Final Meeting

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Many years later, when our Elphaba is known as the Wicked Witch of the West…

Elphaba looked through her tower window. Letting the breeze run through her dark hair. Her eyes were closed and she looked peaceful. But the lines drawn permanently by her mouth and eyes, showed how it really was. She was a woman on the wanted lists. All of them. But she didn't feel like one; she felt old and sad. Her brows twitched once, thinking about when she was younger, remembering her friends, all two of them. Glinda and Fiyero. Fiyero! The name still brought the lump in her throat.

Elphaba opened her eyes, letting her gaze run across the jagged hills. It was a terrible sight to behold, just like her. She yanked her long cloak and spun around when she heard a knocking at her door.

"They're here." Came the voice of one of the castle servants.

"Good." And Elphaba swept out of the room, not giving the landscape a second look.


Chistry stumbled up to his master and placed the squalling black dog in her arms. He said that the dog had been found with the girl.

Elphaba's eyes widened at the sight of the dog in her arms. It was Toto.

"Please, Give my dog back!" the prisoner, Dorothy called from bellow.

Elphaba ignored the girl, her attention only on Toto. "Chistry, leave me," She ordered. Chistry nodded and left.

"Toto, what happened to you?" She asked, not only the dog, but also herself. He looked relaxed, even though he was trapped, he looked happy. "Why are you with the thing that feeds scum?!" Elphaba screeched, suddenly boiling mad.

She couldn't believe it; she didn't WANT to believe it. The dog, the dog that had caused her so much misery was back, and he was happy. Why in hell's name why!? She placed him down, remembering everything that had happened after the dog's departure. She had left school, she had taken her best friend's fiancé, and he had died. Was this all to do with a stupid little dog? Maybe.

"How could you come back? How dare you come back!" She screeched again, whirling around, pacing. Toto just sat there, growling.

"I hate you! I hate you and you hate me! Why did you come back?! What? You can't answer? Of course not because you are now the dilapidated shell of a dog that now is definable as nothing better than a little piece of filth!"

Toto merely barked and turned tail, running off in the direction of the castle doors.

Elphaba let him go, he didn't deserve her attention. He didn't matter anymore; he didn't mean anything in her life anymore. But just like all the other things that didn't matter, she could feel the pain of losing a battle, the battle for the dog's worship. And now, some country farm girl had won. She had won, and that didn't matter either. Nothing mattered as long as everything was the way it was, without any trace of anything.

A few hours later, the bells rang through Oz, telling everyone that the Wicked Witch was dead. But it told Galinda something else. Something that she knew she would grieve over for many years. It told her that Elphie was dead, Elphie, her best friend.

Toto pranced with Dorothy, overjoyed that is master was free, but strangely; he did feel a tug of sadness in his doggy heart. The green horror was dead, and Toto convinced himself that was all that mattered.

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The End