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Some people never stop wandering, they just can't settle down. Deep down inside they hear a voice that says to keep walking and never look back. There are some who find their true place, but most never stop traveling, they just can't stop. Those are the ones who don't have anywhere to go, they have no home.

For all the ones looking for that gold at the end of the never ending rainbow, I wish you all the best of luck. And for the ones who have found their gold, hold onto it.

(By gold I speak not of physical objects or diamonds and gems, but that one true love. Love is worth so much more.)

Sunlight shined through a window, the light caused Claire to stir in annoyance, she tried to wipe at her eyes with a paw, but her left paw felt stiff, and her right was too sore to move. She silently murmured a light curse, holding her eyes tightly shut in a vain attempt to ignore the hot

"She's moving."

One of her ears twitched faintly. Proving that Claire was indeed waking up. The Meowth was hesitant, but she soon opened her eyes to see where she was. It was a room, a purple clad room, every shade and hue of purple that was possible was in this room.

"Nyao? (Where?)"

"Hey there. You're alright girl. You are going to be fine, there was just a small accident, but you survived."

Claire leaned forward, eyes trying to focus on the speaker. A woman, still young, yet her eyes shined with maturity.

"Me, owth. owth. (Wait, what about Dandy? Dandy!)"

"I'm sorry, I don't speak Pokemon... Wait, I know!" she said and whistled, a Spoink bounced in.

"Yes?" It asked.

"Could you please translate what this precious Meowth is saying for me, Twilight?" She asked, looking down at the Pearl Pig Pokemon.

"Sure thing, Amanda!"

"Meowth Nyaora? (How come she understands you?)" Claire asked.

"She understands me because I'm using telepathy," the Spoink said as she hopped forward and reached out to shake the Meowth's paw, "it's a special ability that Psychic types can use. What's your name?"

"Meowowth. (Claire.)"

The Spoink turned and smiled. "Her name is Claire." Turning back she suddenly blushed in embarrassment. "Oh, where are my manners? I'm Twilight."

"Meowth! Owth owth meow?(Oh! I almost forgot, where's Dandy?)" Claire yowled and shot upright, yowling loudly in pain as she did so. Twilight pushed her back down.

"The Eevee, right?"

Claire nodded.

"She was fine, you protected her, she had a few scratches but nothing more. Amanda's little sister took her in. Oh yeah, Can the others come in now, Amanda?"

The girl, Amanda nodded and left the room, moments later Tripod darted in, leaping upon the bed where she was laying. His eyes were filled with concern and fear.

Bosco trotted in moments later, Amanda returned moments later.

"Elec, Lec trilec tri trike-electrike trike! Trike trike Trielect Lec-lect trike. (Oh Claire, I was so worried, when we all heard that sickening crunch and then when the truck passed by and we noticed you were'nt moving! I-I thought you were...)"

"Umbre breon, eon breon Umbre. Umbreeeeon Um um eonbreon. (He freaked, all he would do is nudge your body and then whine. He started howling over you as though you were dead. His cries attracted this girl's attention and we were shocked to find out that you were still alive, just unconscious.)"

The Umbreon suddenly took notice of the Spoink and he grinned as he smelled the girl's scent on the Pokemon. "Eon. Eebre bree. (Owned. You're so Lucky.)"

Amanda muttered something about going to get some food and water and working on calling a friend, she then left the room.

"Bosco, where's Dandy?" Claire asked, her eyes soft with concern.

"Don't worry, she's fine, after the accident she got examined, but right after you were taken into this place we weren't allowed inside." Bosco growled softly and shook his head. "It doesn't make sense, why are we allowed in here now, but earlier we were denied access?"

"Amanda doesn't like friends or companions to inter fer with her work. You see whenever someone close to a patient hears them cry out in pain they try to stop her, but if she didn't continue they would be far more ill than if she went ahead and kept going."

Tripod brushed his muzzle against Claire's. "I wish I could have stopped you from going after Dandy, you look so hurt lying here all bandaged up." There was tears in his eyes.

Claire frowned, "How bad am I?"

"You mean you don't know?" The Electrike asked, his gaze turning to Twilight, "You didn't mention the damage?"

Twilight flinched. "Uh, erm... It's nothing severe. You'll just limp a little when you walk. And..."

Claire tried to sit up, "And wha-omph!" she felt pain shoot up and down her spine, forcing her to fall back onto the cushy sheets of the bed.

"Claire!" They shouted out.

"Stop trying to stand up, you're going to hurt yourself even more than you already are." Bosco said and leaped onto the end of the bed. He pulled his gaze away from her mid-riff, looking at her eyes instead.

