A/N I've not memorized the movie so pardon me if I get something wrong. I'm trying and I love this movie. So I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1: Hold the Door

'Only a little bit farther,' Briana Richards thought as she power walked towards the elevator.

High heels weren't made to just stand around in. Briana had found this out the hard way earlier that day and now she was paying the price. Her feet were killing her! It didn't help that Victor had bombarded her with all sorts of papers concerning the space station and various other things that involved Van Doom Corp. Now, with all the papers doing a balancing act on her arms Briana had to make sure they didn't fall and scatter everywhere. Briana watched as the elevator doors started to close and in desperate measures yelled, "Hold the door!" The door stopped and Briana ran the short distance between where she stood and the elevator, nearly dropping all of her papers.

Just as she stepped into the elevator her papers decided that they no longer wanted to be in her arms and fell to the floor. Sighing, Briana bent down to pick them up and in the process she kicked off her shoes. As she was picking up her papers she heard a male voice that sounded remarkably like her brother's. "Briana?"

"Hmm?" she sighed looking up from the scattered mess that was her papers. "Oh Reed! What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing," he replied, looking surprised.

"I work here," she answered, making it sound like she was talking to a little kid. Finally getting her papers all rearranged, Briana stood up noticing the other occupants of the elevator. "Hi Sue," she smiled before turning to the last person, "good to see you Benny."

"It's good to see you too kid," Ben smiled, leaning in to give her a hug.

She wrapped one arm around the older man's neck before pulling back again. Pushing a strand of hair behind her ear, Briana repeated her question from earlier. "So why are you two here of all places?"

"Ben and I came to see if we could go up to Victor's space station and conduct important experiments," Reed answered, watching his sister put her heels back on. He was amazed to see her.

"Then we'll be seeing a lot more of each other, because Victor wants me to go up and make sure things are running smoothly and such," Briana told them stepping out of the elevator and waving awkwardly goodbye.

The doors closed once more and the three other occupants stood in silence thinking about the girl who had just left their company. She really seemed to just jump in and out of their lives at her own leisure.

"Ben will have to be the copilot or just another passenger," Sue told the men. "We all ready have a pilot on our payroll. You remember my brother," she explained, smiling to herself as she stepped out of the elevator.

Ben stared at the retreating form of Sue in astonishment, afraid to believe what she said. She had to be kidding him. He couldn't stand her brother and she knew it. 'I can't do this if he is going to pilot this mission,' Ben thought stepping through the front doors with Reed.

While Ben had been caught up in his thoughts, Reed was being Reed and not paying attention to what Sue had said, but rather he was paying attention to his own thoughts. In his thoughts Reed was going over who had been in the elevator with them. He hadn't seen his sister in four years and to see her working for Victor von Doom was just a low blow.

As Ben and Reed walked out of the rather impressive building Reed launched into a rather long monologue about his sister. "Did you see her Ben?!" he exclaimed feeling excited.

"Yeah, I saw her," Ben replied, chuckling at his friend's antics.

"No I mean really see her? She looked just like our mother! And her hair! Did you see it? It was so long and curly! And . . ."

Ben smiled as he tuned Reed out. Loved Reed like a brother but he did tend to talk a lot over something that really got his attention. He also knew that Reed and Briana hadn't seen each other in years but Reed was going on like this was the first time he had seen her. Ben had to admit though that Reed rarely got to see his sister, what with the fact that he got VERY engrossed in his work to the point of exhaustion and the also because whenever he did decided to see her he could never find her. There was also the matter of their parents keeping the two siblings apart. He highly doubted that Briana had forgiven them for the separation they had forced onto the siblings.

Briana was a good influence on Reed, if only because she made him spontaneous, which was a good thing for Reed. He was too involved in his work to have any friends beside him and when Briana was around Reed just sorta let loose. Come to think of it, Briana was good influence on just about anybody and everybody who met her. If it hadn't been for Briana he probably wouldn't have been able to propose to Debbie, and now he was extremely happy with his life. "Ben?"

"What?" Ben asked surprised.

"I asked if you were ready to leave," Reed replied, curious as to why he had to ask his friend twice.

