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Roxas growled under the mass of bed sheets. His phone rang out an increasingly irritating sequence of random music notes while a bored voice droned out a lullaby. No longer able to cope with the ring-tone he tunnelled out of the bed quilts and snatched his phone from the bedside cabinet. With sleepy eyes he squinted at the blurry name for a moment. The name shifted in and out of focus.

N... é!

Sitting up and pressing the glowing green button he pushed the phone to his ear but retreated from it when Naminé's usually calm voice screeched his name down the other side, obviously angry. Roxas rubbed his dazed eyes and sighed.

"What is it?" He yawned.

"You're late! You said we could meet at twelve and it's twenty past." Naminé barked down the phone.

Roxas glanced to the clock. The red neon digits read 12:19.

"Ah, sorry. My alarm must have not-"

"Never mind. I'm outside. Hurry up."

"All right. Sorry agai-" Roxas was cut off by a sudden silence and an awfully posh voice informing him the other person had cleared.

With a sigh and a flop back onto his bed Roxas mentally prepared himself for the day ahead.

Within five minutes he was ready to go. Grabbing money and his keys, he left the house with a quick "good morning-goodbye" to his mother who just called to him "sixteen and three quarters and still no manners for his mother!". Ignoring his mother, Roxas opened the door to see Naminé sitting on the stone wall outside his house with her back to him. He quietly shut the door and tip-toed up to Naminé who had her head down. Once closer he spotted her playing some game console. He watched her thump on the buttons with full concentration and frustration and smiled to himself.

Creeping up on her, with malice and mischievousness, he bent down and hummed a "boo" into her ear causing her to jump slightly and tense up. She turned her head to meet Roxas' grinning face to which she responded with a glare.

"Well at least I didn't squeal like a little girl." She smirked standing up and putting the console into her bag, which hung lazily over her shoulder.

Now Roxas had an opportunity to look at her properly he took full advantage of it. She wore light boy-fitting jeans that stopped just passed her knees, a white top with short, frilly sleeves that hugged her figure and shoes with blue ribbons threading through them. And her hair was as perfect as ever. Noticing his look she stepped back.

"What? Do I look weird?" She asked concerned.

"AH! No. No. No." Roxas hurriedly answered, feeling embarrassed at his less impressive ensemble of clothes that proved his laziness.

And the two headed through the sun-glazed street to the shops. Roxas tugged on his crumpled shirt and watched his step as he walked in jeans too long for him. The warm air that cascaded him as he walked was becoming annoying. He longed for a breeze to pass through him and empty him of nerves and heat and fill him with a warming courage. It failed to do so.

"We meeting Sora?" Naminé asked as she kicked at a stone on the grey slab pavement.

"Nope. He is going somewhere with Kairi." Roxas answered studying her reaction, which just turned out to be a curt nod, and a "when will he actually tell her?". To reply all Roxas could do was give out an uneasy laugh and shrug.

When will I tell her? He pondered as Naminé's speech of things she would buy for France faded into the distance. Will I ever? Is it for the best?

Roxas' thoughts were thumped from his brain as something collided with his foot, which made him stumble stupidly and finally come to a stop which unfortunately came in the form of him crashing into the door of the shopping centre. Removing his face from the glass, he rubbed at his sore nose and came to the noise of Naminé's uncontrollable laughter. He groaned in despair and frowned at the step he had tripped on.

Grabbing hold of Naminé's wrist he hurried into the centre to avoid the perplexed looks he was receiving from onlookers of the embarrassing event. He walked through the crowds with his pulsing nose and a giggling from Naminé who tagged along from behind as he still held onto her wrist. Finally realizing he was gripping her thin wrist he stopped, let go and turned to her with a slight blush.

He watched her snicker a little more and spoke, "You could have told me."

"I didn't notice." She defended with a silly grin, "plus, that's what you get for daydreaming while I was talking. Hey, is your nose all right? It looks a little red."

"It's fine." Roxas dismissed, attempting to control a blush.

"No, really, I'm not teasing." She laughed as she put her hand to his nose, "It's kind of pink."

Feeling her soft touch on his aching nose, he could have sworn it had healed perfectly as his heart squeezed but in a humiliating side effect of the miracle his face heated even more.

"Whoa! I better not touch it; it just got redder! So did your cheeks." Naminé exclaimed retrieving her hand from his face, "Well, it's isn't swollen so I think it is alright." She simply concluded.

