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(Sora's POV)

She turned toward Ken. "Name?"

"Uh..." Ken said. "Ken." The woman nodded. She typed in the computer and asked the same quests she asked me.

"Ok..." She said. "We will now change one word in your name to hide your identity. You..." She pointed at me. "You are now 'Sola'." Sora nodded.

"You..." She pointed at Ken. "Your name will be..." Ken looked at her waiting for the answer.


:-Ken's POV-:

"Ven." I looked at her. 'Uh...ok? Good name...better then Sola.' I thought and nodded. I looked at Sora. He looked surprised too but more then I was. 'I wonder why...'

The woman nodded and said, "I will now take you to the classroom." She beckoned for us to follow her. Sora and I shrugged and followed her.

She said, "In here, people are separated into 3 people. (Like Naruto)" She walked up to a door and opened it. "I've brought the new kids..." She yelled. A man in to desk nodded and indicated for us to sit. Sora sat in the closest set of empty seats. I sat next to him.

"Ok what now?" I whispered to Sora. Before he could answer, the teacher spoke.

"Alright, so, first of all, my name is Xehanort. The teacher, now known as Xehanort, said. "Second, you will be sorted into groups of three and will have the same partners for the rest of your life. (Sounds ominous.)"

"Sola! You will be paired with...Riyu and Kalri!" The teacher, Xehanort, said pointed on top of Sora. Sora looked up and whispered, "Riku? Kairi? What are you doing here?"

Riku cleared his throat. "After you guys left, an Organization 13 member attacked us and said he was after Kairi. I summoned a portal to Radiant Garden to get us out of there but..." Riku sweat-marked. "I...kinda messed up..." Sora looked like he was about to laugh.

"You ended here didn't you!" He whispered, chuckling. Riku turned red and looked down. He looked at me in surprise and looked at Sora.

"Why is Roxas here?" He said, pointing at me.

I spoke up. "Uh...I'm not Roxas, Riku, I'm Ken. Some potion made me look like this 'Roxas'. Anyway, why were they after Kairi?" I asked. Kairi opened her mouth to answer when the teacher said, "Ven!" She closed her mouth and gestured for me to listen to the teacher. I huffed and listened to what the teacher was going to say.

"You will be paired up with...Aqua and Terra!" He said, pointing to the two people next to me. I looked at the 2 boys. One had blue eyes and longish blue hair and the boy next to him had blue eyes and long brown hair. The brown hair one seemed a little angry. 'Oh...he looks angry...better watch out...'

The blue haired boy looked over at me and smiled.

"I'm Aqua..." He said, pointing at himself.

He pointed at the brown-haired man and said, "And that man over there is my brother, Terra."

I waved at both of them. "My name is Ven. Nice to meet you."

The teacher, Xehanort, spoke up. "Ok, since you have all know each other now, we would like to see the type of weapon or power you wield." The teacher, Xehanort, said. "Ok, so...Umbra! You are first!"

A man with a black hood (Which covered his face) stood up and walked by where we were sitting. He turned in my direction and turned to what I assumed to look at me for a while and then turned away (Creepy mysterious dude...:O Gotta love 'em...or hate 'em either way). and walked up to Xehanort.

Umbra raised his hand up and it started to spark. Soon, his hand was crackling with energy.

"Ok..." The teacher, Xehanort, said, typing in the computer. "You can electrocute things...ok, you can sit now." Umbra went back up to sit above me then kept watching me. 'Ok why does that man keep staring at me?'

"Um..." I said and looked at Aqua. "Who is that guy?" I whispered glancing at the hooded-man. The man smirked, turned away, and started talking to a man with black armor on next to him. Aqua looked up at him. "Oh, him? He is our teacher's son."

I looked at him. "Teacher's son? Then why do I get the feeling his eyes are on me?"

Aqua shrugged. "I don't really know if that's a good or bad thing. I've only just started here. Terra is a sophomore, so maybe he knows..."

Aqua turned toward Terra. "Hey, Terra, do you know anything about that guy called 'Umbra'?"

Terra looked at him. "Not much, except that if he takes interest in you, that isn't much of a good thing."

I gulped and said, "That explains that smirk..." I turned over to the teacher and listened to him, hoping to get it off my mind.

The teacher called some other peoples names. After awhile, I started to get bored. "Ven!" I looked up and walked over to the teacher, Xehanort.

"Ok..." The teacher, Xehanort, said. "Lets see what you can do..." I nodded and put out my hand and called out my weapon. In a flash of light...

A keyblade appeared! I looked at it in awe. The hilt was in the shape of a blood-red maple leaf with a thick width and a large square-shaped hole in the middle with a silver handle in the middle. The blade was silver with a sharp looking maple leaf on the end for the key part. The sharp maple leaf was blood-red like the hilt and silver on the ends.

"Ok..." The teacher, Xehanort, said, typing it in. "You have a key-blade...you may sit now." I went back to my seat and sat down. 'Why do I have a key-blade?' I thought. Aqua looked at me.

"That's an interesting key-blade." He said. I smiled.

"Uh...thanks." I said. The teacher looked up after filling in all the information on the students weapons.

"Ok, so you can all go to your rooms now. Oh! One more thing." He said. "I will assign you all a team leader. The team leader will be required to train the other members of the team and keep them safe until they can protect themselves. Hm..." He said, loo I followed Terra and Aqua to our rooms.

:-In The Dorm Room-:

"Ok..." I said. "This is a pretty good room."

The room had good lighting, three beds and 2 bathrooms (One for guys and one for girls I guess...). "Ok, I choose the middle bed!" I said and jumped in it.

Terra, who was already in some brown pajamas, sighed and said, "Ok, then I chose the left bed. Oh, and we will wake up at 4:00 A.M. tomorrow so remember to wake up." He slid under the covers. I sighed and grabbed a digital alarm on the night stand the closest to me. "10:00 P.M..." I read from the clock and set it to ring for 4:00 A.M. 'Hopefully I can wake up...'

Aqua, who was also in his blue pajamas, said, "Uh...since it's the only one left, I choose the right bed." He crawled in the bed and fell asleep. I stood up and changed into some yellow pajamas, then went into the bed and pulled the covers around me.

"Uh...good night." I said, and went to sleep.

:-Unknown POV-:

A man in armor walked up to a cloaked figure. The armored man's visor was open enough to see his mouth but not his face.

"So...when are we going to capture them?" The armored man said. The cloaked man smirked. "I will wait for the opportunity to reveal it self. For now, father has told me I must keep a close watch over them." The cloaked man nodded and left. The cloaked man smiled and looked up. "Soon, we will have all the Princes and Princesses of Heart..."

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