The Ties of Shadow and Light

Summary: Who would every think that the emotionless monster of Suna could love the bubble fox demon? Well, you'd be surprised, since the demon was kicked out of Konoha and lives in Suna now. What will happen to these friends? Fallow the story from the day of their meeting to whatever is going to happen. (Naruto is a girl)

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'Demon talking'

"Demon thought"

§ Time skip §

Chapter 1

A six-year-old Naru ran down the street. A man with a large knife was chasing her. He owned a cake shop and had found Naru gazing at the cakes through the window. He had grabbed a knife and started chasing her. Naru had no clue what she had done wrong, but she did know that if she didn't hide soon she would be in a lot of pain. She skidded to a halt and turned right into a back ally. There was a small gap that was just big enough for her to fit through. She hurried to find it only to see that the hole had been boarded up.

'Ha, you have no were to run now demon!' The man looked down at Naru in a cold evil way. 'I'll just take care of you now, the whole village will honor me for killing you.' he advanced on Naru she was quivering in a corner, tears spilling out of her eyes. The man grabbed her neck and held her on the ground. With his free hand he held up the knife, ready to cut her neck. He swung at her neck but at the same time a different blade hit his arm. This caused him to loose his am, unluckily for Naru, his blade cut across her eyes.

A ninja tackled the man who dropped his bloody blade. Naru clutched her face. She heard more feet rushing into the ally. 'Naru, are you okay? Let me see your face.' The sound of the Hokage's worried voice reached her ears. He pulled her hands from her face and gasped. There was a large gash from one of her ears to the other. 'Someone take Naru to the hospital, I need to take care of this man.' His voice got cold. Naru felt someone pick her up and start running. Naru could feel warm blood running down her face and soaking her shirt.

'Don't worry kid, I'll go as fast as I can.' Said the person carrying her. It was a girl's voice. 'You're going to be okay.' Naru knew she was trying to assure her. She tried to open her eyes only to find that it caused a burning pain in her eyes. Naru didn't know how bad the cut was, but based on the amount of pain it was extremely bad. 'Almost there Naru. Hang on.'

Warmth engulfed her, they had reached the hospital. Naru was light headed from blood loss. The women didn't have to tell the nurses what had happened before they took her from the ninja and placed her on a bed. There was a prick on her arm and Naru passed out.

§ A few hours later §

Naru woke up and tried to open her eyes, only to find that she had a cloth wrapped around her eyes. Naru groaned as she sat up. Her muscles were sore from the beating the man had given her. "What did I do, why do they hate me? Why, why me? I've never stolen anything. And now, just because I was born I've suffered all my life and now I'm probably blind." Tears filled her closed eyes, wetting the cloth on her face.

A voice drifted in from the hall. 'We were able to stop to much damage, but she will be blinded for the rest of her life.' said a nurse's voice.

'Are you sure? Don't you have contact with Tsunada?' It was the women who had carried her here.

'I'm sorry Miss Anko, but even Lady Tsunada could not cure those eyes.'

'Well, then the leaf village really is no longer safe for her.' The newly named Anko said. Footsteps came down the hall and stopped at the door.

'How is she?' The Hokage asked. The nurse explained the same thing to the Hokage as she had explained to Anko. 'Your right Anko, Konoha is no longer safe for Naru. I'll arrange for her to go some place. Maybe the best place is Suna.' The door to her room opened. 'So you're up Naru, and I'm guessing you heard us talking.' Naru nodded. 'And you're sure that you're okay with it?' She nodded again. Tears filled her eyes again. She was glad that she would get to leave the glaring and violence of Konoha. Her only regret would be leaving behind the old man, who was like a grandfather to her. 'Well, as soon as you leave here Anko will take you to Suna.' The Hokage walked out of the room and was fallowed by Anko and the nurse. Naru waited for their footsteps to fade.

'DARN IT!' Naru yelled as she flopped back down onto her bed.

§ 2 Weeks Later §

Naru was finally lead out of the hospital. The Hokage had brought the few items she owned over the privies night. The plan was to leave while it was still dark out. Most villagers still didn't know what had happened to Naru, so they hoped that sneaking her out in secret would stop anyone who was determined to kill her, (There were a lot of them) from fallowing them. Anko was behind Naru guiding her through Konoha.

The two traveled for four days before they reached the border of the fire nation. Normally it would only take two or three days to get to Suna, but with a blind person who is only six you tend to travel a lot slower. The trip was going to take another three days.

'Anko-san, were are we?' Naru asked, it sounded weird to her. She was still not accustom to being blind and asking were they were. Normally she would know.

Anko grinned, she had grown closer to Naru in the four days they had been traveling. She hadn't told Naru yet, but the Hokage had told her to stay with Naru until she was old enough to live by herself of found a family that would take her in. 'We've reached the edge of the forest. There are sand dunes at the horizon. Don't worry we'll be in Suna soon enough.' Anko answered. She looked down at the girl. She still had the cloth over her eyes. She would probably leave it on for the rest of her life. Naru hadn't smiled at any time during the trip so far. She looked tired and emotionless. 'Naru, mind if I carry you? We can get there fast. Besides, you look tired.' Naru nodded and put out her hand. (She doesn't know were Anko is so what would you do?) Anko grabbed her hand and pulled the small girl onto her back. They managed to do about two days worth of traveling in one day.

It was late on the 5th day of traveling when Anko spotted the light. 'Naru, we're almost there, I can see the light on the distance. Come on Naru, we can run the last little bit.' Before Naru could answer Anko grabbed her hand and pulled her into a run. As shocked as Naru was, she couldn't help smiling a bit as she was pulled along. After a few minutes Naru could hear people talking and the sounds of people shopping. "Thank you Anko-san, for bringing me here. I can finally live a real life." (AAN: Pretty in-depth thoughts for a six year old, but I can't have a happy ending in the first chapter.)

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