The other Battle of Hogwarts

Chapter 7: Nineteen Years Later

Nineteen Years Later...

It was a grey and cloudy afternoon, just as it had been that day, back then, when the now legendary battle had taken place... The freezing wind was whispering, and there, just outside of the entrance to the castle, a new Army of Hogwarts stood in guard facing the forest nearby.

Minerva McGonagall was at the front of her forces, and she stared, with a sad and mystic look in her eyes, at the huge, scary army that Bellatrix had deployed for the occasion. The enemy forces were impressive, but Minerva looked calm and her Gryffindor Cloak, golden and red, kept dancing with the wind.

She was riding a thestral, and five other old heroes were looking, equally thoughtful, to the distance- Ron, Ginny, Hermione, Luna and Neville, now nearly thirty seven years old, stood proudly right behind their former teacher in the first row of the Army.

"After the disastrous Battle of Hogwarts, a few brave survivors and I fled the country and escaped to a far off forest in Romania... We lived there for Twelve long and difficult years, but finally came back to Britain and started The Resistance. We were hunted like vermin and many of our followers were slain, but it did not have the effect that Bellatrix had planned.

Now the new wizarding Kingdom of Gryffinya has been created for those who seek peace, and I, Minerva McGonagall, rode out to pay homage to the Armies of the Dark Lord...

And Accept her Endorsement of my Crown"

Bellatrix could be seen very clearly, faraway, at the front of her own army. She was sneering, she giggled and her smile was very cruel, looking forward with glee to one of the best moments of her Life.

Minerva Mcgonagall, remembering what had taken place at these very grounds nineteen years ago, pulled Harry's old invisibility cloak out of her sleeve and stared at it for several cold seconds... Her memories were so clear and sharp, and she remembered with love and appreciation the boy with glasses and a scar, their hero, the Boy who had Lived.

Ginny and her friends noticed this and looked curiously at her, but then Minerva hid the cloak and stared, like frozen, at Bellatrix's forces again.

The afternoon was so grey and so cold, just as it had been that terrible day...

"Come, let's get it over with" said Flitwick, who was riding another thestral beside old Minerva... And they both started advancing, slowly, to go and meet Bellatrix and finish this for good.

"Stop" Mcgonagall said all of a sudden...

Hermione looked up at her again, and Ron, just beside her, clutched his wand tightly in his hand and kept looking to the distance.

McGonagall was now listening to the deepest feelings of her heart, and while Flitwick looked at her, wondering what would she want to say, Minerva turned around to face the proud Army of Hogwarts... and now she spoke, on the verge of tears, with a high and clear voice.

"You have bled with Potter!" Luna and Neville looked up at her in silence in a very deep, serious way, but she continued: "Now bleed with Me..."

There was a freezing silence, and then, after seven seconds or so, Ginny Weasley walked forward a few steps and unsheathed with pride the Gryffindor Sword... She appreciated the beauty of the silvery blade with tears in her eyes, and remembered how Harry had saved her with it so many years ago.

Her love for him was so powerful and pure, and it, coming from the deepest of her soul, gave her a moment of unbelievable strength...

Ginny gave an incredible scream, her long red hair flew like fire and she threw the sword to the air- And there it was, the Gryffindor Sword flying like a dazzling beam of light and everyone looked up, so inspired, to watch...

The sword flashed and swirled and finally it landed faraway from them, its beautiful and sharp blade sinking neatly into the ground... and Ginny, looking around at her fellow heroes of war, began to scream a last name that meant so much to every single one of them:

"Potter, Potter, Potter...!"

Everyone followed her, and the roar of the army was like a deafening thunder of wrath and pride: "POTTER, POTTER, POTTER, POTTER!"

McGonagall took out another sword and prepared for the fight, glaring at the enemy, and the impressed and scared Flitwick, looking back at the army, didn't know what to do...

Five thousand wands rised high into the air, McGonagall pointed her sword at Bellatrix's Army and charged with a scream and then it all happened like Magic.

The Army of Hogwarts attacked with violent and proud yells of war, and Bellatrix's puzzled face revealed nothing but fear and overwhelming surprise.

"In the year of Our Lord 2017, Heroes of Hogwarts, starving and outnumbered, charged the fields of their magnificent castle...

They fought like warrior poets, they fought like Hogwartians...

And Won their Freedom"

The End!