The other Battle of Hogwarts

Chapter 3: Voldemort's Army

Voldemort came first, with his long black robes and his red eyes gleaming, and he had not only the Elder Wand in his hand, but also the very same magical shield he had used against Dumbledore in that duel at the Ministry of Magic!

Bellatrix Lestrange was to his right, hoodless and proud, and to the left of the Dark Lord was a mysterious Death Eater with big, brilliant blue eyes that were clearly visible in the darkness of her hood...

Hundreds and hundreds of Death Eaters came out of the forest, marching elegant and proud, stamping the ground to scare the enemy, wands in their hands and flags with the Dark Mark high above them... And there came the huge Hungarian dragons, breathing fire and roaring to the sky, twelve enormous and horrible giants flanking them all.

Scary Inferi -that had just been taken out of certain black lake- were marching behind the Death Eaters by the thousands, and among them came the Goblins, a full thousand of them that, proudly armed with swords and armour of their own, had come to pay allegiance to the Dark Lord.

Three hundred Acromantulas came the last, and Voldemort's army quickly began to take positions facing the forces of Hogwarts...

"So many..." said Ron, gaping impressed at the magnitude of the enemy Army- But he was not the only one that was scared, for them all, every single member of the Army of Hogwarts, was now terrified at the mere sight of this.

Hermione was sighing, her face painted with scarlet and gold... Harry was glaring, the first years were petrified and they all watched in awed silence as seven hundred Dementors, coming out of nowhere, glided soundlessly like shadows and formed a line at the front of Voldemort's Army.

The Dark Mark's flags whispering with the wind, the wands ready, the furious dragons, the proud Goblins, the Dementors eager to suck souls...

"Well, we didn't get dressed up for nothing!" said Ginny, her face painted too, trying to cheer everyone up.

Luna, who was to Harry's left with her face showing the Ravenclaw colours, looked at him with a mad face and the usual dreamy look in her eyes.

"My mother tells me she can get me out of this mess" she said, smiling with glee- "But she's pretty sure you're screwed!" and she laughed out loud like a lunatic, receiving an angry, reproachful look from her friend.

McGonagall had her wand ready in her hand, the sword ready to attack...

Voldemort was sneering, looking at McGonagall's Army with both despise and delight.

"Quite a lovely... gathering" he said with his high and cold voice, and then he glanced at the mysterious Death Eater that was standing to his left- "Wouldn't you agree?"

Her face could not be seen, but her blue eyes gleamed when she glanced back at her master- and then she gave a slow and solemn nod, her long and silvery blond hair flying beautifully with the wind...

It seemed that Voldemort wasn't surprised at all to find a whole Army waiting for him at the doors of the castle, so maybe his blue-eyed new friend, who had very long silvery hair, had already told him that Hogwarts was preparing to fight to the death.

Bellatrix, on the other side of the Dark Lord, looked ecstatic with the moment...

"Forces of Hogwarts!" Voldemort's voice could be heard a dozen miles away- "I admire your bravery and pride... Lord Voldemort is merciful: Hand over Potter, and you will be spared! Do it not... And every one of you will die today!"

Nagini hissed at the feet of her owner, hungry, eager to swallow little first years...

Bellatrix was hopping with pleasure like a little girl, and now there was laughter coming from every single corner of the great Dark Army.

"Forces of Darkness!" said McGonagall's magically amplified voice- "We admire your bravery and pride... Hogwarts is merciful: Hand over Voldemort, and you will be spared! Do it not... And every one of you will die today!"

Bellatrix gaped, the laughter quickly died, the wind seemed to have disappeared all of a sudden and Voldemort looked utterly displeased with what McGonagall had dared to say.

"Insolent bastard!" said the Dark Lord, his big red eyes shining with cold fury- "I want McGonagall's heart in a plate! DRAGONS!"

In that moment the mysterious blond Death Eater raised a hand to her left, her blue eyes gleaming in the darkness of her hood... and then Lucius Malfoy, who was riding a large and scary thestral just a few yards behind them, rode forward and began slowly a long journey that followed a straight line in front of the army.

He was holding high a beautiful silvery banner that showed the blue figure of a dragon, and then his powerful, echoing voice broke the freezing silence of the field: