'Lo I know I should be writing Brothers

'Lo I know I should be writing Brothers? But this story hit me in the face and won't leave me alone so here you go. This chapter has been edited. Beta-ed by Immortal Sailor Cosmos

The rain came pouring down onto Number Four Privet Drive, it had been raining for three days now and due to that it allowed the youngest resident to brood.

Harry Potter, the youngest resident of Number Four, stared out the bedroom window of the smallest room of the Dursley home. The rain pelted the window, thunder roared, and the lightning lit up the sky at random intervals. The boy just stood by the window never moving not even when the thunder threatened to almost break the house in two.

The boy seemed to be brooding about his life and life in general; his godfather's death had struck him hard. It made him think. It seemed to some all he was good for was to kill, yes kill, he had no illusions on what the prophecy meant.

"So this is my life?" The Boy Who Lived said aloud. The thunder crashed as if to answer him. Emerald eyes flashed and a small smirk crossed his face. "I think not. Two can play at this game old man, two can play."

The cryptic words had reason, for today the Potter heir had journeyed to Gringotts Bank and uncovered several cover-ups. People stealing his money under pretences that he had okayed it. Someone using his seat on the Wizengamot. All without his knowledge.

The goblins did not take kindly to theft, but had no way of knowing if the Potter heir had given permission. So when he entered the bank this morning the goblins jumped on the chance to set it all straight.

First Harry had discovered that someone coughDumbledorecough was taking his money. Then he found that someone was using his title as Lord Potter. He had taken care of that one first. The Potter heir was now the Potter Lord and had proper control of his finances and other thing that mainly had to do with politics.

After six long hours of getting the Potter finances in order the new Potter Lord left and headed for Number Four Private Drive, his personal hell.

Now back at the Dursley's, Harry considered his options. One, he could go dark; if light won the war he could down play it as he was forced and if dark one he would serve loyally. Two, he could stay the way he was now and most likely die by the next school term (Not his favorite choice). Or three, he could always start his own faction it couldn't be two bad, but what would he fight for? How hard would it be?

He would make sure wizarding children didn't go to muggle homes, that's for damn sure. He wouldn't let others suffer like he did. Magical creature rights that would gain him support and he could live with that as well. He would have to wait though, for more backing before doing anything drastic; but how to start? How does one go about making a third war party?

With a sigh Harry watched a limo pull up into Number Four's drive way. Eyes narrowed Harry grasped his wand tight and nearly dropped it at the sight of the tall-tell Malfoy blond hair. Why they were here was a mystery, all he wanted, no needed, to know was if they were here to kill him.

Lightening flashed and the youngest Malfoy locked eyes with the young Potter Lord.


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