Roxas stomped into the bustling classroom, yanked his chair from under the desk, sat down and threw his bag onto the desk. He lay his head of blonde spikes onto the bag and shut his eyes; ignoring the noise surrounding him.

Roxas was not a morning person. He shifted in his seat to get comfortable and wrapped his arms around his bag. With his fingertips turning numb and the world dissolving around him Roxas smiled as he started to enter the dream world.

Suddenly a hit across the head dragged him back from the peace. Turning his head to face the culprit, he gritted his teeth at his best friend, Sora. Sora towered over him and grinned stupidly.

"Morning, sunshine!" He chirped, taking the seat next to Roxas.

Roxas grunted in response and returned to his almost sleep. He drowned out Sora's laughter and relaxed again.

His breathing deepened and the air around him was warm and comforting. The noise from the world faded again but far away he could hear the class door open again. Suddenly clear as a bell he heard Sora say, "Ha! Naminé, just made it! The bell is about to go."

Roxas eyes shot open and he felt his body tense up. He groggily sat up, shrugging away the all-knowing grin from Sora, and saw Naminé clinging to her chest, out of breath, and swaying to her desk in front of Sora. She gave a weak wave and smile to the two and sat down, gulping in the air.

Roxas quietly watched her pull out her books from her bag. His thoughts were sliced from a hissing from Sora. He turned to him, agitated and watched the brunette mouth "YOU LOVE HER". A blush broke across Roxas' face as Sora burst out into hysterics but was hushed quickly when a book thrown by Roxas hit him on the head. Naminé turned to see the commotion.

"Roxas, already been for your sleep?" She asked smiling and with her breath back.

"Uh - no." Roxas answered while shielding himself from the bundle of pencils Sora was currently firing at him with immense force.

"Well your hair is messy." She pointed out and turned around again.

Roxas threw a hand up to his hair and fixed it out, slightly red. Sora sniggered at the blonde's misery but was silenced as the bell screeched through the school.

The class quietened a little. While waiting for the teacher Roxas watched Naminé. He had always noticed she was always tidy. Her light blonde hair: always perfect, her uniform: always straight and tidy, her tie: always neat and her handwriting: always tidy and curly. Roxas had always found it particularly funny that she could be so tidy with herself even when running into the class, late and out of breath as always.

"Right everyone!" A deep voice called.

Roxas shook his thoughts away and brought his attention to the front of the class where his teacher was standing, Roxas hadn't even noticed he had come in.

And the rest of the day was normal as ever. Go to class, go to a different class, have lunch blah blah blah. The day seemed to go in slower than usual because of the full class' anticipation for their last class. Today studies in that class had been cancelled in order for the class to decide where there annual trip should be. Roxas really didn't mind what country to go to so hadn't put any thought into it. But everyone else seemed certain on where they wanted to go.

As they sat in the class waiting fro the teacher, Naminé turned her chair around and leaned on Sora's desk.

"So, where do you two want to go?"

Roxas shrugged and Sora chimed out, "Space."

Naminé laughed a little at the brunette's silliness and paused for thought for herself, bringing a tapping finger to her lips.

"I think I would like to go to France." She smiled in conclusion.

"You look French." Roxas laughed and continued, seeing her confused expression, "It's just if I saw you in France and I didn't know you, I would think you were French."

"That's crazy. People don't look like they are from certain places."

"Yes they do!" Sora said nodding wisely. "Like miboy, Roxas, looks like he is from hungry."

"What? How do I?" Roxas asked with eyebrows raised.

Sora grinned evilly and glanced to the Naminé, "because you are starving for a certain someone!"

Sora exploded into laughter as Roxas pelted him with everything he had on his desk.

"Right! Right! Calm down." The teacher rang out from the front. "Lets vote then."

The teacher called out a list of countries and the full class voted. At the end it had been narrowed down to France or Spain. Roxas looked over to Naminé who turned slightly and smiled to him causing him bluch for the billionth time that day. And after one final vote the class decided on France.

When the teacher left them the class was as noisy as ever. Everyone was hyped up and chatty on the idea of a holiday. Naminé was especially happy. She seemed more chatty and giggly than ever.

