This is Wandering Wonderer with a first ever ARIGATO chapter. The first chapter of 'Letter' was created in the 22/2/08…well, it was over here in Australia, on the site it says the 23rd, but I'm right :D. In under 24 hours, I received over 20 reviews. I was in shock and amazement at that, and eagerly, and under pleas for reviewees, I created a second chapter.

As I write this, the review count for Chapter 1: Easy, is at 42, with over 2000 hits to the chapter.

Again, under 24 hours later, I was in awe at the response to the second chapter. Some found it harder, some easier, but I'm pretty sure you all found it interesting. And as I write this, the review count for Chapter 2: Medium is at 30, and a page-hit count of over 1000.

I decided to do chapter 3 as soon as I posted chapter 2, because Chapter 1 was named 'Easy', and chapter 2 named 'Medium'…and it wouldn't be complete without 'Hard'. Again, the response was staggering, the most popular by far I assure you. Even though it has a little over 1000 page-views, the reviews received were the largest, at 63. Some saying that the puzzle was easier than the second one, and for that I deeply apologise for the letdown, some saying they couldn't get, which is fair enough…if I hadn't written it, I probably wouldn't have gotten it.

I was going to end there, and only do this chapter afterwards, thanking you all (HUGS) and giving you the answer to 'Hard' if you hadn't gotten it. However, the demand (polite asking) for another FINAL chapter was high, so I decided to indulge you…and my brain, as writing these stories and puzzles stimulated my brain. I tried my hardest to make up for the letdown of 'Hard's…easiness, and I'd say I succeeded! Chapter 4: Expert was released on the 25/2/08, and again, I was astonished. 35 reviews, 876 page-views! However, this does not include all the Private Messages I received asking for the answer…to which I either didn't reply, or said you'd have to wait for this chapter. I my A/N at the end of the last chapter I only said I'd reply IF YOU WERE RIGHT, or tell you you were wrong if your guess was incorrect so you would keep trying.

Thus, at this moment, a handful of people who reviewed/PMed me got the final answer, which proves that it wasn't impossible. I was chuffed at the dedication these people had put into the puzzle, as I' sure you all tried very hard too! Anyway, the moment you've been waiting for, I've had you in suspense long enough, is the answer to Chapter 4: Expert:

The letter carries no distinguishing marks…no unusual use of spelling mistakes, or numbers. I gave one clue: Ignore the to and from part of the letter for clues. This is because if you didn't you'd never get an answer by making it WAY to hard for yourself. First of, the '8.37'is a red herring…a device used to trick you away from the real answer…it was just Hinata being very specific, noting down an important time in history. The answer to the riddle lies in every of letter (except the to and from). MysticSea88 says it best in the review of chapter 4: CAPITALIZE! Using EVERY letter that is capitalised in the letter, write them down, you'll end up with this: AUNHKUIAIMTAZ. Remember, this chapter is 'Expert', I wasn't going to make it easy for you, so rearrange them! You'll get 'HINATA UZUMAKI!

So, at the time Hinata wrote the letter, she and Naruto had married, that's what Naruto had meant at the end of that scene when he said they'd have a public ceremony after the public initiation ceremony. If Hiashi had figured out the code, he would have realised that Hinata and Naruto had already married. Then, the next day, after Naruto had been publicly initiated, he and Hinata were publicly married.

So, that's the end of 'Letter'…and there will be no sequel, spin-off or second generation from this, so please don't ask! I have other stories, and other story ideas that need my attention. If you haven't already, and while you're waiting for new work by yours-truly, please check out my profile page, where I have several NaruHina stories, rated T-M.

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Arigato to all!

-Wandering Wonderer