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The First Date

Roxas tugged at his spikes and glared at his un-neat, finished exam paper. The hall was silent still as it had been for the past hour and half with the exception of the annoying invigilator who simply had to wear high heels that would obviously aggravatingly echo in this large hall.

Who actually did that, though? Here, is a group of well over a hundred stressed, panicked pupils attempting to write two English essays in under an hour and a half and achieve a half decent mark so they could have good lives and become good citizens and you, you irritating women, got up this morning, knowing full well that pupils were changing there lives today, decided highs are the best bloody option because you could annoy them all and be the most stupid distraction ever.

Well, thanks for nothing.

After his rant Roxas clutched at his paper and skimmed over his scrawled writing again, searching for errors. He glanced to the side of his blue eyes and although being fully aware Naminé had already left a few minutes ago, with a nervous smile goodbye to him. He sighed with a longing look to Naminé's chair. He wanted to be outside with her, in the sun, holding her hand.

"Time's up!" The high-heeled women squealed out. Her harsh voice bounced off the huge hall's walls as it did in Roxas' mind.

He growled to himself and went to read his paper again. She was suddenly at his wonky desk and peering at him down her thin nose.

"Rules are rules." She said, fairly brisk, and waited for him to finish up. What a bitch... He thought.

He shot her a glare and roughly stood up, his chair screeching as he did. Snatching his paper, he stalked out of the hall as did a few others. Most stayed, trying to push their luck with that horrid women but Roxas was sick of those four grey walls and the cold breeze that was constantly in that hall. Today was his last exam and he just wanted it all to be over, he wanted to go outside and see Naminé.

Giving his paper to the small, chubby man at the doors, Roxas immediately felt a pressure lift from his shoulders. He pushed the swing door open and a breath of fresh air rushed around him. He hadn't felt this light in weeks!

Stepping outside the sun was still beaming in the blue and a breeze skipped past. He spotted Sora, Kairi and Naminé waiting by the railings.

He bounded up to them and happily exclaimed, "And God proclaimed the exams over!"

Roxas recieved a small cheer from the group and stood next to Naminé with a grin.

"How did you find it?" He asked her.

She grimaced.

"What about you?" Sora asked Roxas.

"I don't really care anymore. I mean, I did my best but it's over with now. No more worrying about exams!" Roxas asked as he took a step closer to Naminé and snaked his hand around hers. His fingertips exploded into a tingle as soon as they touched Naminé's hand.

He couldn't keep his mind away from her.

"Well, we still got the exam results to wait for now..."

The weight dropped back onto Roxas' shoulders and he mentally cursed Sora. Roxas wasn't looking forward to his results.

"Sora, there is your dad." Kairi pointed out as a car pulled up beside them.

"You two want a drive up to your houses?" Sora asked Roxas and Naminé.

"Nah, we're fine, Sora. Thanks." Naminé replied making Roxas giddy. This was proof she wanted to spend more time with him!

After waving Kairi and Sora off, Roxas turned to Naminé and smiled to her as she did to him. Roxas looked at her in amazement, he was still doubting the reality of his fortunate situation with Naminé; he had been tricked by a dream before. But dream or not, Roxas was going to enjoy every moment of it, especially if it was with Naminé.

Roxas leaned in to give her a peck but Naminé swayed to the side and Roxas gave a kiss to the air.

Opening his eyes, he gave Naminé a well-crafted puppy dog look and she giggled. Taking hold of both of her hands and thinking this was permission to get a kiss Roxas tried again... but she moved.

Frustrated now, Roxas mumbled, "Why not?"

"You know I prefer more private places." She answered with a shy smile (causing Roxas to immediately forgive her) and continued, "And I want to ask you something before I get... distracted."

Roxas smugly grinned to himself: he loved that he could distract her.

"Well, ask." Roxas pressed, eager for her to get distracted as soon as possible.

Naminé began pulling him along the street and Roxas faithfully followed.

"Roxas, what are you doing tonight?"