"Only a few weeks till we all go!" She grinned. "It'll be so fun. Too bad Kairi and the others aren't in our class. Where'd you think they are going?"
Roxas shrugged, "Probably Italy. That's where Kairi wanted to go so everyone will go there."

Spotting Sora's twitch of anger he grinned mischievously and leaned a little closer to the brunette, "You know, because everyone loves Kairi in that class."

Sora glared to Roxas as he began to laugh at the brunette's pissed expression. But an evil smirk snaked onto Sora's face. He threw his head onto his desk and wailed,

"It's true."

And just for impressivness' sake he added a fake sobbed.

Right on cue Naminé "awed" and pulled Sora up into a hug.

"Don't worry, Sora!" She comforted him as Sora turned towards a very angry Roxas and smiled a cheeser.

"Thanks Nam!" He laughed pulling away.

She smiled and turned to her desk again to put her things away.

"We are gonna end up killing each other if we keep teasing." Roxas said quietly to Sora.

Sora laughed a little and nodded.

And finally the day was over. Roxas strolled form the school and into the sunny day. He pulled out his Ipod and flicked through all the songs. Suddenly Roxas felt eyes on him. He peered around but the street was empty. Shrugging away the feeling he walked on. Walking along the street he read a poster stand for some movie. But just as he was about to pass it a slim girl jumped from behind it and in front of him.

"BOO!" She shouted.

And in an embarrassing reaction Roxas yelped and jumped away from her with his eyes squeezed shut and his hands up to his face. Blood thundered through his veins and his heart pumped loudly in his chest. Opening his blue eyes a little and lowering his hands he saw Naminé in front of him in hysterics.

"Naminé!" Roxas wailed, putting his hands on her small shoulders and shaking her slightly, "Don't scare me like that!"

"Oh, come on! That was funny. You crapped yourself." She squeaked out between laughs and shakes.

Roxas stopped shaking her and leaned down a little to her and grinned, "And here I thought you were a sweet girl. You have been hanging around with Sora too much."

She giggled and put her hands to his arms. A blush erupted on Roxas' face as he realized how close they were. Jumping back he watched her uneasily as she blinked unknowing to what she was doing to him.

"Geez, Roxas you do scare easy." She nodded walking away.

"Hey! No I don't. You just caught me completely off. That's all." He called going after her.

As he caught up to her she turned a smirked, "Yeah. Sure."

"That's it! Sora has influenced sweet little Nam too much."

She laughed a little and asked, "Where is Sora? Don't you usually walk home together?"

Suddenly lightning flashed in Roxas' mind. A painful flash that blinded him. Could she like Sora?

"Uh- he is away doing something with his dad or something."

"Hm." She answered.

The two walked home talking of general things and laughing like always.

"Roxas, the trip to France will be so fun! I can't wait."

"Yeah..." He grumbled.

"What's wrong? I thought you would be looking forward to it too."

"I am. I am. It's just well not the plane part." He said quietly, looking away from her wide eyes.

"Are you afraid of flying?" She asked sweetly.

"WHAT? No! It's just I have never been on a plane so I am nervous about it." he answered glancing to her.

He watched her pause for thought and nod, knowingly, and then said, "Well we can sit together and I will help you not be nervous, 'kay?"

"You don't have to."

Naminé suddenly stopped and reached out for Roxas' hand causing a shiver to run through his body and his thoughts to scatter as her soft hand clung onto his. He looked at her, still in a heap of his own jumbled thoughts and a blush on his face. She stared up to him with a sweet smile and clear eyes.

"I want to because you would do the same for me."

His hand was tingling and his heart swelled with happiness as he smiled to her.

"Thank you."

Naminé nodded, smiled and suddenly realising they were holding hands she let go and mumbled an apology.

"And plus you scare easy so it's for the best." She laughed skipping away.

"And there I thought the sweet Naminé was back." Roxas laughed following her.

"Oh! Roxas we have to go and get things for France this weekend, okay?"

Groaning and arguing his point for doing something besides shopping Roxas was sure the trip to France would be great as long as she was there. Anywhere would been fine if she was there.

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