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Roxas was not a happy bunny. The huge amount of revision he had to do was maddening and the blistering heat burning his head of blonde spikes was not helping his mood; powerful heat waves had been radiating from the sky the full day and he was sick of it.

Roxas' willingness to study had evaporated at a rapid pace lately. And today's reason for his sudden refusal to study was the same as ever (excluding the painful heat). His reason was her. Namine: his girlfriend. Thinking that Roxas dazed for a moment with a gleeful smile. Roxas just saw studying time as time he could be with Namine and as soon as she entered his mind, any thought of school was gone in a flash.

This was how Roxas found himself stumbling through the scolding heat in the streets to Namine's house. He hadn't bothered calling her, he wanted to surprise her. Roxas could imagine what she was doing right at that moment: alone in the house and sitting at a table somewhere with her head buried in the books. Roxas knew for a fact she would be alone because during the huge amount of time they had spent together lately he had been taking special notice of the times her father worked, slept, eat, went out and hated Roxas in general. And today was a day he would not be in! No one would be. He grinned to himself as her house came into sight.

Roxas found his pace quicken as the distance between himself and the house lessened and his excitement grew. He ignored the small beads of perspiration trailing down his forehead.

Roxas half-ran to her door and halted when he was in front of it. Pulling the cool metal handle down, smiling madly, he stepped quietly into the warm house and closed the door behind him.

It was silent still. He poked his head into the kitchen: no one there. A little puzzled he strolled through to the living and stopped in his tracks immediately. The living was open planned and the dinning room was next to it. And there, sitting at the dinning table ( daydreaming ), was Namine. Her head was turned from him and she was gazing out of the patio doors to the back garden with a pen in hand and books invading her space. A small cool breeze skipped through the large room and blew her silky blonde hair away from her face as she sat completely still and was obviously engrossed in what ever she was looking at.

Roxas felt a childish pang of jealously directed towards whatever Namine found so interesting.

Suddenly, in an utterly attention-seeking mood, Roxas came up with a plan. He stepped lightly across the living room, not making a single noise, and to the dinning table. Grinning, he pulled out the chair next to the daydreamer and sat down quietly, waiting for her reaction.

Namine hadn't notice a change at all and continued watching the garden. Roxas sincerely didn't mind at all. It gave him a chance to be close with her: a thing he would give anything for lately: even if she didn't know he was near her!

Roxas smiled to himself and appreciated the heat from her smooth skin that was basking onto his arm. He propped an elbow up onto the table and leaned his head onto his palm. Roxas could smell her addictive scent as it played with his sense of reality. Needing more of her smell, he took a deep breath but to his dismay Naminé suddenly snapped her head around.

On seeing the dazed boy, she squeaked and jumped back slightly.

"W-when did-" Namine stuttered out, alarmed and throwing her gaze around the room.

"A while ago. I missed you." Roxas cut in, rushed and smiling at her.

Namine's body relaxed and she grinned at him: making his heart swell.

"Do you want to study together?" She giggled, turning to him and moving her chair closer to him.

Roxas nodded, eagerly, and grabbed a book and pen.

His face dropped on seeing the book he had took.

"Chemistry?" Roxas grumbled, turning his head to her slightly.

"Uh-huh." She answered, only half-paying attention.

"But it's so boring." Roxas replied, exaggerating his tone and dropping his head onto the table.

"If you want to pass..." Namine trailed off, scribbling efficiently on paper.

"Pleh." Roxas mumbled.

He sighed into the cool breeze, wrapped his arms around his head and grinned as he looked up to Namine as she concentrated on her notes. With a smirk and in a playful mood, he began tracing little patterns on Namine's free arm which sat so temptingly next to him on the table.

Her skin was so soft.

"Roxas." Namine giggled as she attempted a stern voice. "Stick to chemistry!"

Roxas half sat up and smugly said, "This is chemistry."

She paused and raised an eyebrow to him.

He flashed her a sheepish grin, inched his face towards her and softly continued, "Chemistry between us."

To Roxas' delight, she blushed but to his not-so-delight, she pushed him away with a nervous smile.

"We have to study." Namine enunciated.

Rolling his eyes and sighing loudly, he placed his chin on the table surface again and closed his eyes.

Suddenly he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder. Opening one eye he was met with Namine's startling blue ones. He grinned a 'hello' to her.

She smiled back and sweetly asked, "If you are sleepy, you can sleep on the sofa, if you want."

Roxas jumped up to a straight sitting position and held her hand.

With a desperate tone, he retorted, "No, no, no. Lemme stay here and study with you."

She agreed and got back to her studying.

But within a minute, Roxas was yawing. He honestly did not want to sleep (for the first time in his life!), because then by the time he woke up her family would be home.

Therefore a sly plan hatched in his mind.

"Nam?" Roxas asked, turning to her with wide eyes.

She gave a him a quick glance but seeing his demeanour looked back, now interested.

"Can I have a drink?" He smiled.

"Oh - yeah." Namine replied, slightly surprised and standing up.

Roxas gave her a wink as she stood up and grinned at her. She laughed, ruffled his spikes and skipped into the kitchen.

Roxas leapt from his seat and dived onto the sofa: stretched out and comfortable.

"NAMINE!" He happily sang.

"Yeah?" She called back.

"Come here, please!"

"I'm just getting your drink."

"Just leave it, hurry!"

He laughed as she sounded a deliberately loud sigh. Walking in from the kitchen, she stopped in her tracks on seeing Roxas sprawled out in her sofa.

"I thought you didn't want to sleep." She asked, puzzled and slumping her shoulders.

"I didn't..." Roxas chuckled with a suggestive smile, "Well...not alone." He held his arms out for her.

One of the many, many things Roxas loved about being in a relationship with Namine was his confidence seemed to have took a huge leap into the 'cool boyfriend' area now.

"Uh... I... umm, should we n-not be...uh..." She stumbled over her words, blushing and wide eyed as she looked at him.

Another thing he loved about their relationship was that Namine had seemed to become shyer and even cuter.

Taking the joyful initiative, Roxas sprung up and easily wrapped his hand around her wrist and with a gentle tug and a small shout, Namine was madly blushing and lying on top of Roxas.

He grinned up to her as he looked into her wide, sparkling blue eyes, breathed in her sweet air, felt the electricity (that he would never get used to) between the both of them and generally fell in love with her all over again.

Realizing their position, Namine scooted off of him and lay by Roxas' side. Roxas stretched his arm around her and pulled her into his chest. With a small giggle, she cuddled into him.

A breeze swayed through the warm room again and drifted over the happy couple.

Roxas placed a small kiss on her sweet smelling hair.

"See!" Roxas proclaimed giving Namine a squeeze, "We don't have to study chemistry. We are the best chemistry anyone is gonna find!"

"Yeah..." She breathed out with a small yawn.

"And you said I was tried." Roxas laughed.

"Hmm." She hummed in reply.

Peering down, his angel had already closed her eyes. Happiness swarmed his veins although with her scent. Giving her one last squeeze, he closed his own eyes and allowed the day's heat to wash over him and Namine. And feeling light and too ecstatic for words, Roxas drifted into a dream about falling asleep with the girl of his dreams.

Too bad for them, Namine's dad had a half day at work...

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