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The Winchester brothers entered the ironically named pool hall, The Magic 8 Ball with the intention of a drink in mind but Dean had set his sights on the girl behind the bar. Currently, she had her back turned which caused the tattoo of a pentagram on the back of her shoulder blade to catch his attention. She looked like the typical girl from a small town, dressed in dark blue skinny jeans and a black halter top with a black apron tied sideways around her slender waist. Dean took a seat at the bar, not catching a glimpse at her face until she spun around, her strawberry blonde tresses twirling over her bare shoulders as she stood across from him with a friendly smile.

"Hi, what can I get you?" she said swiftly.

"Double Cheeseburger, hold the lettuce, an order of fries, and your number," he replied smartly.

The young woman quirked an eyebrow at him and handed him a slip of paper with a number for his order on it scribbled in decent handwriting. "That is the only number you'll be getting from me," she stated, smirking as he sighed and took the paper.

He shook his head. "Touché," he chuckled as his brother sat down next to him and asked for two beers.

The strawberry blonde behind the bar gave him a genuine smile, disappeared for a moment and returned with two mugs of Samuel Adams. She ignored the elder of the two and stopped in front of Sam, her smile still in place as she set the beer down and held out a folded piece of paper to him, steadied between her fingers like a cigarette. There wasn't a word uttered in exchange. Sam gave her a dimpled smile and a nod before she slipped away.

"Dude seriously, what the hell," Dean said, rolling his eyes slightly.

"What?" his brother chuckled as he looked over the paper for another moment before folding it back up.

"I totally just hit on her and she shot me down. Then you come along and ask for a beer and she hands you her number right off the bat!" he laughed quietly. "I don't get that. She must have a crappy taste in guys."

Sam shot him a look. "Maybe she's sick of guys trying to get in her pants constantly."

"I just asked for her number!"

"Yeah and you weren't thinking of using that number for a quick hook up," he replied sarcastically as he took a swig of his drink.

"What'd the note say anyway?" his brother asked, easily changing the subject.

"Obviously nothing that concerns you," Sam smirked.

Dean tried to snatch the paper from him, but it was out of his reach within an instant. She was standing nearby, trying not to laugh at their childish, but brotherly antics. After a moment, Dean got a hold of the note and soon after, he'd accidentally dropped it in his beer.

"Fuck," he muttered, glancing into the mug for a second. He looked up at his brother and Sam was giving him the most annoyed look. Dean tried to give him an innocent smile and a shrug, but he wouldn't buy it.

Sighing, the strawberry blonde shook her head and approached them again. Just as Sam was about to smack his big brother upside the head, she grabbed his hand and scribbled her digits. She shot him a smile accompanied with a cock of an eyebrow as a warning and disappeared into the back room.

"Man, she must be watching you like a damn hawk," Dean said wide-eyed with surprise as he tried to glance into the back room from his brother's point of view. He ended up getting forcefully moved back onto his bar stool with a shove from Sam; he barely had to move from where he was smirking into his beer mug.

"Notice she didn't bother getting you another beer," he stated simply.

Dean paused for a moment before glancing at his paper-infested drink and making a face. "Damn it," he sighed. "I'm going to play darts…"

Sam tried to hide the light bulb that went off over his head as his brother walked away. He immediately slipped behind the bar and followed the bee line the girl had made to the back room.

"When do you get off work?" he inquired, perching himself in the doorway.

The strawberry blonde turned around at the voice and a smile spread across her face. "Nine," she stated, inching closer to him, her smile growing.

"So d'you want to go out for coffee or something after…?" he tried.

She grinned, standing on her toes to place a soft, tempting kiss on his lips. "The name's Hallie, by the way," she whispered in his ear before breezing past him, back to the bar.

"W-Was that a yes?" he stuttered out, taken back and slightly confused by her nonchalant actions.

Hallie just glanced over her shoulder, sending a flirtatious smile his way that clearly answered his question and returned to work.

Sam touched his fingers to his smiling lips for a moment; was that…cupcake flavored lip-gloss? He grinned to himself and went out to find his brother. He relented to a table nearby where he'd spotted the older, since he was flirtatiously teaching a brunette how to throw darts.

Dean knew the hysterical giggles constantly escaping her lips were because of him and not the minor amount of alcohol in her system. He liked it better that way. He stepped behind her and placed one hand on her hip, steadying her while his other hand went to the hand she was using to throw the darts with. "Now, steady does it," he whispered huskily in her ear, letting his breath tickle a bit.

