The other Battle of Hogwarts

Or How Harry Potter really messed everything up!

What would have happened if Harry had never seen everything Snape wanted him to See... ?

Creepy Fanfiction of undescribable violence and chaos =)

This is only a fanfiction, written just for fun and based on characters created and owned by J.K. Rowling

By Sheila Welkar

Chapter 1: All Forces Available

"Harry, Look at Me..." Snape whispered.

The green eyes found the black, but after an instant, something in the depths of the dark pair seemed to disappear, leaving them fixed, blank, and empty. The hand holding Harry fell to the floor, and Snape moved no more.

Harry simply threw the flask to the floor, where now it lay broken in a thousand pieces of glass... "Incendio!" he yelled, and the silvery substance burst into fierce, dazzling white flames.

"HARRY!" screamed Hermione sharply, "Just what the heck have you done?"

"Yeah, I reckon that silvery thing was important, mate..." said Ron, looking confused.

"To hell with it" Harry whispered, "This is Snape we're talking about! Whatever this filthy traitor wanted to show me, I do not wish to see it... Something to humilliate me and my parents, I bet- Come on, back to the castle!"

Then they heard Voldemort's thunderous voice and its message to Hogwarts and everything else, so they really hurried up- The three came out of the secret passage, ran through the now bloody and ruined grounds and entered the castle with great fear.

*A few minutes later, at the Great Hall*

Lupin, Tonks, Fred, Colin and many, many others lay dead on the floor, and while poor Molly Weasley still cried and sobbed over the corpse of her son, everyone else watched as Minerva McGonagall and Harry had a shouting row in front of them all.

"Potter, your horrible plan is absolute madness!"

"Professor, the only Horcrux left is Voldemort's stupid snake!" Harry bellowed, losing control of himself- "If we attack now with all our might, with everything we have, and we kill Nagini... we might, perhaps, have a chance to kill him off once and for all!"

Harry had already told EVERYONE about the freaking Horcruxes thingy.

"Harry!" screamed Hermione, crying- "You were not supposed to tell her... What, don't you respect Dumbledore anymore?"

Harry laughed out loud, and it was a cruel, sarcastical laugh.

"THAT OLD NUTTER?" Harry yelled, "He was off his rocker, Hermione! Lost all freaking marbles! I don't care! And look what I do with the stupid, useless Snitch he left me for God knows what mind-blowing schemes of filth!"

Harry took out the Snitch and set it on fire as well.

"There you are!"

Harry had already lost his head after seven long years of problems, puzzles and near-death experiences, now desperate to just fight, fight and fight to the end- Hermione covered her face with her hands, and she kept crying with very loud sobs.

"So you want all forces available, Potter? You want us to fight with everything we have?" asked McGonagall, towering over him and looking pretty furious- "To try our last chance, to attack them like nutters, you say?"

"YES! Good, I'm glad you finally got it!"

"All forces available...?"

"What are you waiting for?"

"VERY WELL!" yelled Minerva, losing her head just as Harry had done- "If the last Horcrux is the snake we might have, indeed, a good chance... Listen up, everyone! We've got to gather all forces available, and when I say all forces available, I mean ALL FORCES AVAILABLE! GOT IT? Now move, move, MOVE!"

"But we have less than an hour!" protested Kingsley, who was covered in the blood of a Death Eater and had several gashes in his face.

In that moment Harry screamed, suddenly collapsing due to the terrible pain coming from his scar- He suffered violent seizures on the floor, and his eyes turned black as he had, yet again, distant and mysterious visions of events taking place faraway from them...

His surroundings disappeared in the darkness, and Harry was himself no more for now he was Voldemort, and he was in a cavern watching how hundreds and hundreds of Inferi came out of the black water...

He could see his long and white hands, and heard yells of triumph and saw great, terrible flames illuminating the place.

Roars of dragons, shadows in the darkness and flashes of swords...

Ron hurried to help him, but Harry was already calming down.

"What was it, Harry?" asked Hermione, helping him to sit up- "Is it You-Know-Who? What have you seen now?"

"Yeah, it's... it's him" Harry muttered, still dizzy with pain- "I saw him in the dark lake of his cavern, and the Inferi were coming out of the water... I saw Death Eaters, so many of them, and dragons breathing fire... I saw dementors, and Goblins with swords, felt so much fury and rage... Hermione, he's raising an Army"

Everyone remained in silence, horrified at Harry's words.

"Harry is right" McGonagall explained- "After our violent resistance, I'm sure that Voldemort will want to attack us with all his might- He will take some time to assemble his army and organize the second attack, so maybe we have several hours! Now hurry up!"

Everyone ran and left the blood-stained hall behind, and truly, really began to summon all the forces they could probably gather together that day...