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Chapter 11

Mistaken Identity

"Jax, why don't you take a rest and let me drive for awhile?" Jules offered.

It was day 4 of being lost in space and Jax was exhausted from piloting the gummi-ship for almost 10 hours now.

"You sure you know how to do it?" He yawned.

"I read the whole book on 'Gummi-ships for Dummies' and I've watched you do it for hours already. Go catch some zzz's." Jax quickly obliged and headed to the 'Captain's Quarters'. The 'Captain's Quarters' consisted of a hammock, a garbage bin filled with crumbled up papers, a chair, and a desk with a single paper on it. He sat in the chair and picked up the paper. It was a drawing of Jules' smiling face he had been working on during his free time. He pulled out an emerald green pencil from his desk drawer and colored in the eyes.

"Done." He grabbed a thumb tack from his drawer and picked up the drawing. "Hopefully she'll likes it." Making sure the other two weren't around he ran across the hall to Jules' room and tacked it on her door. After sneaking back into his room he fell asleep.

"Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!" Jax fell out of the hammock when the alarm system went off.

"Jax!" Jules cried out.

"Let go of my sister!"

Jax quickly got up and ran out the door. Summoning Seed of Hope he entered the cockpit to see a hooded figure holding Jules by the throat and James pinned to the ground by twin swords.

"Jax!" Jules gasped. Her face was turning red, showing her lack of air.

"LET HER GO!" Jax ordered the man, who had turned to face him.

"You reak the scent of Nicoli. Where is he?" The man's voice was calm.

"LET HER GO!"Jax shouted again.

The man threw her against the wall, causing her to cry out in pain. "Where is Nicoli?" He asked again, this time sounding more impatient.

"You bastard!" Jax charged forward and slashed at the man's head with an overhead strike. The man simply raised his arm up to block the attack. Jax's keyblade clashed with a group of rings bound to the man's arm. The hooded figure grabbed Jax's arm and twisted it, causing Jax to drop his keyblade. He spun Jax's arm around his back.

"James grab the wheel I have to help Jax." Jules grabbed her blades and charged at the man. Using his free hand, the man created a barrier to stop Jules from helping Jax. She bashed the barrier with her blades but her attacks bounced off.

"Now tell me where Nicoli is or I'll break your arm." The man sounded annoyed.

"Why don't you tell me?"

"Wrong answer." He twisted Jax's arm more, evoking yells from both Jax and Jules, who abandoned her attempts to break the barrier.

The man eased his grip and repeated his question again. "I don't know." Jax replied angrily.

"Wrong again." The man twisted his arm harder than before. "I know you're the kid working for Nicoli! His dark scent fills the air of this entire ship!" The man was angry now and he twisted Jax's arm with more force, causing Jax to fall to his knees.

"You've got the wrong person." Jules yelled as she banged against the barrier with her fists.

Jax could feel the bone in his arm was close to breaking. "THUNDER!" He yelled out in pain. The spell shot out his currently twisted arm and into the hooded figure, knocking the man back. Jax held his sprain arm and jumped forward to create some distance between them. He was defenseless now that his right arm was injured.

In an effort to stale he asked the man what he wanted. "TELL ME WHERE NICOLI!" He emphasized each word he said as the twin blades phased through the barrier towards him.

Jax created a fire ball in his left hand when the man grabbed his swords. "I told you like three times already, I don't know. We're looking for him too."

"I'm not so easily fooled." He removed his hood to reveal his tanned face. His dreadlocks rested on his shoulders. He appeared to be in his early 20's.

"Surely he has warned you about me. To think he would mock me by thinking a mere teenager could stop me from finding him. Even in my bound form you cannot hope to defeat me." The man laughed confidently as he slowly walked towards Jax. Normally Jax would've replied with a 'Hell yeah' or a ' You bet your sorry ass I can' but given the current predicament he was in he continued to stale, backing up in the process.

"Can't you see I have a keyblade? That means I don't work for the dark."

"Anyone can wield a keyblade as long as their heart is strong enough. Doesn't matter if they're good or bad. The world's learnt that the hard way. Now quit your yapping and tell me where Nicoli is."

'Here goes nothing' Jax shot the fire ball at the man's head. 'Dammit' The mad simply side stepped and the fire ball hit the barrier.

"The names Nazo. Be sure to remember it when you reach the after life." Nazo charged forward, wielding his blades in a reverse grip. Seconds before Nazo could slice his head off, Jax jumped to side.

"Cura." He casted the healing spell on his arm but he still couldn't lift it. Jax leaped back as Nazo took another slice at him, creating a gap between them.

