'Demon talking'

"Demon thoughts"

§…§ Time skip.

Ninjutsu and hand seals

Chapter 9

It was dusk by the time Kakashi and Sasuke walked into Naru's hospital room, the girl was still asleep in her bed and Sakura was starting to dose of in the chair beside her. They both had the situation explained to them by the nurse that had tended to Naru and knew that even if they did talk she wouldn't wake. Even knowing that, they still felt like it would be somewhat rude to talk right now. Sasuke walked back to the door as Kakashi quietly woke up Sakura so they could talk outside the room. Sakura's head snapped up when Kakashi prodded her. Knowing what he was implying she stood up and followed them out the door.

"We heard the physical report from the nurse, but how do you think she's going to do mentally, Sakura?" Kakashi was the first to talk. Sasuke nodded as to say he had the same question. (Wow, Sasuke is being nice? IT'S THE APOCALYPSE!)

"I'm not sure, I could give you a more accurate answer after she wakes up. She seemed pretty shaken up, and who can blame her. Though after I talked with her for a bit she was calming down quite well." Sakura explained. She had always had a knack for medical analysis. In the academy she was told that she would be better suited for medical jutsus instead of offensive jutsus. The reason she was on a team was that the great sannin Lady Tsunada had come up with the idea to have at least one medic-nin on every team. "How did the missions go?" Sakura asked, trying to sway the subject to a hopefully happier mood.

"Alright, we didn't get are quota done for the day so we'll have to work harder tomorrow. The nurses said to give Naru a couple of days before sending her on any new missions. She needs her rest." Kakashi explained. He gave a weary smile, or what you could see of his face indicated that he had a weary smile.

Sasuke hadn't said much about the subject, he wasn't close to the blond, but it wasn't like he didn't care at all that this had happened to his teammate. "Should we send a letter to Anko, I heard she was the person who raised her." Sakura automatically got hearts in her eyes over the fact that Sasuke seemed so caring Kakashi smiled and nodded.

"You heard right, I'll do that ASAP." With that their sensei disappeared in a puff of smoke and leaves. That left the two genin alone in the hallway. Sakura blushed and looked down, Sasuke pouted and looked away. However, before they could leave an angry voice yelled down the hall, making them both jump.

"God damn stupid ninja's! You'd think they could find a better way to make an exit so they could stop leaving a mess everywhere they go!" A grumpy looking doctor came stalking down the hallway and had seen the mess of leaves on the floor. "You two! Was he your sensei?" He asked angrily. They both nodded quickly not trusting their voices to work. "Then I suggest you clean up after him! NOW!" Heads were now starting to pop out of their respective doors to see what was going on. Sakura and Sasuke dropped to the floor and quickly gathered up the leaves. "Good." With that the doctor left never to be seen like that again. No, he did not die; he just had a nervous breakdown and had to retire early.

Naru stirred in her bed, her eyelids felt to heave to life but the rest of her felt way better. She could feel some bandages wrapped around her arms, but there was no more pain. 'Okay, I'm alive. I can come up with that much. But the buzz of the lighting and the bed I know I'm in the hospital…' Naru's fuzzy mind tried to work out what was going on, the sedatives still hadn't worn off yet. Not that she knew she was on sedatives, all she knew was that she had been hurt somehow and was now in the hospital. 'What happened…' Almost all at once her memories flooded back, as they did she quickly and unwisely sat up in bed. "Okay, Ow that hurt." She said aloud as she flopped back down on her bed. 'Okay Naru, don't think about it. You can't be bothered by this, just don't think about it… Man I could go for some ramen right now.' A door opened and two people walked in.

"Oh, you're awake Naru!" It was Sakura. She ran over and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Hn." Was all that indicated that the second person was Sasuke.

"Ya, how long was I out for?" Naru sat up, much slower this time. There was a long pause before she got her answer.

"You were out for about a week." Sasuke answered after a while.

"A week!" Naru shouted. 'Oh crap, what happened with Gaara! His he okay?' her thoughts were running perfectly find now, only slightly manic. "Did any letters come for me while I was out?" Desperation clung to her voice. Sakura looked over at Sasuke both silently fighting with each other, which one of them would tell her.

"You got one letter, but it didn't have good news." Sasuke said without looking at Naru.

"Sorry we looked at your mail, but we didn't know when you were going to wake up. We needed to send an message to whoever it was telling them what had happened." Sakura put her hand on Naru's arm.

"It doesn't seem like good news for whoever this Gaara guy is." Sasuke said getting up from his spot against the wall. He placed a letter in Naru's hands. She didn't move more a minute; she didn't want to know what had happened. It was as if it was her fault that Gaara was in this predicament. Unfolding the letter, she used chakra to what the letter had to say. From the writing she could tell that the letter was from Temari. This did not bowed well, something had to of happened if Gaara had not written he letter himself.


Gaara returned to the village, but things aren't good. He's been put under house arrest and I haven't seen him in much since he got back. I'm starting to worry, he never did sleep, but now he's not eating, drinking water, or anything. I don't even know if he's been out of his room since he got back. Father's not happy, they have plans for Gaara, and if they go through with it he wont be human at the end of it.


If possible, Naur's heart dropped farther. She was beginning to wish that she had never left Suna. The Konoha village hated her and Gaara was miserable back in Suna. He wasn't even going to be the same if she didn't do anything, but what could she do?

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