Welcome, this is just something I've been wanting to start writing, it's based around a few city Poke-pets that just can't seem to belong and... Well, you'll get the idea soon.


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The Umbreon trotted along the inside of his cage, his red eyes flickering to and from any moving object. He held his head high in a 'I don't give a damn' kind of way.

He trotted along the small area of his cage while grumbling a foreign curse. "Eonbre!"

"Hey, shuddup ya mangy flea bag!" One of the pet catchers yelled. The Umbreon snorted and growled. He heard nothing after that and had been there long enough to realize when the lights went out that he was expected to sleep.

"Claire. Where are you? Here kitty." Came a soft voice and the Meowth pushed herself deeper into the little space between the bedboard and the wall, breathing as faint as she could.

She knew why her owner was looking for her, and wasn't proud of it either.

So what if she'd ripped the curtains. She wanted to escape this miserable place with her spoiled and prim owner.

Even now she was practically tearing off her left ear, for her balance was so screwed up by the stupid crystel earring, and to think that her owner thought it was "cute" more painful than falling into a box of flesh eating Rattatas it was.

"Claire," She then tried to make herself smaller, that time it sounded like the human was right before her, she continued to tear at the stupid dangly thing with her right paw, then, she freaked when her claws got stuck in the wire hoop. She began to yank furiously upon it, half terrified that she wouldn't get her paw back.

There was a tearing sound, followed by what felt like thick and murky water running down her left side.

She felt a wave of pain as the earring was batted away, thank God.

"Hey, where did her earring come from, is that blood? Oh my."

Claire let out a whimper, her head now hurt.

"Claire! What happened to my poor widle kittywitty?" exclaimed a voice as she felt herself picked up by the scruff of the neck, only to come face to face with a blue-eyed blonde.

"Poor thing, you really got your ear mauled up again, didn't you?"

Oh, yeah, this was the second time such a thing had happened and the Meowth wanted to claw her own ears off and had managed to maul herself.

"I guess it' time for another we should get gold earrings and purple stripes this time."

Claire's eyes widened, not more tortore! The inky stripes hurt her skin.

But before she could respond she was hauled into the pet carrier, left to shake with fear of what was yet to come.

The lights came on in the middle of the night, but no pet catchers were to be seen, just four black pelts(theives in all black), The Umbreon's fur bristled. The black pelts ambled about, grasping cages and grabbing pets by the dozen.

"Hey, lookie here." A gruff toned one murmered. "An Umbreon, those are so rare. Let's grab this one too. Hey he's got a funny name, Bosco, what's up with that?"

The gruff one muttered, referring to the paper taped at the cage's corner with his name written upon it in green squiggly lines.

"Just be quiet, get him or leave him. Nevermind. Shuddup and grab him!"

The gruff voiced black pelt just shrugged, "You handle that one Nat."

A slender black pelt approached next, she took out a pocket knife, The Umbreon flinched, but all the black pelt did was jimmy the lock and open the door of Bosco's cage.

"Hey there, Bosco, you wanna be friends?" The female asked, her green eyes hopeful.

"Natasha! Don't let it out, it could flee." "Don't worry Ted, I won't let it. Besides, I want to see if it's friendly."

But The Umbreon didn't move, it sniffed hesitantly at the girl's gloves, winkling up its nose as it bit onto the middle finger of the glove, with a quick jerk it had removed the glove, the girl watched, curious as to what the Umbreon was doing. Bosco sniffed the girl's bare hand, she smelled pure of heart, but sad of soul. He nuzzled her hand.


"You wanna come along with us?" She asked.

The Umbreon paused, the others seemed unkind and rude, but this one was nice, he nodded his head like he understood. He hoped if he humored the girl for at least a little while he could be free.


"Okay I'm Natasha, I know that you're called Bosco. So we're even. Welcome to the gang." She said, then she patted him atop his head. The Umbreon made a faint whisper of a growl when she first did so, but quickly bit off the hostile sound, he instead began to wag its tail in mock happiness.

"Ted, he's with us now."

The black pelt adressed as 'Ted' narrowed his eyes, "If you're certain it won't flee. Fine with me."

The Pokemon whose cages had been over looked immeadiatly perked up.

Bosco turned to Natasha with narrowed eyes.


Nat stared before nodding her head.

"The people here are coming back, it's time for their night shifts."


"Bosco said so."

"But you can't trust him, he's a-"

A jangle of keys sounded out.

"Let's beat feet!" They cried, running out of the building, Bosco trailing along at Natasha's heels as she ran, hopping into the back of the shipping van. The darkness inside the van causing his rings to glow, his tags glimmering faintly from reflected light.


"Sh, Bosco, be still."

"Hey Natasha, how're you feeling back there?"

"Fine Ted, you?"

"I banged my knecap pretty badly, but I'll be okay."

"Umm. Bre!"

"What is it Bosco?"

All of a sudden the van hit a bump. The back doors then flew open. "Shit!" Ted yelled. Bosco felt the van hit another bump, his hind legs gave out from beneath him and he slid towards the open doors. He clawed at the van's floor, but the steel gave no purchase and soon he was halfway out of the van. At the last moment he caught sight of Natasha, her eyes wide as she herself struggled to remain inside the van.

"Bosco!" he heard her shriek, right after he'd begun to tumble.

He slammed into many things, trees, bushes, the ground, several sharp rocks.

He righted himself with a hoarse intake of air. He perked his ears, no sign of the van stopping, guess one measly Umbreon wasn't worth it to the driver.

He snorted, lifting a tender paw towards his nose so he could nibble out a few painful splinters that had lodged in his paw. He spat out the detestable wooden splices and then pawed at his collar, the tag with his name jingling against his other metal tag that said of his age and gender.

He began to trot back, towards the town, his ears pulled back as he marched...

A lonely Umbreon, with a glint of determination in his red eyes. A soft glow emanating from his golden rings as he crossed the unfamiliar terrain in the dark midnight air.