Roxas loved that question and so he felt it was appropriate to do a mini-woohoo dance in his head. "Nnnooothing, Nam."

"W-well," Her grip tightened on his hand, "Let's go on a date."

A blush scattered on Roxas' cheeks. He took an extra second to calm the redness: he hadn't blushed in a while. Because although Roxas had been going out with Naminé for a while, they had never went on an official date, Roxas had been considering asking her on one but he just hadn't got round to it. Maybe she had been wanting him to ask.

" A date?" He repeated upon realisation that he should be asking.

"Mhmm." She was avoiding his gaze, she must of been embarrassed.

As they walked in silence for a moment, Roxas re-thought the situation and came to a conclusion.

"Naminé, forget the last five minutes." He grinned to her and she gave a puzzled nod, "Now, Naminé, will go go on a date with me?"

She chimed out a giggle and agreed and Roxas sneakily, slipped his hand from hers, pulled her closer to him by her waist and gave her a peck on her cheek. She blushed and fussed but Roxas laughed it off.

Roxas nervously fixed his shirt as he waited outside Naminé's house. He hadn't been allowed in or at least five metres around the house since the last time he was there, Naminé and himself had fallen asleep on the sofa and her father walked in. And so, Roxas was banned from the house. He was sad about it at first but Naminé cheered him up by pointing out she would just be at his house all the time with no nosy father interrupting.

As Roxas waited he twirled the small flower he had gotten Naminé from his garden in between his fingers, lazily.

"Roxas!" Hearing his name be called by that voice he could never forget, Roxas turned to face Naminé as she skipped down the porch and to him.

"Hey!" He greeted her, enthusiastically and slightly blushing; her white flowing dress was perfect on her and made him nearly faint every time he saw her in it. It was his favourite outfit of hers, she just looked so cute in it!

Before Roxas could snap back to reality, Naminé had flung her arms around his neck and had hid her face in his chest. Her mind-blowing scent immediately filled Roxas to the brim and concentrating become so very difficult and the fact that her delicate fingers were on the back of his neck, did not help the situation.

"W-what's wrong? Are you alright?" He barely managed to ask as he placed his hands on her waist.

She pulled back and looked up to him with a smile, "Nothing at all! I'm great. Why?"

"You aren't usually like this. Then why...?" He looked to the windows to check for her father, "Are you trying to annoy your dad?"

"No." She half-giggled, pulling his face to look at her again, "I'm just happy that we are going on a date!"

I will have to take her on more official dates!Roxas beamed and leaned in a little but was stopped by Naminé as she placed a finger on his lips.

He looked at her inquisitively and she answered, "Are you trying to annoy my dad?" She indicated to the house and sure enough her father was spying out of the window.

Naminé guided him from her house and up the street.

From that moment on a great big, ugly chunk of the night was filled with things going wrong. Firstly, the tried to go to the cinema but that failed due to the film they wanted to see being sold out for the next three showings and the till assistant didn't seem to notice Roxas with Naminé as the little punk eyed her up.

Naminé did attract attention. But how could she not? She was the angel in the dark. Roxas never ever blamed her for the attention, just all the horny teenage boys out there.

After that, they decided to eat but that failed too because the places Roxas could afford were already closed (apparently they were 'lunch-time' places) and the places that were open were too expensive or, as Roxas remembered one guy saying to him, 'don't want any adolescents crowding the place'.

But trying to stay positive, they decided they would admire the fading sunset from the clock tower, only to find out when they got there, the tower had been locked up for the night.

So, there they were hungry and with throbbing feet (all the walking around) and with no where to go and Roxas with no pride left. He was so terrible at this date thing, it was unthinkable.

They ended up heading to the local park and sitting in the field next to it. There was a chill in the air now and the cool grass swayed with the coming night breeze. Roxas sadly gazed up to the sky. The sunset was clinging desperately onto the day in shades of pinks and oranges that contrasted the black night. Roxas felt an unspoken bound to the sky at that moment as he held onto Naminé's hand a little tighter. He had wanted her to love this night.

