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Chapter 1

A Dream of Hope

"Where am I?" Jax asked himself as he stood on a floating platform.

He would be covered completely in darkness if it weren't for the light that came from the platform he stood on. On the platform was a picture of a spiky haired kid wielding what looked like a giant key.

"Who is that?" Jax thought.

Behind the kid were a duck and a goofy looking dog. Jax looked up into the darkness to see a path materialize, leading to a higher platform. On this platform was a picture of something similar to what the kid in the other picture was holding.

This one had one purple and one white vine leading up to the top where they extended out of the sides like pointy thorns. They wrapped around a long straight vine that ended with a pointier thorn than the other two. The chain on the bottom of the sword like key was connected to a heart shaped seed. The seed was half purple half white and it was thorny along the edges. The platform shined and the picture changed. Now Jax was in the picture wielding the weapon. before him a treasure chest appeared. Inside the chest was the keychain that was on the weapon and a note with a mouse head shaped seal on it.

Dear Jax,

This may seem like a dream at first but its not. Soon your world will be attacked by heartless as have many other worlds but I'm giving you a chance to save it. The keychain you're holding will give you the power to wield a keyblade. The keyblade has many powers that only few can wield. I've chosen you to master the keyblade because I believe you can be the hero your world needs to defeat the heartless. The kid in the other picture is Sora. He is also going to be a keyblade master. You and Sora both have a long journey ahead of you. Remember that you'll never be alone in the long journey ahead of you because you'll have your friends even if there not by your side they'll always be in your heart.

Good Luck,

King Mickey

Jax put the note away and held out the keychain.

"Me a hero? Yea right. And heartless, what kind off nonsense is that?"

In a burst of white and purple light the keyblade from the picture appeared in his hand. "What the-?!" A shadow crawled across the floor and jumped up. A small ant like creature stood feet away from Jax.

"Is that a heartless?" Jax thought to himself.

The keyblade floated up pointing at the heartless as it ran towards him. Jax didn't take a second to slice the heartless causing it to fly back and fade away. A heart floated up into the empty room until it vanished.

"That wasn't so hard." Three more heartless appeared."I always liked a challenge." He charged at them defeating each one with a sideways slash and releasing the hearts that were trapped inside them. A door faded into existence and a soft voice spoke before Jax opened it.

"Once you precede there's no turning back."

This didn't even catch Jax attention as he walked through the voice spoke again when he entered the room.

"One of the keyblades many abilities is to use magic. Use the spell FIRE on the heartless that are about to attack."

A group of heartless bunched together jumped out of the ground. . Jax pointed the keyblade at the heartless and shouted "Fire!" Fire blasted out of the keyblade and into the heartless. Once again the heartless and the trapped hearts were released.

"As you get stronger so will your magic and the keyblade. Of course your magic isn't unlimited but it will replenish over time. On your journey you will learn new magic as well as learn the ability to summon friends to your aid."

A new path materialized in front of him. On the next platform there was another chest sitting in the middle of the platform. Jax paid no attention to the picture on this platform. It depicted at least a hundred heartless crawling in the direction of the chest. The second he opened the chest he was blasted on his back as the heartless jumped out of the picture through the chest. They fell one on top of the other and merged together to form one giant heartless. It had long claws and red eyes. Everything else was similar to the smaller heartless. The huge purple heart was in the middle of its chest.

"How am I suppose to defeat that?"

The heartless lifted its leg over Jax in an attempt to squish him but Jax rolled out the way and jumped on its foot. He stabbed the keyblade into the heartless' foot and held on tight as it tried to shake him off. Jax used the keyblade to climb to the top of the heartless' head and stabbed it in the eyes causing it to roar in pain. It grabbed Jax with its huge hands and tossed him into the air. As it roared smaller heartlessjumped out its mouth towards Jax. As he fell through the air Jax sliced the heartless. Hearts floated up in the air as he landed on the platform. He noticed the giant heartless had shrunk.

"Not so tough after all." Jax blasted the heartless in the chest directly on the heartless symbol with a fire attack. More heartless fell out of the bigger heartless and once again Jax defeated them while dodging attacks from the bigger heartless. With every heartless he defeated Jax could feel the keyblade get stronger. The giant heartless was getting angry now because it was unable to defeat its enemy. It grabbed Jax and tossed him in the air again, this time preparing to blast a dark aura beam at him. The keyblade pointed at the heartless symbol as Jax fell through the air once more. He felt a strange power building up inside him. He grabbed the keyblade with both hands he released the energy. A white beam blasted out of the keyblade and into the heartless. The giant heartless roared one final time as it faded away releasing a shower of hearts.

"I guess there is hope for the world after all." The Seed Of Hope disappeared in a flash of light as Jax exited through one last door that had appeared.

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