Voyage of Destiny, Book 2

Borgian Complications

By: GypsyDruid & IceFlame55


See Book 1, New Life, Old Life

Summary: The Voyage begins in earnest, with Kathryn and the Exiles working on completing their bonds. Along the way, they discover just how complicated things can get when the Borg are involved, in both Love and War.

Chapter One

Buffy to Captain Janeway, do you have a moment?

Captain Kathryn Janeway smiled as she tapped her communicator. Alone at the moment, she decided to drop the formalities, which her mates, Buffy, Willow and especially Faith, had thankfully been adhering to when she was on duty. "Hello, my love, what did you need."

I was wondering if you would come down to the holodeck on deck 17. It's time we got you officially introduced to everyone, and there are some matters that we need to discuss.

"That's fine. I'll be down in a few minutes. Janeway out."

Kathryn set aside the reports that she was looking over. It have been three months since they encountered the green nebula outside of Borg space, and added the S'Terrans to their little family of wanderers. Three months since her consciousness as the future Admiral had been sent back in time to become Captain of her beloved crew and ship once more after helping Buffy & her friends in another dimension, where they had been known as Slayers, to defeat the single most dangerous entity in all of creation in any dimension. Since that time, her ship had been completely repaired, fully powered and drastically altered to protect them more 'efficiently' as her Borg would say, which had resulted in Voyager's 'awakening'. Now, besides the lives of the people that she had stranded out here in the Delta Quadrant five years ago, she also had an honest-to-goodness 'living ship' to worry about as well. Her crew had been completely healed of any illness, dormant, hereditary or otherwise. Further testing had also revealed that their genetic code had been significantly strengthened, making them less likely to succumb to illness or drugs.

A smile curled her lips. She had also become mated to the the leaders of the S'Terrans. Buffy, regarded as the Prime, because she was the strongest. Her experiences, both good and bad, had caused her to evolve beyond what she normally would have, surpassing even Faith, the next in line and the last of the naturally 'chosen' Slayers. After Buffy and Faith came Willow, not a Slayer herself, but she had been the strongest witch in their world. Being mated to Buffy didn't surprise her as much as she thought it should considering the intensity of their previous relationship, but they had ended up with Faith and Willow when they tried to help rein in Buffy's erratic instincts to claim her before she was ready. Even now, Kathryn could feel the need burning in a low simmer just beneath her skin, ready to flare up at any, usually inconvenient, moment. Setting her workstation to stand-by, she exited her ready room and headed for the turbolift, nodding to Chakotay that he still had the bridge.

"Deck 17." She said when the turbolift doors slid shut. She sighed, thinking about her First Officer. He had become increasingly testy after her relationship to the S'Terrans had been revealed. He had also development an irritating habit of showing up when and where he wasn't wanted. He had foolishly attempted to assert his authority over Buffy, and she had informed him in no uncertain terms that she didn't take orders from him, and if he wanted something, he'd better learn to ask nicely. When he attempted it on Faith, she'd been about two seconds from putting him through a wall before Kathryn had shown up, alerted by the anger building in the younger woman's mind. She had told Chakotay, and the rest of the senior staff, repeatedly, that she would handle the S'Terrans, but he seemed determined to press his luck, and his excuses were quickly wearing thin.

When she stepped onto Deck 17, the first thing that she noticed was that the doors of all the crew quarters were open. Glancing in as she passed, she noticed that several of them no longer looked like crew quarters. She suspected that there were holoemitters, but couldn't imagine where were they getting the power, since there was no registered power drain. She made her way down the corridor to the holodeck, and the doors slid aside to reveal, to her surprise, an ancient styled training camp. There was a sparring circle and a stand for various types of weapons, as well as a blacksmith's hut off to the side. Tuvok and Ro Laren were standing off to the side, watching the girls spar. The smile that lit Buffy's face when she entered warmed Kathryn's heart as she made her way over to the Prime. A sharp whistle from someone ended the sparring match and everyone gathered around.

"All right, everybody, quiet down." Buffy said, settling the group. "I know its been a crazy few months, but we've all gotten settled in, and it's time to introduce you nuts to my mate." She paused, glancing over at Willow and Faith. "Our mate."

