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'RING, RING!' The school bell rang, signaling the end of school. "FINALLY!" I cried out, picking up my things and rushing to my locker.

"HEY!" A voice cried out behind me. I turned around with an anime vein pulsing on my forehead. "Patrick, don't do that! Its scary!"

Patrick glared at me and said, "But I was only saying hi!" He whined.

"Yeah, but..."

'Ring, Ring!'

"Oh crud, bye!" I cried.

"Bye, M-!" Patrick said. I waved and ran out the door.

"Wait!" I cried before the bus left and climbed on, breathing hard. I looked out the window at the scenery outside.

It was winter in -Censored!- and there was snow on the ground along with salt and dirt. The bus stopped and let a student off at a bus stop and moved on. I looked outside, not really paying much attention to the scenery outside and thinking about what I would do since I had finished my homework at school.

I recently had gotten hooked to a game called Maple Story. It was a game that you could fight monsters, choose a character class when you got up to a certain level.

You started out at a island for beginners called Maple Island, after you went through a tutorial of how to play. It is recommendable to do ALL the quests on Maple Island, preferably a quest called Pio's Reclyed Goods, before moving on to Victoria Island, a place full of high leveled players. There, you can do a job advancement to warrior, magician, bowman, and thief.

To be a warrior, you must talk to Dances with Balrongs in Peroin and be at least level 10 and have alot of STR(Strength).

To be a Magician, you must talk to Grendal the Really Old in Ellinia and be at least level 8 and have alot of INT(Intelligence) and LUK(Luck) Mostly INT, but some equips require LUK too.

To be a Bowman, you must talk to Athenia Pierce in Henesys, be lat least level 10, and have lots of DEX(Derexity). You need arrows too.

To be a Thief, you need to talk to Dark Lord in Kerning, be at least level 10, and have lots of DEX(Derexity). You need stars too.(Uh...if your wondering...I got this from Hidden Street)

When you are level 30, you can job advance to a class of your choice.

As for me, I'm a level 60 cleric, which can heal other members in the same party.

'Screech!' The bus screeched as it stopped at my stop. I jumped out and started home. When I got there, I took off my coat and gloves and went to the computer and clicked on the Maple Story Icon on my desktop. A log-on Screen consumed the screen.

Username: (...)

Password: (...)

I typed up my log-in password and username and logged on.

As I was intent on playing the game, I felt like I was sinking - I was lower than the desk the computer was on. I lean over and looked down.

All I could see was a purple darkness around the legs of the chair, greedy sucking the chair I was sitting on under and I noticed that the sky was getting darker and PURPLE. "Eh... " I thought out loud. "Whats going on?"

Then I noticed that my bedroom floor was getting noticeably covered with dark purple darkness. "What the crap?" I shouted. "What the heck is going on? o.O"

"So..." I heard a dark ominous voice say. "Your the one who will 'help' the keyblade wielder..."I whirled around and saw a guy in a black coat. "WHO THE HECK ARE YOU!?" I cried (Ow my ears X.X).

The man smirked, "Not anyone you should or need to know yet."

"..." I said. "Ok..."

Suddenly, the black stuff appeared underneath my legs. "Ack!" I cried, getting sucked in. The last thing I saw was the man's smirking face before I was sucked in.

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