reaper on it, she had long black hair that reach up to mid-back and was in a low ponytail and had some hair that was not in the ponytail instead it was in her face, but it was white, her eyes were blood red (...but not pink...), she was pale and was a teen who looked to be 15.

The girl known as Lizzie just huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. She was dressed in a bluish/greenish T-shirt, she had dark blue baggy jeans, white sneakers with a gray trim, and a silver necklace with a blue stone. Her hair was black too but it was a little past her shoulders with bright blue streaks in it, her eyes were also blood red (...again not pink...), she was also pale and was a teen who looked to be 14.

They were both sisters who were going up to Amity Park for the summer and will be staying with their jerk of a cousin...who they both hated, Lizzie more than DJ. DJ could care less, while Lizzie is ready to kill. If DJ had the choice she would have stayed home but she didn't want her little sister to get in trouble for trying to murder their cousin Sam...Again. So yeah there they were off to Amity Park.

The bus stopped to drop off some people and pick up some. There were 18 people on the bus, including Lizzie and DJ, 11 people got off and one came on, so that only 8 people were on the bus now. (Sorry for the head hurts...)

DJ and Lizzie looked at the boy who came on the bus. He was dressed in an orange straight jacket that had sleeves that were a tad bit to long and white pants with hooks hanging off of them. He had an eye patch that covered the left eye, the eye that wasn't covered was the color of gold and his hair was as blue as the sea and it reached his shoulders. He only had one bag with him, he sat down behind them and looked out the window longing. (He sat in the back of the bus which happened to be behind them.).

'Ikki..." the boy whispered, DJ's eyes lit up.

"Hehe, a project..." she said as an evil look crossed her eyes.

"Oh on, here we go again." said Lizzie as she rolled her eyes.

"Akito? Damn, where is that kid?" Ikki asked himself as he looked around for Akito but no luck in finding him.

"Haven't found him yet?" asked Ringo who sound like she didn't care.

"Ringo, I know you don't care, but we have to find him, if we don't who knows what kind of trouble he'll get himself into." Ikki said as he continues to look around the house with Ringo following him.

"Why do you even care about that little brat, all he does is ruin your life." Ringo said as she put her hands on her hips.

Ikki stopped walking and turned around to look at Ringo shocked.

"Ringo, how can you say some thing like that? Akito never ruined my life, in truth he made it more exciting." Ikki explained to Ringo who look like she was going to blow...which is what she did.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE MADE IT MORE EXCIDING, HE KISSED YOU! HE, A BOY! HE'S NOTHING BUT A SLUT!" Ringo yelled which woke up Ume and Mikan who stood there watching in shock as a hand connected with the side of Ringo's face.

"DON'T YOU EVER CALL AKITO A SLUT AGAIN!" Ikki yelled after he slapped Ringo.

Ringo glared at him and then smirked.

"FINE THEN, HOW DOES WHORE WORK?!" she yelled in his face. Ikki turned red out of anger and pounce on her wrapping his hands around her neck, suffocating her.

That's when Mikan finally decided to jump in pulling Ikki off of Ringo. Mikan was going to hit Ikki for pouncing on Ringo, but stopped when she saw him crying.

"Ikki?" Mikan questioned. Ikki pulled away from her and ran into his room slamming the door behind him.

Ume was helping Ringo up as Mikan walked over to Ringo. "What was all that about?" Mikan asked Ringo.

"Well, I,, Akito, he kind of disappeared and we can't find him." Ringo explained.

"So you two were fighting because Akito is gone? Actually don't answer that, but when did Akito disappear?" Mikan asked as Ringo shrugged.

"Some time last night I guess because he wasn't in Ikki's bed this morning which was odd but I'm glad because Ikki isn't gay like Akito is and he-" Ringo was again slapped a crossed the face but this time it was Mikan who slapped her.

"You know what, I'm getting sick and tired of you! Why can't you just suck it up and stop being jealous, so what if Akito loves Ikki at least he can be honest and show know what, I'm going to make you and Ikki go out and find Akito and I don't care how long it takes just find him and bring him home, got it!?" Mikan barked at Ringo who shank in fear.

All the sudden Ikki came out of his room two bags in tow.

"Well Ringo lets go we don't have all day you know we have to find Akito!" Ikki said as every one looked at him.

"You should really leave the kid alone, you don't even know him for crying out loud." Lizzie said to her sister.

