Air Gear and Danny Phantom crossover

Air Gear and Danny Phantom crossover

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WARNING: YAOI...OCs…character death and language

summary: Akito fells like he is not welcomed anymore so he packs up and leaves...for Amity Park, meeting some new friends along the way, but now it is up to Ikki and Ringo to bring him back...because they were forced Mikan...what happens when they reach Amity Park and find new begins and some strange ends.

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When Akito and Agito talk to each other through their mental link: Akito underlined Agito bold

(me talking)

DJ gave up on glaring at Ringo because glaring at her wasn't as fun as bashing her head in with a jackhammer. DJ decided to look around and see if she can spot Agito and Akito in the group but the only problem was Agito and Akito were no where to be seen, so she stopped which made every one else stop and look at her.

"Oh, hell no, this is not happening again!" DJ shouted as every one looked at her as if she was crazy (which she is). DJ slapped her face.

"Look around you, who do you see is missing?" DJ said as everyone looked around and realization appeared on his or her faces.

"Agito and Akito!" they all said at the same time.

Agito felt like crap as he slowly opened his eyes. When he did open his eyes he saw, it was dark so he waited for his eyes to adjust before he made a move.

"Ah, so you're finally awake." A man's voice said. Agito looked around the room and stopped when he saw a figure standing in front of a window.

"Who are you? Where am I?" Agito asked as he struggled against the bold that held him down to a table. The man smirked and watched him, Agito as hard as he tried he still could not see who the man was.

'Agito, where are we? What's going on?' Akito asked a bit scared.

'I don't know Akito, we have to wait and see.' Agito said but all he really wanted to do was smash the man's face in. Agito watched the man walk away from the window and turn on the light. Agito closed his eyes because of the sudden brightness of the lights.

'Ok.' Akito said back as Agito slowly opened his eyes but they widened at what they saw. It was like a torture room with all the weapons on the wall. So many of the weapons looked like they had been used countless times with the dried blood that still clung to them.

Agito looked over to the man and was a bit surprised when he got a look at the man appearance. He was dressed in black from head to toe. Agito could not see his face because it was hided behind a mask but he did see the man's raven black hair and cold black eyes. The mask he wore was of a demon head and it was red in color. Agito also notice that there was no aura coming from the man and he wonder if the man was alive or not. There was one last thing that Agito notice and it was the bloodstained knife in the man's grasp.

The man smirked, as he walked, no, glided up to Agito smirking down at him.

"I am your executioner, Agito and Akito." The man said as he pressed the knife to Agito's neck, then he lifted it and position it over Agito's chest.

"Fuck!" was all Agito could say before the knife was plunged straight into his heart. (Sorry about this but please continue reading, you will like how it ends.)

Danny, Lizzie, Ikki, DJ, Sam, and Ringo were all back in Danny's room pacing the floor just waiting for Akito and Agito to walk into the room saying they just got lost but the longer they waited the more worried they grew.

Ikki was the one who was the most worried in the group. 'What if they're hurt or kidnapped? What are we doing just standing here? We need to go find them and I need to save them, I…I love them both of them. Please god let them be ok, please…some things not right, their not ok, they're not fine, I got to find them before it's to late, hold on Agito and Akito I'm coming to save you.' Ikki thought as he ran from the room. He heard the others shout for him and follow him as he ran from Danny's house into the street where he fell clutching his chest as a sharp pain ran through his heart and he passed out.

The man pulled the knife from Akito and Agito's body. He then grabbed a glass bottle that was on the table next to him. He put the opening of the bottle on the wound. Two lights floated in, one was white and the other was black. The two lights took form, the white one turned into Akito with angel wings and the black one turned into Agito with demon wings. Both of them looked at the man with a scared look on their faces.

"Don't worry boys, your body will be safe with me." The man said as he put some pink powder over the wound. Agito and Akito watched in shock as the wound on their body disappeared.

"Who-who are you?" Agito asked as he looked at his body that was on the table, then he looked behind him at Akito who was now shaking and crying.

"It looks like I just broken an angel. Oh and to answer your question, I don't have a name, I am just a servant to my boss and I was sent to kill you." The servant said with a smirk on his face.

Agito glared at the man as he held Akito in his arms. He heard Akito mumbling to himself, "Please hurry Ikki, please hurry and save us."

Ikki felt like he was floating, until he heard Akito's voice. "Please hurry Ikki, please hurry and save us." Ikki jumped up screaming Akito's name as if he was there but what happened was he ran straight into a wall.