"Oh, yeah sorry. I was thinking."

Reed nodded before letting Ben get into the cab before him. As he was just about to get in he had the distinct feeling that he was being watched but when he looked he found no one there. Shaking his head, blaming his feeling on exhaustion, before getting in to the cab. As soon as the door closed the cab headed for the Baxter Building. Little did he know, that he was in fact being watched by the one person he had just been talking about.

Briana stood gazing out the window at the brother she barely knew, barely saw. The brother she knew but never understood because she never saw him. She loved Reed dearly, but she had a problem trusting him. He never seemed to mind, but his eyes told her differently. She didn't like the fact that she didn't trust him but it wasn't her fault. All the blame was to be laid at her parents' feet. If it wasn't for them she would know her brother, she would trust him. It was their fault that her life had been miserably. If it wasn't for them, her life would have been different.

"Am I paying you to stare out the window Briana?" Victor asked, startling Briana.

"OH! No Victor. I'm sorry, I was thinking about the trip to the space station," Briana explained lying through her teeth.

"Is there going to be a problem?"

"No, no problem at all Victor. I can handle it."

"Good , I don't need my 'go to girl' backing out on me at the last minute. Especially when I need her the most."

Briana plastered a fake smile on her face before practically running away from Victor von Doom. As she walked away Briana heard Victor mutter out loud knowing she would hear him, "I can't believe I dated her."

Briana rolled her eyes before going in search of Susan. She couldn't believe she had dated that sleaze ball either. Then again, the only reason she had dated him was to make someone else jealous and that hadn't worked, so there really hadn't been any point in going out with him in the first place. Briana stopped the direction her thoughts were leading because pain would be her only friend.

Minutes later Briana found Sue on the phone talking with someone. At first Briana had thought that it was someone important, such as an investor who wanted shares in the world of Victor von Doom, but her opinions quickly changed when Sue started yelling at whoever was on the phone. "You're so stupid Johnny! You think life is just one big game! Well guess what, it's not! I don't care if you don't want to be around Reed but you have to get over it! Got it?! Good!" Sue yelled, hanging up the phone.

"Wow! Someone's got some pent up anger," Briana laughed, causing Sue to turn an impress shade of red.

"I was . . . what I mean is . . ." Sue stuttered, making Briana think of a kid who had gotten their hand caught in the cookie jar.

"It's all right Sue. I know that Johnny can be aggravating."

Sue looked confused before asking, "You know Johnny?"

"Yeah, I went to college with him. In fact, for the longest time he was my best friend," Briana told Sue, remembering a particular instant in college.

" 'For the longest time'? What happened?"

"We sorta had a falling out. I mean, we're still friends just not as close as we once were."

"Oh," whispered Sue, wondering what could have possibly caused the friendship to disintegrate.

Briana, not wanting to talk about Johnny anymore, moved the conversation onto a safer topic. "So when are we leaving?" Briana asked referring to the trip.

"At the end of the week, I do believe. I have to check with Victor first," Sue replied, heading to the door. She was stopped though, when Briana grabbed her hand.

"Sue, promise me that you'll be careful with Victor. I only trust him as far as I can throw him and I can't throw him very far. I don't want you to get hurt. Not like I did," Briana said looking concerned.

"I'll be fine. I'm a big girl, Bri. I can take care of myself. You don't have to worry about me," responded Sue, smiling and walking away.

"That's what I thought too," Briana whispered sadly, looking at the closed door.

Briana sighed, lowering herself into one of the desk chairs. Closed her eyes, feeling the tears slip down her face and onto her blouse. She still regretted the decision she'd made years ago. "Stop it Briana," she told herself. "What's done is done." Wiping the tears off her face, Briana picked up the phone Sue had previously been using, and dialed one of her friends. "Hey Alicia! Yeah I'm fine. I just had a down moment, that's all. I'll be fine but I was wondering if you'd like to keep me company for a while. Yeah, I know. You would? Great! Yeah! Around five most likely, maybe later if I get caught by Victor. I have a meeting I need to go to, but I should be done with everything around five, so yeah. I'll see you then. Bye!"

Briana set the phone back onto its base before standing and walking out of the room.