It was a nice Monday morning with the birds chirping and the sunshining brightly. It would have felt that way to Alex if she wasn't about to throw-up again. She got up abd run to the bathroomsurly waking up the person that was sleeping next to her. Or better known as Wyatt. Wyatt got up and went to the bathroom knocking on the door. Wyatt then said"Ally are you ok in there?" But instead of answering Alex just continued throwing-up. Wyatt opened the door abd found Alex throwing -up again. He went over to her and helped her by trying to comfert her. Once she was better she wnet and rinced out. then she and Wyatt went back to bed. Alex fell back asleep in 5 minutes, but Wyatt staied up. He was a bit worried about Alex throwing-up and felling sick. Wyatt thought and thought and soon fell back to sleep too.