"Ouch! What the fuck?! Who put this wall here?!" Ikki shouted as he stood up and looked around himself. He realized that everyone was looking at him. He blinked once, twice then he laughed nervously, "what happened?" he asked.

"Um, well you ran off to look for Akito and Agito but you fell down clutching your chest over you heart. We had to carry you all the way back here and let me tell you, you are very heavy." DJ said bluntly to Ikki, every one else snicker.

Ikki looked at every one then he looked down at the floor of Danny's room thinking. 'I heard Akito's voice, he was calling for help. 'I know what I have to do!' Ikki thought as he looked at everyone, 'We got to follow his voice!' then Ikki smirked.

"Guys, I, no, we have to go save Akito and Agito now!" Ikki said with determination in his voice. Everyone else smiled with determination as well and cheered as they left the room in search of their missing friends.

"Hmph! It seems your friends are finally looking for you." The servant said as he walked over to the glass bottle that held Akito and Agito in it. Agito tighter in his arms.

"Ikki is looking for us? He cares about us? Oh Ikki please hurry." Akito said as he shoved his face into Agito's chest as Agito patted his head.

The servant looked at them like he was bored then his eyes widen when he felt some one try and communicate with Akito. "Shit!" he cursed and he glared at Akito. He walked over to the bottle and shook Akito and Agito out of it. He grabbed Akito and pinned him against the wall (just incase you are confused, in the bottle Akito and Agito look like chibbys, but when they're not in it they're back to their normal size with the angel and demon wings.).

"How the hell are you communicating with him, how?!" the servant shouted in Akito's face. Agito started to attack the man, hitting him in the back. The man turned around letting go of Akito and grabbing Agito and throwing him into a wall. Agito hit the wall hard and slid down it unconscious.

The man turned back around to face Akito but got hit upside the head with a metal bar and he fell to the floor holding his head. He looked up to see Akito drop the metal bar and rushed over to Agito.

"Son of a bitch! You're going to pay for that!" The servant said as he stood up but froze when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"I'll take it from here, just go and lead those kids here I want to see the looks on their faces when I finish killing their friends. Now, be gone my servant!" the servant disappeared leaving Akito and an unconscious Agito with a red figure of a man.

'Why can't I get contact Akito or Agito, I heard Akito's voice in my head just a few minute ago.' Ikki thought to himself. "Ikki, do you even know where they are?" Lizzie asked Ikki as they walked passed Casper High.

Ikki jumped a little bit but answered with a sigh, "No, but at less I didn't slap a tracker on his ass, Lizzie." and in a smartass way as well.

"Hey, it's not my fault, I just didn't want to lose Danny." Lizzie said back sticking her tongue out at Ikki who did the same.

Danny stopped walking making Lizzie stop as well since his arm was holding her tightly around her waist. Everyone else stopped as well looking at Danny.

"...You slapped a tracker on my butt? Well, um I guess great minds think alike, I put a tracker on you as well." Danny said as he kissed Lizzie as DJ gagged in the background. Lizzie kissed him back but once the kiss ended Lizzie looked at Danny seriously.

"Where did you put the tracker Danny?" Lizzie asked as Danny blushed and pointed to her chest. Lizzie looked down and saw where on her chest he was pointing.

"On my boob…how did you manage to do that? Wait, don't tell me, you used you're…" Lizzie asked as Danny shook his head yes. "Prev…" Lizzie said as she slapped Danny on the ass (lol, hope you liked that one Jay). "Ok, I'm leaving." They heard DJ say as she walked away from the group.

Danny and Lizzie were just a blink away from making out when all of a sudden, DJ smacked right into some thing but the only problem was nothing was there.

"What the fuck, there's nothing there! Stupid nonexistence thing, DIE!" DJ yelled as she kick the nonexistence thing that turned out it was a real thing and it kicked her back. "OW! What the fuck!" DJ said as she hoped around on one foot while holding her shin. What ever DJ had kicked took form and turned into the servant.

"My boss sent to come get you." The servant said with a monotone voice. Everyone looked at him as if he was crazy.

Danny turned to Lizzie and asked in a whisper that only she could hear, "Why didn't our ghost sense go off?" "Because this is not a ghost, this guy did die along time ago thou but his soul was trapped in his body by some one very powerful." Lizzie answered Danny.

"And why should we follow you?" DJ asked stilled pissed.

