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Hinata Hyuga, 19 and in love, walked into her house with a smile on her face. She'd been out all day with her secret boyfriend, Naruto Uzumaki, and just the thought of him made her smile. Her day became slightly worse as she passed her father's study.

"Hinata, come here." Called Hiashi from his study.

Hinata entered the study and stood before her father's desk, as proper etiquette dictated. He motioned for her to sit, and she did, fighting the urge to fidget and press her two index fingers together. Being the girlfriend of Konoha's No. 1 hyperactive ninja had indeed helped her with her nervous habits.

"Hai Otou-sama, is there a problem?"

Hiashi held a piece of paper in his hand. "You received a letter today." He said, indicating to the paper in his hand. "Tell me, do you have a mission tomorrow?" Hinata nodded. "What about?"

"My teammate and I have t-to go in disguise and collect information in a neighbouring village."

"And who is your partner?"

Hinata stiffened. "Uzumaki Naruto." She sighed in relief, she hadn't stuttered.

Hiashi leaned forward. "I do not like the fact that you will be going away with that Uzumaki brat."

Hinata bowed her head. "With all d-due respect Otou-sama, you've seen what he can do. He defeated Neji-nii-san at age 12, and was a key figure in the d-demise of the Akatsuki. Y-You must admit that he is a great ninja, and you should b-be proud that I have b-been selected to go on a mission with him." Just because her father didn't know she was dating Naruto, didn't mean she wouldn't stand up for him.

Hiashi sighed and passed her the letter. "My policy on mail will not change. All your mail will be checked for potential dangerous threats…both ninja related and family related."

"Family related?"

"Hai, an outsider trying to woo his way into our clan…steal our power."

Hinata bowed and exited the study. "He's not like that Otou-sama, he's going to be Hokage someday soon, why would he want our lesser power." She whispered to herself as she went to her room. "Besides," She smiled. "Naruto-kun said that once he becomes Hokage, which will be very, very soon, he'll marry me, because even you can't stop the Hokage's orders."

Flinging herself down onto her bed, she opened the letter. Curious as to why Naruto would write to her, what he'd have to say, that he couldn't tell her tomorrow when they left on their mission.

To Hinata,

One day till our mission, are you ready?

Hokage-sama wants to wish us luck,

Ignore her though, she'll be drunk.

Ninjutsu will be vital on this mission…

Although your skill with genjustsu will help.

Tomorrow, we'll meet at the gates,

And don't forget your mission details!

Incognito and reconnaissance…I'm

Looking forward to it, aren't you?

Of course, you're much better at it than me.

Very excited about working with you,

Everyone assures me you're great.

You need to go to bed early tonight,

Or tomorrow you'll be tired.

Uzumaki Naruto,

Hinata squinted at the letter, something didn't seem right. Since when did Naruto call Tsunade-sama 'Hokage-sama'? And he should know that ninjutsu wouldn't be vital on the mission…it was about stealth…what's going on? She re-read the letter two more times, before a grin plastered her face.

"Oh Naruto-kun, you silly, romantic boy! I love you too!"

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