"You're a fast one. Let's see if you can dodge my arrows." Nazo brought the hilts of his blades together and connected them to from a bow. A small orb of light formed in front of where the hilts were connected. Nazo pulled it back to form an arrow of light. Letting it go, it zoomed across the room into Jax's right shoulder.

'Igotta move faster or I'll become his target practice.' Nazo formed another arrow. This time Jax concentrated on following it. He could see it heading towards his left arm. This time he was able to partially dodge it, receiving a graze on his left arm from the arrow.

'I can spot the arrows but I'm still not fast enough to completely dodge it. What was that spell James talking about that makes you fas-' "MOTHER FFF-." He grabbed his right shoulder after another pierced him in the same spot.

"Jax focus or we're doomed!" Jules yelled through the barrier.

"Use the Haste spell I was telling you about!"

'Thank you James' Jax thought. "HASTE!" Summoning his keyblade into his left hand Jax was able to clumsily block an arrow aimed for his heart. Looking like he just had 50 cups of coffee, Jax zoomed across the room and striked Nazo across the chest. He quickly sliced up Nazo's chest and back down again. Jax went for another strike Nazo parried it causing the Seed of Hope to fly out of his hand. Nazo pulled his swords apart and slashed upwards with his right sword and sideways with his left. He punched Jax in the face, knocking him back. Jax laid on his back as blood oozed out of his various wounds. Nazo looked down at him and for a second Jax saw regret on his face.

"You three shouldn't have sided with that heartless bastard." He turned and walked through a dark portal. The barrier holding Jules back broke and she slid to his side. Jax could see tears forming in her eyes.

"Dont-" Jules placed a finger to his lips.

"Shhh. Don't waste your breath." She pulled some potions out of her pocket and poured it on the gashes across Jax's chest. Jax winced at the stinging sensation it caused but was relieved when he felt the wounds close up a bit. With Jules assistance, he stood up and they walked to his room. Jules helped him sit in the hammock before she began lifting his shirt.

"Whoa, what're you doing?" Jax's face was completely red.

"I'm gonna wrap a bandage around you're stomach. What'd you think I was gonna do?" Her face turned completely red when she realized what he was thinking. "You perv!" They both laughed. Jules pulled the rest of his shirt off.

"I forgot the bandages in my room. Be right back." She quickly got off the hammock and stepped out the room. Standing outside the door, rested the back of her head on it.

'Why does this keep happening? Its only been two weeks since we met and he nearly died twice to protect me and James." She sighed and proceeded to her room when she noticed something pinned to her door. She smiled when she saw the drawing of herself and the signature at the bottom. She sighed again but this time it was a happy sigh. She placed the drawing in her back pocket and gathered the bandages from the first aid kit in her room. She paused in front of Jax's door making sure she looked nice. She laughed softly to herself when she saw her cloths were covered in blood.

'We gotta get some new cloths.' She entered the room and proceeded in wrapping Jax's shoulder and chest in bandages. The entire time she was wrapping him up she wondered if the drawing was just a hobby or if he was trying to tell her he liked her.

"All done." She said in a sweeter than usual voice.

"Thanks Jules." She looked up at him.

"Your cheek is bleeding." She wiped the blood from his cheek with her dumb. Their eyes met and after a few seconds of staring into each others eyes the slowly moved in for a kiss. Their lips were centimeters from each other when James yelled out both their names. They quickly pulled away from each other and turned away, both faces beet red. Jules quickly stood up and headed for the door forgetting Jax couldn't fully stand on his own yet.

"Jules a little help please." She laughed nervously and quickly helped him up. They hurried to the cockpit where James was struggling to maintain the ships balance.

"James, what's going on?" Jules asked.

"Something exploded at the back of the ship. The scanner detected Nazo's presence at the back of the ship right before it exploded." The red alarms went off as the ship began to plummet through space.

"Hey look over there." Jax,who was holding on the back of the chair to maintain his balance, pointed to a world in the distance. "It's Traverse Town. Try to get the ship to land there." James nodded and pulled up on the yoke to steady the ship. As they rapidly descended into the world they passed over the first district, then the bell tower in the second district until the bottom of the ship hit the streets in the third district coming to a complete halt in front of Leon and the others hideout.

When the trio fell out of the broken Gummi door they were greeted by Leon, Cid, Aerith, and Yuffie, who all had different expressions, ranging from disappointment to a suppressed laughter, on their faces.

"Uh-heh. Nice to see you guys again." Jax waved nervously.

I introduced my second to last OC. He'll be back soon and everything will be explained about him. As for Jax and Jules' relationship... well I'm not giving anything away. :-P Remember Its still the beginning of the story.