Beginning to walk on, she left Roxas in dream-mode and with her feather touch unwittingly still effecting him physically.

"Come on!" She yelled to him through the lively load of people rushing in and out of shops.

He nodded, shook off the blush and sensations and caught up her.

Naminé roamed the shops, occasionally trying things on, sometimes buying things and from time to time waking Roxas up as the poor boy followed in complete boredom. By about two o'clock Roxas could feel the pit of his stomach rumble in disagreement. And so the two calmed the monster of Roxas' gut by retreating to a small cafe.

As they shared a plate of french fries (saving money you see) Naminé asked, "When are you going to buy something? We only have a couple weeks so you might as well today."

Roxas shrugged and replied, "I'm not buying anything."

"Why?" Naminé questioned slightly shocked, "buying new things for a holiday is part of the holiday experience."

"Why don't I just take the clothes I have the now and tell the people there they are new! No one will know." He winked.

"Oh come on. Don't be cheap buy some new things. I will help you."

"What's wrong with my clothes the now?" Roxas quizzed.

"They're ugly." Naminé flatly answered.

"What?! No they're not." Roxas wailed looking at his clothes.

"Yeah, I know." She grinned cheekily, "But just buy some more for the holiday. Don't you like getting new clothes?"

"Well... yeah."

"Then that's that." Naminé exclaimed standing up dramatically and leaving.

Roxas put some money on the table and followed, braising himself.

The rest of the afternoon was spent hunting for rare clothes Roxas would like. They trudged through the masses of people and avoided the preying sales people. Once achieving their what seemed impossible goal they left the heated shopping centre, satisfied and with hands stying from the weight of shopping bags.

Dragging their feet home, the still blazed brightly over them. Both chatted about France until they came to the crossroads where they would part their ways. The boiling heat swirled around them as they stopped at the corner. Roxas, with no intentions, moaned at the extra twenty-five minute walk he had in the scorching heat while Naminé had about five minutes. Naminé paused for a ponder while Roxas hung his head back in anguish.

"Well..." She began in a distant tone, "You could come to my house 'till it gets a little cooler."

Naminé innocently watched him with no idea what this meant to him.

This casual invitation (with no further objective than to allow Roxas to stay out the heat) actually released two mini Roxas' in said boy's mind. Mini-Roxas-Number-One was currently too busy dancing and twirling in pure joy to answer any questions. But Mini-Roxas-Number-Two wasn't busy at all: he was just standing, twitching a little and seemed to be shocked. When asked questions the only answer receieved was something along the lines: "NO. NO. NO. I will ruin this. Something will go wrong." Or "too much pressure!" Or "this is my death day." So, you understand how differently these mini-Roxas' were and the turmoil this caused in their master's mind as he stuttered in a desperate search for an answer to the sweet girl waiting patiently for the poor soul to find words and chose which mini version of himself to side with.

But slightly to his relief he didn't have to choose. Naminé watched her friend find english difficult and jumped into action.

"Roxas, the heat must be too much! I'm glad I asked you now. You might have fainted if I left you." She worried.

Naminé efficiently latched onto his arm and led him to her house.

After regaining the ability to process thoughts, Roxas became extremely aware of the fact that Naminé was holding onto his forearm. With his heart skipping too many beats, the blonde girl turned to him with a look of apprehension.

"Roxas, are you all right?"

She stopped and squeezed his arm as she gazed into his eyes with her own clear, water-like ones. Roxas felt heat race up his face.

AHHH! STOP IT! STOP IT! Mini-Roxas-Number-Two cried in his mind. OVERLOAD! CAN'T TAKE THE CUTENESS!

He nodded stiffly to her and was met with a smile. Naminé let go of his arm and the two walked down the blistering hot street to her house.

Just fucking great, Roxas thought once cooled and slightly collected, I have sided with the punce who gets nervous, extremely red and unable to control speech or body actions anytime she looks at me. This is going to be a disaster.

Naminé led him to the front of her house and scurried up the stairs to the porch and the front door. Roxas took a small second to examine the house. The house was just like his; just an average house. But with some small changes, mostly in the front garden. However the most noticable difference was the sizzling air that the house breathed out. The air and atmosphere had danger clinging to it and seemed to be warning Roxas of the terrible events that would unfold if he stepped into that house. Disaster was afoot. Fear ran up Roxas' spine as he thought of the embarrassment he was about to accept with open arms.