With a joint effort, they hit the bull's-eye and Elizabeth swiveled in his arms to plant a sloppy kiss on his lips. At this point, Sam could only roll his eyes and send his eyes searching around the bar for Miss Cupcake Lips. She was floating around behind the bar, all smiles and flirty giggles for tips, and Sam couldn't help but laugh. His brother, who had been said to be "absolutely gorgeous", had hit on this girl and she hadn't even offered a decent grin, yet she'd flirt for tips. Now that was something the younger Winchester found funny.

Within the next half hour, Dean and his soon-to-be one-nighter had managed to move to a secluded table (annoyingly, by his brother) while heavily making out. Sam just continued watching Hallie, his eyes never straying to the right in fear he'd be scarred for life. When nine 'o clock finally rolled around, the strawberry blonde was approaching him with subtly yet somehow seductively swaying hips and Dean was all prepped for his one-nighter.

"Hey, you ready to go?" Hallie chirped with a grin as she stopped in front of the younger man.

"Yeah, sure," Sam chuckled. "Dean! I'm leaving!" He didn't bother waiting for an answer, but soon heard heavy footsteps behind him, along with the night's familiar giggles. He was REALLY glad he wouldn't be back at the motel for a while.

Dean and Elizabeth soon disappeared in the Impala, leaving Sam to his date.

"Miss Cupcake Lips" as he'd so easily declared her earlier led him to the parking lot where her car was parked; a black 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback.

"Nice car," he chuckled as he slid into the passenger seat.

Hallie started the car and grinned at the dull roar of the engine. "Thanks, tell your brother the same," she smirked. "Starbuck's sound good?"

"That sounds amazing," he said with a sigh. "I could use a cup of caffeine."

A few good conversations over coffee and getting kicked out of the local library for "disturbing the peace", almost concluded their night at 11 until Hallie suggested a walk that landed them on the roof of an abandoned building. Overlooking the small town and the starry night, the two sat on the ground against the parapet in silence, the full moon casting a light over the rooftop that made it seem lessened in age. Sam glanced over at the silhouette of the young woman sitting next to him at the faint sound of chattering, only to realize it was her teeth. Chuckling softly, he unzipped his hoodie and threw it around her bare, shivering shoulders only to receive a sigh of relief in reply.

"Thanks," she chattered quietly with a chuckle of her own.

He nodded and let his arm hang around her, mildly trying to rub the goosebumps from her arms while pulling her closer. Hallie curled into the warmth he offered and rested her head against his shoulder, pretending the deep breath she inhaled wasn't just for a whiff of his cologne.

"Dean doesn't have you on a curfew, right?" she murmured jokingly.

Sam smiled. "No… Plus, I think his date's going to keep him amused for the next couple hours."

She nodded. "Good."

"How 'bout you? Daddy knows you're out with a guy and he didn't set any time restraints?"

"Nope. He's not that kind of daddy," she chuckled. "He gives his daughters their freedom when necessary."

"So when's necessary?"

"Whenever I ask for it."

"How convenient."

"What about Dean?"

"What about him?" Sam looked at her confused.

"He seems like a … control freak with a lot of one-nighters. He ever let you off your leash while you're on the road?"

"As much as he likes to think it, I don't have one," he cackled. "He is a control freak, but he's my big brother. It's his job to pretend he's got me on a leash."

"Then I guess it means it's my job to keep you out as long as humanly possible so he doesn't interrogate the hell outta you about whether or not you got sexed up by the bartender."

He looked a bit taken back by this, but soon started laughing. "Yeah, I guess it is."

Silence took over the rooftop again for a little while. Neither wanted to move and neither realized when they finally did that Sam was driving her back to her place despite it being her car, thus creating the problem that he had no ride back to the motel.

"Well, since I have your hoodie and you have my car, we've both got motives to meet up in the morning to trade back," Hallie cackled as they stood in front of the double doors to her dad's pool hall whose upstairs served as hers and her father's apartment.

Sam chuckled and nodded. "Apparently…" he paused for a moment before looking up at her, into her eyes, to finally notice their beautiful chocolate brown color. "I had a good time," he stated.

"Yeah, me too," she smiled. "Maybe we should do it again sometime."

"Well," he scratched the back of his head, "I don't know how long we'll be here, but it's the thought that counts, right?" he chuckled.

Hallie nodded in agreement, fumbling with the keys in her hand. "Definitely. So, I'll see you in the morning?"

"Yes, you will."

Just as she was about to open her mouth for a goodbye, he planted a kiss very similar to their first on her lips. Her eyebrows raised closed lids for a moment then she broke apart reluctantly when the outside lights turned on above their heads. "That's my dad," she whispered breathlessly.

All he could manage was another nod as she slowly unlocked the door. She cast a glance over her shoulder, accompanied by a smile just before she slipped inside.

Sam's patented, dimpled smile slid across his own face as he returned to the car, the familiar cupcake flavor on his lips.

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