Author: BreathlessFaith

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It's been three months since Bosco sent me off to find me. Who is Faith? I actually thought it was kind of silly at first. I was sure I knew who I was. Bosco was right though. As I laid in my swan bed that first night, I realized that when I answered that question, it was all about other people. I was Emily and Charlie's mother, Fred's ex-wife, a cop, Bosco's partner, a daughter and finally a friend. While all those things are a big part of who I am, it didn't really answer Bosco's question.

Who is Faith?

The first thing I found out was that I loved to decorate. Maybe it was because of the penthouse (yes Sully is right, this is a penthouse). The apartment where I grew up in and then lived with Fred and the kids. I think some where in the back of my mind, something kept me from feeling as though it was truly mine. I have no such problem with the penthouse. While the kids decorated their own rooms and Bosco did help me pick out the furniture, I did everything else.

I spent hours going through old photos and having rolls of film that sat around, finally developed. All went into albums and alot of the best ones I had blown up and framed. The hallway that leads to the bedrooms, is now adorned with framed photos of Emily and Charlie from babies to now. While probably most divorced women wouldn't dream of putting up a photo of their ex, I'm not like other women. Fred is their father. There was a time when the four of us were happy. I think it's important that Emily and Charlie remember that, to know it's okay to love both of us and it's okay to miss what they lost. While I thought I would stop there, I remembered that I grew up in a family, whether I liked to admit it or not. I could finally acknowledge that Stanley and I really did have a few memories worth holding on to. Hence the few photos of Stanley and I with our parents.

Heres another surprising fact I learned when I moved out of the home I'd lived in my entire life.

The amount of crap I've accumulated!

Most of it I realized, was just that crap. But other things...well those are the things that touched my heart.

I started filling up the shelves in the library with books. Books that not only I've read, but the children's books Emily and Charlie had. I filled up one whole section with not only their books, but other keepsakes. The stuffed dog named Rufus that for the first four years of Charlie's life he went no where without. Emily's first Barbie whose hair Emily decided needed to be cut. I must say she did a heck of a job on that poor Barbie. Then there is the little china tea set, I got her when she was five. Sadly I can count on one hand the number of times I sat down with her and her dolls to have tea. I do remember though, the evening Bosco and I stopped by for dinner. Fred asked me to help dish things up and Bosco headed down the hall to the kids room. I clearly remember pushing open the door and getting ready to tell them to come eat. There was Bosco, sitting on the floor next to Emily's little fold up table. Big tough police officer Maurice Boscorelli, sitting there legs crossed in between two stuffed bears. Instead of his police hat on his head, some how Emily had gotten him to wear the big pink sunhat, she usually reserves for me. He was listening intenly as she instructed him in how to hold the teacup so his pinky is sticking out, just the right way.

Back then I thought..."When did my partner become some such a big softie?" Now though for just a moment I wonder is that when I fell in love with him?