I want to thank all of the people who have taken the time to read this story. When I started out with Fan Fiction, I hoped that the material produced would meet with approval. The bar was set pretty high by the work that I had read. I hope that I have met the challenge.

This chapter should be the last for this story. We have been granted a look at the world from Rufus' point of view. I could have left it where it was, but think that one more short visit is in order.

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The first sensation was sound. From somewhere came a steady beeping. Muted voices spoke in the background, hushed so that they would not intrude. Occasionally, footsteps would go by, or pause near where he was sleeping. Then there was the familiar sound of mumbling and snoring, somewhere beyond his head. Next came the warmth. He was lying on a firm bed, snuggled into warm blankets.

The material was bunched up around him.

The last thing Rufus remembered was falling asleep in Ron's arms back at the base camp in Aspen. Amy Rice had been reunited with her anxious parents, and he had done his best for Kim.


Little eyes snapped open. Rufus took in the sight of a hospital room. The beeping he had woken up to was the monitor at the head of the bed. It sounded the beating of a young woman's heart. The voices were the doctors and nurses, going about their tasks in the emergency ward. Every now and then, one would poke his or her head in the door, looking in on the patient. From the bed at her left hand, issued the familiar noises. Ron was slumped over in a chair that had been pulled up next to her. Even with eyes closed, he seemed to be looking at his friend, waiting for her to wake.

Anne Possible stepped into the room. She was dressed in scrubs, and had a tired look about her. When she looked at the two teens, a smile crept over her face. Gliding silently across the tiled floor, she went to the side of the bed and brushed the hair back from her sleeping daughter's face.

Rufus stood up and walked on all fours up to Kim's right hand. He pulled on the hem of Anne's shirt, to get her attention. When she looked down, he pointed to Kim and squeaked very softly. He reached down and held her little finger in his tiny hand. Every gesture showed the concern he felt for the girl.

"She'll be fine, Rufus. She doesn't have a concussion, just a doozy of a bump on the head." The mole rat breathed a sigh of relief. The knot he had seen had worried him the whole time he was waiting at the bottom of that ravine. Had she been awake, he would not have let her move or go to sleep. "I am a little worried about Ronald. He should be resting someplace and letting his arm heal. He refuses to leave until Kimmie is awake."

"How very like him.", Rufus thought to himself. The young man might not be ready to speak about his feelings with Kim, but it was plain to anyone with eyes to see it.

If Mrs. Doctor Possible was here in scrubs, and Kim weren't in any danger, they must have been brought back to Middleton. He had no memory of the trip. The adventures of the previous night had tired the little hero out completely. While he might have helped out on missions, it usually involved pushing destruct buttons or chewing through ropes. Last night was the first time he had ever been in charge of a situation. He had done his best, and it had been enough.

Anne stood with her daughter for a while, and then pulled a spare blanket from a cabinet. She draped it over Ron's shoulders, giving him a slight pat in the process. "You'd best sit over on this side of Kimmie, Rufus. Some of the staff might not like the site of a mole rat in a sterile environment." He looked at her with his mouth open for a second. "I know, but not everyone understands. Besides, that way you can keep an eye on both of them, or maybe curl up under the covers again and sleep some more. You looked exhausted when you came in with Ron." She helped him to climb over the sleeping figure on the bed, and gave him a little pat, just like the one she had given Ron.

As quietly as she had come, Anne Possible was gone.

Rufus did not go back to sleep, but kept another vigil, this time over both of the humans that made up his family. Once in a while, staff would come into the room, but none took any notice of him.

Almost an hour after her mother's visit, Kim slowly woke up. She reached up and gingerly touched the swollen lump on her head. She winced when her fingers made contact with the tender spot. She was taking in her surroundings and suddenly sat upright.

"Amy, what happened to Amy?" Rufus scrambled to her lap and chattered at her. He made an "okay" gesture with his tiny little fingers. She calmed almost instantly, trusting that her little friend would never lie to her about something so important. He then pushed her back on the bed, and hopped on the button that raised the head, so that she was sitting up. "Thanks, Rufus. We can always count on you."

"How little she knows.", he thought back.

Kim heard the sound of Ron snoring at her hand and looked down. A fond smile played over her lips, and she reached out and patted the blond head without thinking. It seemed that, in her subconscious, she was aware of something between them.

"He looks so tired. You didn't let him overdo it at the base camp, did you?" She continued to stroke his hair. "He should be home in bed, not wasting his time waiting on me to wake up." On that thought, she drifted back to sleep again.

Rufus watched his friends through the long morning. People came and went. Principle Barkin had taken time away from whichever class he had been substitute teaching to bring the day's workload for the teens. He paid no attention to the naked mole rat half hidden by Ron's arm. Ron's parents came, smuggling a little cheese to Rufus past the nurses. They debated taking their son home, and decided to leave him. He would just come back the moment he woke up anyway.

In the afternoon, both Kim and Ron woke up. Kim was discharged from the hospital, and Ron escorted her to her home. Rufus curled up in his pocket and reflected on the last week. It had certainly been busy, and he thought that things were progressing quite well with his humans. By spring, they should be ready to talk about their future together. With the occasional prod from the ever present rodent in the pocket.