"Because if you don't follow me then you'll never see your friends alive again, but if you do follow me you might be able to save them before it is too late." The servant said and Ikki was the first one to perk up.

"Akito and Agito…TAKE ME TO THEM, NOW!" Ikki shouted and started to run away from the group. Every one was watching him run away from where they were.

"Wrong way." The servant said to Ikki. Ikki laughed nervously wile he rubbed the back of his head, "I knew that…," he said, as he looked at every one while he walked backed to the group.

"No you didn't!" replied every one bluntly, the servant just watched.

"Follow me." The servant said as a portal appeared in the front of them. The kids stared at it for a second then they followed the servant into it when they saw him walking into the bluish portal.

The red figured man looked at Akito and the still unconscious Agito. He then looked at their body that was on the table still. He walked over to the body then he looked back over to Akito and Agito. He saw Agito stir a little bit.

"Good, he's waking up. Now I can finish this before your little friends arrive." The man said as he, well to put it short he disappeared into Akito and Agito's body. Akito and Agito both stared in shock as their body sat up and the left eye open. An evil smirk formed on his lips.

"Who are you?" Akito asked the man who had just taken over their body. The man sneered at the question.

"I am Vain and my servant should be here any minute with your friends that way they can your death and me taking over the world." Vain laughed evilly when all of a sudden a rock came out of nowhere and hit him in the head.

"Ouch, who the hell just did that?" Vain shouted looking around the room his eyes spotting four girls and two boys and his servant who lay on the floor unconscious. Now he was pissed.

"IKKI!" Akito shouted from across the room where he was sitting with Agito who was now awake and staring at the scene in front of him.
"Akito, Agito don't worry I'll get your body back even if it kills me." Ikki says as he walked over to Vain who just sat there glaring at him.

"Ok, now I'm worried." Agito said plainly, as Ikki reached his arm forward about to grab Vain when Vain grabbed his arm and tossed him against the wall that Akito and Agito were up against.

"IKKI!" everyone but Vain shouted, thou Vain was laughing as if it was some kind of joke. Both Akito and Agito crawled over to him.

"Ikki, wake up." Akito said as he shook Ikki's shoulder. Ikki's eyes twitched a little but they did not open.

"Fuck crow, open your damn eyes!" Agito said as he grabbed Ikki by the shoulders and shook him violently. That did it because Ikki's eyes flew open.

"Agito stop, you're going to make his head pop off!" Akito shouted as he grabbed Agito around the waist and started to pull, his angel wings flapping a little bit behind him.

While this was happening, Lizzie, Danny, DJ, Sam, and Ringo were looking at vain and Vain was looking at them. An evil grin formed on his lips as black shadows appeared behind him. Danny and Lizzie's ghost sense went off.

"Get 'em." was all Vain said before the black shadows went after them. DJ grabbed Lizzie by the arm and Lizzie grabbed Danny by the arm. Danny grabbed Sam by the arm and Sam grabbed Ringo by the arm. With that, they took off down the hall with the black shadows following them.

"DJ, why did you grab my arm?" Lizzie asked while thinking 'I was going to go ghost with Danny and kick some ghost butt…and maybe make out with Danny after.' A dreamy look pasted over her face at the thought of making out with Danny, but it suddenly disappeared as she ran right into DJ's back and Danny, Sam, and Ringo all ran into her.

"DJ, why the heck did you stop like that?" Lizzie asked as she stood up with the help off Danny. Sam and Ringo stood up as well.

"I got a plan!" DJ said excitedly, Lizzie rolled her eyes.

"What's you plan?" Lizzie asked bored as she looked behind them to make sure the ghost (yes, the black shadows were ghost) weren't following them which they were.

"Let's spit up, Lizzie Danny come with me. Sam Ringo you go another way." They agreed to the plan and split up going two different ways. The ghost looked at each other and then shrugged and went after Sam and Ringo. Hey the weakest always comes first (don't know if that's true, it's just part of the story).

"Hey we better hid behind this wall so when they come running by we attack." DJ said as she grabbed two metal tubes that were by her foot and handed one to Lizzie.

"Hey, why don't I get one?" Danny said stooping his foot as a pout came across his face. Lizzie awed him and gave him a kiss on the lips.

"You look so cute when you pout like that." Lizzie said as she gave Danny another kiss on the lips.