"I swear you stubborn female that I will hold you down if you keep sitting up when you are not ready to!" Tripod said with determination.

"I promise not to if you guys stop beating around the bush."

"Well... When you were hit your right side took a lot of damage, and your right hind leg was broken, so badly that you will always limp..."

"I got that part, but there's still something you're not telling me. Cough it up."

Twilight took a deep breath. "Your tail, I'm afraid half of your tail was Torn off completely."

"Oh..." She said, ears pulling back. "Is that all?"

They nodded.

"Would you and Bosco leave? I need to talk to Tripod privately for a moment."

Twilight paused, but Bosco nodded and the Spoink decided she would give them a few moments alone.

The door was opened by Twilight's Psychic powers and they stepped out.


As soon as the door shut Claire teared up. "T-tripod!" She yowled loudly in misery. "M-my t-tail..."

"Ssh, it will be alright. You're alive, that's what matters most. I love you, and that hasn't changed a bit."

Claire sniffed, "Really? But I'm damaged, look at me. She said I'll limp and then there is my...tail, what's left of it."

Tripod snorted and laughed a loud laugh that made Claire think he'd lost it.

"What's so funny?"

"You, I'm the one who's damaged. But now we both are more alike than ever. We're missing a few parts, but we still have a heart and soul like everyone else."

"But I've lost my beautiful tail!" The Meowth bellowed sadly.

Tripod nuzzled her and kissed her softly. "That's not entirely true, you still have a beautiful tale, and we will tell it to our children and anyone who will listen."


And after a few weeks, Claire was well enough to walk, and though she limped when she walked, nobody thought any less of her. Amanda had fallen in love with the Meowth and Electrike and offered them a place to stay, to which they accepted.

Bosco waited awhile. and then left, claiming that he was a wanderer and would not return unless he had a good reason.

When he left, everyone seemed sad, but they spread the word. Telling all who would hear them out about the brave Umbreon's deeds. Some say he continued to rescue other Pokemon and find them a home.

It was almost five months after he'd left that Bosco returned, though he was thinner and leaner.

As he headed past the pond where two Azumarill were swimming, both giggled and waved at him, the Umbreon smiled back at the two before continuing onward.

He saw Evergreen and Flora, the two Grass Pokemon were playing tag with all of the others in their owner's garden. They both saw him and stopped to talk for a bit before saying goodbye and smiling happily.

When Bosco finally ended up on the doorstep of that old familiar house he stopped and pulled his ears back. Should he even bother? Would they remember him at all? He sighed, his ears drooped. Perhaps he'd best leave.

He heard laughter and curiosity got to him, so he stepped closer to push his ear against the door and listen. When listening wasn't enough he went to a window and saw Claire and Tripod, both were surrounded by about seven smaller versions of the two, only slightly different, more like a pawful of Claire and Tripod in one body.

He sighed happily and stepped back a step. "It seems they've both moved on."

A door opened and shut.

"But I never did." A meek voice said.

Turning, the Umbreon saw a Spoink, her eyes wide with disbelief.

"Twilight, I've missed you."

"I know, I never thought you'd really return. Why have you come back, Bosco?"

He grinned a sly grin. "Remember what I told you right before I left? I said it to you and you alone, 'I'll travel this land until I find the one I truly love.' well, guess what. I found her."


"You, ever since I first saw you I knew that you were the one, but I had to be sure. So I traveled for awhile, freeing others from pounds across this land and leading them to freedom. But now I've returned, and if you'll accept me then I'll stay."

"Why now, what has changed?"

"Time has changed, and with it so did I."

Twilight looked past him. "They have been telling anyone who will listen about you. Their children wish to meet you."

Bosco shook his head, "I'm no legend."

The door opened and Amanda walked out. "Twilight? Where are you? Oh!' the human declared, having spotted Bosco. "Is that... No, it can't be. Bosco?"

Bosco nodded his head and grinned.

"Bosco, you're back? Oh, are you here to stay?" she asked, her eyes wide with hope.

And with another nod of his head the Umbreon smiled wider.

Amanda nodded, she smiled just as wide, if not wider right before speaking the words that Bosco had yearned to hear throughout his life.

"Welcome home, Bosco."


"And that's the whole story." Bosco said proudly. "Now it is past your bedtime."

"Aww." The small kit whined.

"Go on, no complaints now. And Scooter."


"Say goodnight to your Aunt Claire and good old Uncle Tripod. And let's not forget your mother."

"Okay dad. I Love you." the small kit said, his grey ears perking up.

"I love you too, my son." The Umbreon replied, his eyes watching the small grey-furred, curly tailed Eevee as he went along.

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