He suddenly felt worried eyes burning onto him.

"Roxas, don't make such a face! You are so much cuter when you smile at me and ask for a kiss. I don't like it when you are sad. Why are you not happy?" Naminé asked with worry thick in her voice as she stood on her knees and pinched his cheeks.

"I'm a-alright." He half-laughed, pulling her hands away from his face. Her hands were cold. He felt himself spiral into another depression as he realized how stupid he was. A jacket was the most obvious thing to bring on a date and once again, FAIL.

His realisation must have been clear on his face as Naminé leaned in a little and quizzed with narrow eyes, "Tell me, please."

The almost beg at the end of her sentence was enough for Roxas as he looked into her ocean deep eyes that sparkled in the dimming light.

"You're cold." He sadly replied, gripping onto her hands.

"That's it?" She snapped her hands away from him., "That's why you are unhappy?"

There was a long pause where Roxas could feel words bubble in his stomach and the sky above him give up day and fade into night. Stars were beginning to peek out of the dark.

The words made their way up his throat, he knew if he let them escape, he would start rambling. But there was no holding back the words.

"W-well, it's this full night! It was supposed to be great and I mucked it all up by not being prepared at all. In the cinema, that stupid boy wouldn't stop looking at you, we couldn't eat anywhere, t-the tower and I let you let you get cold I didn't even think about a jacket! And now I have got you sitting in the cold on the ground with a stupid boy like me who can't even get this right! Just to top of the full night, I might as well tell you I love you and scare you a-"

Roxas froze like never before. He froze so intensely he could feel ice creep in his veins. Did he actually just put the icing on this poison cake of a night and tell her he loved her? Did he actually just do that?!

Roxas was gawking at one strand of grass swaying with the breeze. He was afraid to look up, she had probably made a run for it.

He had been planning on telling her but not now! Roxas was going to tell her in a romantic place, not a cold field, hungry and after a horrible 'date'. But now...

He just kept watching that lonely strand of grass being pulled by the wind. The full world around him was slowly fading as the day had. He had never in his life wanted to hold her hands more than he did at this moment.

"Roxas, did you just say that you l-loved me?" Her voice startled him but he kept his head hung and nodded.

Roxas heard her shuffling and moving and assumed that was her leaving, scared to death of what he had just said.

But then he felt a pair of delicate, albeit cold, hands place themselves on either sides of his face. Naminé's hands pulled his face up to meet her smiling one. Butterflies errupted in his stomach as he saw that smile that for a moment he thought he would never see again.

"R-Roxas, I l-l-l-" Her face had a slight pink hue and she seemed to be having difficulty saying something. She paused and took a breath and Roxas took full advantage of her silence. He had been wanting to at every chance he had that day.

The kiss was sweet and as perfect as ever. Roxas happily deepened it and he could feel her hands tangle in his spikes and hold onto the back of his neck, sending delightful shivers down his spine while his hands held onto her waist and hip and guided her to the ground so he was hovering above her. They broke the kiss, due to a shortness of breath, but Roxas couldn't keep his lips away from her.

In between pecks on her jawline and neck he murmured softly, "You don't have to say that because I did, Naminé."

"B-but Roxas, I want to... um, s-say it." She was distracted and although it was a shame to distract her while she was speaking, Roxas had always loved doing it. Knowing that he could scramble her thoughts made him more than giddy.

He stopped for a moment and looked down at her glittering eyes as they reflected the shinning stars in the dark above.

"Roxas, I..." Naminé took a deep breath and gripped onto the back of his neck a little more; her fingers playing with the ends of his hair, making his thoughts scramble, "I l-love you."

Roxas felt himself beam, his grip tighten on her body and his heart soar. Hearing those words come from her, just hearing them from her, her precious voice saying them! It made Roxas lose himself in happiness and feel as though his heart would never stop flying.

The next second Roxas found himself in a mind-blowing kiss with the girl he loved and could only ever imagine loving under a night full of stars, but with none of them quite like her, and thinking maybe their first date wasn't so bad.

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