Peach was humming about while farting, going about her day cleaning up her various outfits only for her to inevitably make a stink in them when she got the chance when suddenly she got a visit from the Wii Fit Trainer.

"Oh hey WFT, nice of you to drop by." Peach said in a giggling fit while wiggling her hips to make her poofy dress puff up more from her flatus.

"I'm sensing a good smell in here," The Wii Fart Trainer admitted while getting into a wind relieving pose and unleashing a big toot. "I take it that you're ready for our farting session together?"

"Oh you bet." Peach admitted while twirling around and snapping her fingers; her magic causing her sports shorts to hover to her for she then farted off her dress that revealed her brown stained pink underwear and was quickly covered up by the soon to be stained shorts, pumping up her arms. "This is gonna be friggin' sweet! Let's get fit!"

"That's the spirit!" Wii Farting Trainer happily exclaimed for she and Peach immediately dashed out while breaking wind.