Maybe I could just...

"Hey Nam!" He called.

Naminé, who was at the front door fumbling with some keys, turned to him.

"I feel better!" He said happily, smiling the best he could and berating the anxious undercoat to his skin, "I think I will just go home, yeah?"

"No, Roxas." She shouted, marching down the porch, "It's too warm and you don't like this kind of heat. Honestly, I don't mind you coming in! Don't worry."

And a moment later Roxas found himself sitting in Naminé's front room. Although he had been friends with her for nearly year he had never been in her house. Everything in the living room was expected and suited Naminé. He smiled to himself as mini-Roxas-number-two began to settle a little. He nudged the large centre piece carpet which was just at his feet and seemed like something that someone ould with ease trip on.

Naminé came shuffling into the room with a couple glasses of orange juice. With a smile, she handed Roxas one and sat next to him on the sofa.

"Parents in?" Roxas asked as laid-back as he found possible at that moment and taking a sip of his juice.

"Nah." She replied picking up the TV guide and flicking the television on.

Some sort of comedy droned out on the screen. Naminé, sitting cross-legged now, laughed at parts and watched: completely fascinate. But Roxas found this the best oppurtunity to calm himself, come familiar with his surroundings and steal glances at Nam. Scanning the room he itched at his sore nose.

"Is it still sore?" A quiet, anxious voice scissored any calmity he had a second ago.

Roxas turned sharply to her and shook his head.

Laughing and turning back to the TV, she replied, "Roxas, you're so funny."

Roxas face dropped. Great, I'm the funny guy. With an inward huff he watched the programme with Naminé and sooner or later the two were laughing their heads off and any awkwardness Roxas felt before was gone. Once both had composed themselves Roxas glanced to the clock which read quarter to eight.


"Hm?" She half-answered as she still watched the TV.

"Gotta go. Dinner will be ready soon."
Turning to him now she nodded and stood up. She walked around to the side of the sofa and hopped up onto the arm of the sofa, swinging her legs like a child.

Roxas laughed, "Now, here I thought you were going to walk me to the door."

"Don't be silly." She smirked, winking.

Roxas walked round to the side of the sofa she was sitting at, said goodbye and went to leave, picking up his bags.

Well that wasn't bad at all! He thought, smiling to himself.

"Yeah." He said turning.

"No hug goodbye?" She asked, looking sad. "You usually hug everyone else. Even Sora gets a manly hug!" She continued laughing to some extent.

Ah, there's that terribleness I was waiting for!

"Um-y-yess." He stammered, putting his bags down and shifting over to her as she still sat on the arm of the sofa, grinning now.

Suddenly instead of pure nerves, happiness twirled in his stomach as he outstretched his arms slightly in prepartion to wrap them around her slim waist in order to pull her closer, feel her arms on his back and feel uncontrollably close to her.

But just as he was about to do something he had only ever dreamed of an evil force in the shape of the carpet which he had noticed and predicted it's terrible ways shot into action. Roxas tripped on the decorative, demon carpet and fell on top of the blonde girl who squeaked in fright. With a push from Roxas she fell onto the cushions of the sofa with eyes squeezed shut and once lifting himself up a bit ; Roxas on all fours above her.

Roxas went into melt down. His face flushed. His breathing becae short and shallow. His focus on the wide eyed girl below him shifted as he realized he had no idea what to do. Electricity was still shooting up and down his body from the contact of their stomachs. He watched Naminé with her hair spread out a little, lips slightly parted and blue eyes gazing up to him. He swallowed and waited from her to push him off her but a smile formed at the corner of his lips when he spotted a small blush speckled on her usually pale cheeks.

Naminé looked up to the pinkish boy above. She had no idea what to do and hoped he would take some initiative. Either get the hell off or lean in. WAIT. Lean in to do what exactly? She felt her face heat up as she was reminded of their position. Her full body tingled. Why? Why on earth couldn't she just laugh and call him a clutz?

After a few seconds Roxas' brain was functioning again. Is now the moment? The moment to change everything? He swallowed hard.

However his thoughts came to a waste when suddenly someone entered the room. Roxas turned a stiff neck to the door the sofa was facing and spotted a middle aged balding but blonde man. Fear hit him like ice water as those equally icy eyes darted to him. And then from the girl he had failed to leap off of, the most dreaded word of all was spoken.

"Ah... Dad."

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