"Guys I swear if you don't stop right now I'll hit you both on the head with this metal tube. Lizzie and Danny stopped kissing glaring at DJ. DJ sighed and was about to say some thing when they heard foot steeps and Danny and Lizzie's ghost sense went off. Lizzie and DJ hid across from one another so that the ghost would get hit by the both of them. Danny stood behind Lizzie in his ghost form ready to fight.

The ghosts were right where they wanted them, DJ and Lizzie swung their weapons in the air and they came crashing down on Sam and Ringo's heads. The ghost that were chasing them stopped and looked down at the two girls who were no passed out on the floor then they looked up at Lizzie and DJ with freaked out looks on their faces. Lizzie looked at DJ and DJ nodded her head they turned to look at the ghosts with their weapons raised looking ready to swing. They took a step forward and…

"BOO!" They both shouted and the ghost screamed bloody murder in fright, it lasted about five minutes before Danny took out his thermos and sucked the ghost into it. Lizzie and DJ were currently rolling on the floor laughing (I know I would).

"Um, guys don't you think we should help Sam and Ringo?" Danny asked looking down at the two knocked out girls. Lizzie and DJ got up looked at Danny then each other then they burst out laughing again.

"Sure we'll help them." DJ said as she grabbed Ringo's right leg and started to drag her across the floor back to where they just came from. Lizzie did the same with Sam and with her free hand she grabbed Danny by his arm and followed DJ.

After the ghost had left, Vain looked over to where Ikki, Akito, and Agito, who were still up against the wall, and smirked.

"Ikki, I'm sorry." Akito said as he hugged Ikki. Agito looked away then he wrapped his arms around Ikki as well giving him a hug. Ikki blink, the smiled as he hugged Akito and Agito.

"It's ok Akito, I should have realized sooner that I loved you two." Ikki said. Akito and Agito pulled back, surprised looks on their faces. Ikki smiled and was about to give them another hug when he fell right through them. Ikki blinked up at them and saw that they had become transparent.

"What the hell is going on?" Ikki said standing up. Akito and Agito were looking at their hands with shocked looks on their faces. There was a low chuckle behind them.

"Their disappearing and that means I'll be able to take full control of their body and the world that is unless you can stop me." Vain said laughing evilly. Ikki glared at him then he looked at Akito and Agito worriedly only to see Agito smirking.

"Fuck, I had a feeling this would happen. Well Akito, you ready to kill this spirit." Agito said and Akito nodded.

DJ, Lizzie, Danny, and the sill knocked out Sam and Ringo arrived back to the room. They decided to sit back and watch.

Akito walked over to Ikki and kissed him and Agito came over and hugged Ikki from behind. Ikki held Agito's hands as he kissed Akito. DJ took out a camera and took a picture (I would do that to).

Akito and Agito pulled away and turned to Vain who had got up and was glaring at them.

"You two make me sick." Vain hissed at them as fire rose around him. DJ pulled a page of cookies out of nowhere and started to munch on them.

"Where did get those cookies?" Lizzie asked as she reached over and grabbed a cookie for her and Danny, DJ shrugged and they went back to watching the fight.

Akito saw a fireball that was headed straight for Ikki so he pushed him out of the way making him get hit instead. Akito fell to the ground with a thud.

"AKITO!" every one but Vain gasped. Agito went over to Akito and helped him stand up.

"You ok Akito?" Agito asked and Akito nodded looking at Ikki and smiled. Ikki sighed as did their friends. He got up and had a determined look on his face.

"So how are we going to defeat this guy?" Ikki asked Agito who let go of Akito. Agito looked at Ikki and shrugged.

"Kick his ass I guess." Agito said as Akito rolled his eyes.

"Well we have a problem, how are we going to fight him if he can use fire?" Akito asked. Ikki and Agito looked at him then they both looked at each other then back at Akito.

"Agito give me your hand." Akito said Agito who did what Akito asked by placing his hand in Akito's hand. Ikki looked confused as he watched Akito close his eyes. Agito looked like he finally understood and closed his eyes as well. They started to chant some thing in a very old Japanese language. Ikki was only able to pick out the first few lines but the rest he was confused at what they were saying.

"From Heaven and Hell, Angels and Demons come together just this once to give us strength to take down this spirit and send him to where there is no time, to much time, and not enough time. Send him to where time is his worst nightmare and where time can destroy him if he were ever to escape!" this was all Ikki could make out as he watched Akito and Agito. There were black and white lights flying around them. They stopped chanting and opened their eyes. Akito's eyes were white while Agito's eyes were black.

