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(Ven's POV)

"Uh...good night." I said, and went to sleep.

:-Unknown POV-:

A man in armor walked up to a cloaked figure. The armored man's visor was open enough to see his mouth but not his face.

"So...when are we going to capture them?" The armored man said. The cloaked man smirked. "I will wait for the opportunity to reveal it self. For now, father has told me I must keep a close watch over them." The cloaked man nodded and left. The cloaked man smiled and looked up. "Soon, we will have all the Princes and Princesses of Heart..."

:~Ven's POV (You know who :P)~:


"Ugggggggh!" I said, rising out of bed and reached for the snooze button and pressed it. I looked outside and sighed. "It's so dark out still..." I heard Aqua stand up and yawn. He turned on the light. "Ok, Ven, time to get ready." He went to the dresser and opened the drawers, pulling out a pair of pants and a blue shirt, then headed toward the bathroom.

I stood up and opened up the drawer. Inside were the same clothes I had on yesterday!

'This dresser must have some kind of magic on it so that the whatever a person wants to wear, it appears here.' I thought and I quickly put them on before Aqua came out, seeing I didn't excatly want him to see me naked. I notice quite thankfully that, though I looked like a boy, I didn't have their, to put it quite simply, reproductive...parts (Isn't the main Girl-changing-into-a-boy-or-vice-versa-story worry?). Aqua came out of the bathroom. I went in the bathroom and looked in the mirror to see what I looked like.

I had very spiky blond hair, which, by whatever means, would NOT stay down. 'Well...guess I don't have to comb my hair or anything anymore seeing that this hair stays the same unless you shave it off...

I had deep blue eyes and I gawked at them. 'Geez...this Roxas is pretty boy.' For some reason, I felt like blushing a little at that time, and I brushed it off. I picked up a yellow brush and brushed my teeth.

"Hey, Ven, you ready yet?" Aqua said. "Terra hates to wait."

"I'm coming!" I said and got out of the bathroom.

"Ok, lets go outside." Aqua said, "Terra is waiting there."

I nodded and followed him out.

'I hope Terra goes easy on me seeing that I'm new and he looks pretty strong...' I thought.

:~Training Area~:

Aqua walks up to a field where I saw Terra standing.

"Finally..." He said, sighing. "Did he take long?"

Aqua shrugged and said. "Not really...about the same time I took to get ready."

Terra said, "Well, at least he isn't slow..."

He walked up to me. "Ok, so your name is Ven, right?" I nodded.

"Ok..." He said. "Lets see how you can fight..."

"You don't mean..." I stuttered.

"Yes." Terra said, "Take out your weapon!" He summoned his (weapon).

I sweat-marked and summoned my key-blade. "Fine..." I said, holding the blade front of me. "Just...don't kill me, would you?" I added, sweat-marking.

Terra waved his blade and said, "Begin."

He suddenly jumped up brought his key-blade down next to me, making the earth below shatter. I jumped up covering my face with my red key-blade.

I felt a whoosh behind me and I only caught a glimpse of Terra before he hit me with his key-blade and I flew towards the ground.

"Whoa!" I cried out and stuck the key-blade in front of me.

It stabbed into the ground and absorbed most of the shock from the fall.

I shakily stood up.

I looked up and saw Terra running over to me with his key-blade poised in front of him.

I closed my eyes and waited for him to hit me, probably going to give a bruising thats going to show later (1). Instead, I heard a clang of metal against metal behind me. I opened my eyes and turned around.

Terra was blocking an attack from a man in a funny suit that looked like muscles and a black visor (Who is that? I don't know~!) holding a dark key-blade with a dark-red hilt. It had an odd design (Uh...okay, he uses the dark key-blade that Riku used to free peoples hearts...can't describe it. And it is also the key-blade that Sora stabbed him self with.)

"Who are you?!" Terra yelled at the visor-man(Ha, visor-man. Weird.).

"No one you need to know about yet." The visor-man replied, lifted his dark key-blade off of Terra's and did a back-flip away from Terra. "I'm just here to capture..."

He disappeared and I felt a draft behind me. I looked behind and and saw him behind me.


(1) Yes...Ven is thinking Terra is not going to kill him...hopefully.

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