"Well I know that but he looks sad...and heartbroken." DJ said as she got up and sat next to the blue haired kid, said blue haired kid switch his eye patch over so the left eye was exposed.

"What the fuck do you want!?" The boy demanded, but DJ was not scared by his words.

"I want to help you." DJ said, the blue haired kid sighed and switch the eye patch back over the left eye while mumbling "Akito, you deal with this..." The blue haired kid said.

"That was odd!" DJ said as she looked at the sad blue haired kid who was looking at his hands.

"Sorry that was just Agito…I'm Akito by the way. What's your name?" The blue hair kid now known as Akito said as DJ thought.

'So Akito is the right eye and the left eye is Agito.' "Ok got it!" DJ said aloud and got some weird looks from everyone and a slap to the head from her sister.

"Hehe, sorry." DJ said as every one went back to what they were doing. DJ looked back at Akito who looked as sad as he did before.

"I'm DJ and that's my little sister Lizzie, we're going to Amity Park to visit our cousin Sam. Where are you going?" DJ said as she pointed to her sister Lizzie who had an evil look on her face.

"Oh, us? We don't know, but I guess any where will be fine." Akito said he smiled at DJ who looked happy all of a sudden.

"I just got a great ideal, why don't you and Agito come with us to Amity Park?!" DJ said while Akito looked shocked then smiled.

"We would love to, right Agito...Good." Akito said DJ smiled.

"Hey sis we have some new friends who are coming along the ride with us and their names are Akito and Agito." DJ said as her sister rolled her eyes.

They had finally made it to Amity Park and were in front of Sam's house bags in tow. Lizzie had made it up the stairs first when a boy came flying out the closed door and crashing right into her, lips connected to hers in a kiss. Akito looked shocked while DJ was on the ground laughing her ass off. The boy jumped off of her blushing as he held out a hand to help Lizzie up.

"Sorry…" he said as Lizzie grabbed his hand and let him pull her up as she got a good look at him. He had black messy hair, light blue eyes, and was ghostly pale, and he had on a white t shirt with a red oval in the middle and red lining on the sleeves and neck line, blue jeans, and red and white tennis shoes.

DJ then stopped laughing and got up off the ground as she too looks at the boy who was looking at Akito then he spoke.

"Is that a boy or a girl?" the boy asked.

"Well why don't you put your hand down their pants and find out." DJ said and both the boy and Akito blushed madly.

"DJ?!" both Lizzie and Akito yelled as DJ shrugged.

"He asked not me I was just answering. Now how did you fly through that closed door?" DJ asked the now nervous boy.

"Um, I didn't…my friend she pushed me out and shut the door." He said and they all looked ok with the answer.

"Well then let stop talking and introduce each other, I'm DJ Blood." DJ said

"I'm Lizzie Blood." Lizzie said

"I'm Daniel Fenton but please call me Danny." The boy said that is now known as Danny.

"And I'm Akito and this is Agito." Akito said as he switches his eye patch over so the left eye was exposed now a boy with what seemed to be a sharks eye staring at them.

"Wow what happened to the innocent looking boy?" Danny said and got attacked by said boy with the shark eye.

"AHHHHHHHHH GET HIM OFF, GET HIM OFF!" Danny yelled as Agito was bit him on the leg and won't let go.

Lizzie and DJ jumped in and grabbed Agito, well DJ grabbed Agito Lizzie grabbed Danny.

Once they got them apart DJ switched the eye patch back over so Akito eye was exposed.

"Sorry, I guess he's hungry." Akito said as his stomach growled and every one laughed and they all agreed, just then the door to the house that Danny had just flown out from slammed open. A girl who had purple eyes stood in the doorway.

"Cousin Samantha we meet again." Lizzie said as she got nose to nose with Sam both glared at each other.

"Yes, we meet again Elizabeth." Sam said as her glare intensified as well as Lizzie's glare.

"Oh no, here we go again every body take cover." DJ said as Danny looked at her confused.

"Wait you three are cousins?" Danny asked

"Yeah, what of it?" all three said at the same time.

"Nothing!" Danny said as he hid behind Akito who switched his eye patch over to the other eye letting Agito out who started to lick his lips as if he was going to eat Danny. Danny slowly backed away.

"Um, can we go inside so we can feed this animal so that way he won't eat me?!" Danny said as he ran inside the house with Agito following him.

"That's the best ideal I've heard all day." DJ said as she dragged Lizzie and Sam into the house. Just right out-side from that same house a person in the shadows stood smirking then they were gone.

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