The black and white lights headed right for Vain hitting full force and extracting Vain's spirit from Akito and Agito's body. The white and black lights then surrounded Vain and poof he was gone. Akito and Agito's souls went back into their body but they had past out. The building began to shake and fall to pieces. Ikki picked up Agito from the floor. He switched the eye patch so Akito was out.

"Come on Ikki we got to get out of here." DJ said as she started to drag Ringo once again.

"How there's no exit any where's or windows?" Lizzie asked as she looked around the room they were in. She once again was dragging Sam and holding Danny's hand. Ikki blinked at this then sighed.

DJ was about to say something when a bluish portal appeared in front of them. They all blink then looked to their right the servant from before smiled at them, his eyes were now green instead of the cold black color the mask in his hand and his face was a dark tan color.

"It's the only way out, go." He said and then he disappeared. They all stood there for a second and then ran through the portal.

"Thank you." Ikki said before he ran through the portal holding Akito tight to his chest not wanting to go let of him again.

They had all went back to Danny's house. Poor Sam and Ringo were dragged the whole way there. Luckily Danny's parents weren't home not even his sister was home yet. They all took a seat on the sofa. DJ and Lizzie dropped Sam and Ringo on the floor, Ikki still held Akito in his arms. Akito opened his eye and looked at Ikki he smiled then he wrapped his arms around Ikki's neck and sat up a little to kiss him, Ikki kissed back.

Lizzie and Danny were currently making out as well. DJ looked at the two couples then looked at the two girls on the floor. She stood up, went into Danny's kitchen, and grabbed a glass of cold water. She went back into the room to find the two couples still making out, but she ignored them and went over to Sam and Ringo.

She dumped some of the water on Ringo who awoke with a scream of "That's cold!", then DJ did the same to Sam who had the same reaction.

The two couples on the sofa saw this and fell off the sofa laughing. Sam and Ringo glared at them but then they both grabbed the tops of their heads with while saying ouch.

DJ and Lizzie looked at each other trying not to laugh.

"What happened?" Sam and Ringo asked at the same time. Danny pointed to DJ and Lizzie.

"They hit you two on the head with metal tubes." Danny explained to the girls. Said girls looked shock then they looked at DJ and Lizzie. Lizzie laughed a little bit more then she turned to Danny and went back to kissing him, Sam's jaw dropped.

"You should give up on Danny, Sam. Maybe you can go out with that dude from Hungry." DJ said with a smirk. Sam sighed realizing that DJ was right but there was no way in hell she was going to date that person.

Ringo blink then looked over at Ikki and saw that he was kissing Akito. They stopped and looked at her, Ringo was glaring at Akito so Akito moved his eye patch over so that Agito was out. Agito returned the glare.

"Fuck you bitch, he's mine!" Agito said as he hid Ikki from Ringo's view but then he kissed Ikki in front of her and Ikki kissed back.

"Hah bitch, that's what you get!" DJ said right in Ringo's face then she bounced over to Agito holding her hand out for a high five, but Agito decided that it was lunchtime and took a bite out of it. DJ with the help of Ikki got him to let go.

"Damn Ikki, you should keep that shark on a leash." DJ said as she rubbed the bite mark. Lizzie and Danny were trying not to laugh. Sam and Ringo looked freaked out.

"What? I'm hungry!" Agito said with a pout. Ikki awed then kissed him.

"So, you bite people?' Ringo asked crossing her arms over her chest. Agito glared at her.

"Shut the fuck up bitch and get me some thing to eat." Agito said, Ringo's mouth fell open and her glasses slipped down her nose. She pushed her glasses back up and followed Sam into the kitchen. Lizzie and Danny had went in their to get some thing for every one.

Every one had a good time, Sam and Ringo became friends. Lizzie and Danny were boyfriend and girlfriend, Ikki and Akito and Agito were boyfriends, and DJ got many pictures of them. Then came the day that Ikki Akito, Agito, and Ringo had to go home they said their goodbyes and headed back home.

Mikan watched as Ikki and Akito walked through the door happily holding hands while going to Ikki's room. Then she watched as Ringo came in with a book and the title was 'HOW TO FIND A BOYFRIEND FOR DUMMIES'. Mikan sighed then smiled. Then as loud, as she could she shouted…


Ikki and Akito who were on the bed making out looked at one another then burst out laughing.

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