The Life of a Greaser

A is for all the arguments Darry and Pony always have that hurt Soda.

B is for how bad Darry felt after hitting Pony.

C is for the cops that shoot Dally after he robs the grocery store.

D is for how Dally was dead before hit the ground.

E is for all the editorials in the paper about the boys being heroes.

F is for the fountain the Socs were drowning Pony in.

G is for the grim smile on Dally's face when he died.

H is for the hospital, the place that Johnny was admitted to and died in.

I is for how insensitive Dally always is…until Johnny died.

J is how the Socs always tried to jump the gang when they were alone.

K is for the kids that Johnny and Ponyboy risked their lives for.

L is Ponyboy believing his own lies that tell him Johnny is not dead.

M is the blue mustang, and how its riders mean trouble is for the gang.

N is the no respect Greasers get from the Socs and the outside world.

O is the opposite lifestyles of the Socs and the Greasers.

P is for the note to Ponyboy from Johnny found in Gone with the Wind.

Q is for the questions Pony asks himself about why he should be proud.

R is the two rules the gang has: to stick together and to not get caught.

S is for Cherry Valance turned spy for the gang.

T is for the strong bond the three Curtis brother's share.

U is for how well Pony and Johnny understood each other.

V is for how Ponyboy views the Socs differently at the end of the book.

W is Windrixville, the place where Johnny and Pony hid after the murder.

X is for how 'x-tra' scared Johnny is even six months after he was jumped.

Y is how young Ponyboy is, and how much he has already gone through.

Z is how zealous Darry is with his commitment to raising his brothers and making sure they stay out of trouble.