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In the Northern Water Tribe there lived a boy named Kuruk, after the last Avatar from the water tribes. He was a talented water bender, and set to join the council when his father chose to retire from his duty. He upheld the traditions of his tribe with pride, and now this had happened!

Kuruk's eyes narrowed as he saw the upstart mimic the motions that Master Pakku was showing them.

That upstart, that, that, girl! How dare she just barge in to their home and declare their traditions, traditions that had endured for centuries, were wrong!

He continued to watch as the upstart went through the motions of the pattern they were supposed to be practicing.

She didn't have any real talent, he was sure of that. The only reason that she was allowed to train with them instead of being forced into the healing huts where she belonged was because she was the avatar's friend and Master Pakku had been engaged to her grandmother. He sneered as she smiled sweetly when she finished the pattern. If her grandmother hadn't been engaged to Master Pakku he was certain that she never would have been allowed to practice with them.

He lost his train of thought as Master Pakku stood in front of them and declared that they would be sparring that day. A smirk appeared on his face when Master Pakku called the upstart up to the front.

"All right, who would like to face Katara first?"

His smirk grew wider and he raised his hand. He was one of the best in class, there was no way that anyone who wasn't a master, especially if that anyone was a girl, could possibly stand up to him.

"You should go back to the healing huts where you belong!" he hissed and the upstart's eyes had narrowed slightly.

Two minutes later, he was flat on his back and Master Pakku was standing over him with what looked like a smile on his face.

"Perhaps I should have given Katara a more skilled opponent." The old water bending master murmured, just loud enough for Kuruk to hear. Kuruk scowled and he went to sit among his fellow water benders. He could have beaten the upstart easily. He just was too much of a gentlemen to go fight a girl without holding back.

Kuruk looked over at the upstart and winced in sympathy as she slammed her opponent into the ice.

Once more he stubbornly reassured himself that he hadn't really lost, he just didn't want to hurt her.

"Would anyone like to face Katara again?" Master Pakku asked. Kuruk remained silent.

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