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Unusual Love

Chapter 1

This is me

Raven's Pov

My name is Raven. I'm 10 years old and an only child. I'm so skinny that my parents think I'm anorexic. My dark, black hair contrasts against my pale skin and it drapes over my shoulders, down to my mid-back. It matches my personality perfectly. But neither my hair nor my figure's the reason people hate me.

I'm okay at home but when it comes to school, I'm shy and quiet. Kids always bully and tease me. But I never cry. I'm too strong for that and they know it. So they pick on me as much as they like and I never tell them otherwise.

The reason people hate me, is because of my eyes. My eyes aren't normal and I'm hated because of them. All the kids at my school have blue, green, or brown colored eyes.

Mine are purple.

That's not the weirdest thing, though. Instead of having 20/20 vision, I have 40/40 vision. I can see better than any kid my age and I can even see far into the distance too. Mom said I was born with them but I somehow don't believe her.

I don't mind having unusual eyes but it would be nice not to always get picked on or bullied. I sometimes wish there was someone like me, so I wouldn't be alone. Or so I could have a friend to talk to me and who cares about me. A person that's an outcast or unusual like me.

I never thought that my wish would come true.

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