Kissing Kathryn quickly, she spoke once again. "Since she likes to know who's on her ship, I thought that now would be a good time to make introductions. A few of you remember her from Sunnydale, and the fight against The First." There were several nods. "The rest were probably told stories about her, and some of the fighting techniques that you learned at The Academy, we learned from her. Boys and girls... and Faith," she sidestepped the punch thrown at her. "this is Kathryn Janeway, Captain of this Vessel and my N'mina."

Kathryn's brow rose at the almost awed looks she was getting, and wonder exactly what kinds of stories they'd been told.

"Line up, people, and come forward one at a time." Buffy ordered. As each person came forth, Buffy told Kathryn their name, age and the stage of training that they had completed. When Kathryn had first approached them with the idea of using them as foot soldiers, they had thought that it was perfect. Buffy and Faith had immediately met with Tuvok and Laren to discuss possibilities and ideas. The former Slayers had no knowledge of modern weapons of their time, much less the more advanced weapons of this one, but their affinity for weaponry assured that they would learn quickly. Buffy and Faith, the last of the naturally Chosen, could simply pick up a weapon and figure it out after a few uses. Within half a dozen shots, they were pinpoint accurate with both hand phaser and phaser rifles. The others, the ones old enough to use weapons, took a little longer to master, but not nearly as long as the average person.

In the course of the introductions, Kathryn discovered that the majority of the group were still in their mid to late teens. Although she knew that they had seen their share of 'action', Kathryn had no intention of putting them into battle unless absolutely necessary. The way things happened in the Delta Quadrant, they'd get enough chances to fight during the times when Voyager gets blindsided and boarded, which has happened way too many times for her comfort. There were three males, former witches. One of the young men, Ian, had also been a weapons forger, as well as witch, in his former life. Well, that explains the blacksmith hut, Kathryn mused. Michael had been a type of warrior witch, Buffy informed. He'd been using his magic to 'fight the good fight' in a unit much like her former boyfriend's (Riley), before going AWOL when he'd found out about the plans to eliminate the Slayers. His younger sister, Siobhán, had activated the year before, and he hadn't been willing to take any chances with her life. He'd smuggled her out of Ireland and into the Slayer Academy, known to the rest of the world as the Janeway Institute for Alternative Education. His mate, Erin, on the other hand, was his opposite, which struck Kathryn as odd considering she was a Slayer as well as a witch. A child of missionaries, she didn't condone violence, so it had been her job to watch over the younger ones. Those who had activated in their pre-teens because of early puberty, and needed a gentle touch to guide them through the drastic changes in their bodies and minds. Finally, Buffy introduced the two youngest of the group.

"This is Siobhán, Mike's sister." The little Irish lass had dark, wavy hair and big crystal blue eyes that sparkled with happiness. "She's one of the few that activated early. She's only twelve. Better watch her, though, cause it looks like she's gonna be as smart as Willow." Finally, she took the hand of a young girl of about eight who was half-hiding behind Erin. "This little munchkin is Marisol. She had been marked as a Potential, but since we were all changed when we were brought here, those dormant genes were activated. Her mother was a Senator, who warned us about the plan to eliminate the Supernatural world, including the Slayers. When I told her that we already knew and were making plans, she begged us to take Mari, to protect her while she tried to reverse the decision."

Kathryn looked at the shy little girl thoughtfully for a moment before tapping her communicator. "Janeway to Ensign Wildman."

"Wildman here." Samantha Wildman answered. "Yes, Captain?"

"Ensign, I was wondering if you could bring Naomi down to Deck 17 for a few minutes." Janeway said. "There's someone here I think she'd be interested in meeting."

There was a small pause. It was well know that the new crewmembers Janeway had 'rescued' had taken up living quarters on Deck 17.

"I assure you, Ensign, she'll be perfectly safe. You may come with her if you like."

"Of course, Captain. We'll be right down."

Janeway looked at the others. "Naomi is the ship's only child. Like B'Elanna, she's a human/alien hybrid, with a human mother and a Ktarian father. Although she's only three years old, she looks, speaks and thinks almost like a six year old. I think she'd appreciate having friends her own age."

They went through the rest of the meeting, and the introduction of the Wildman's to the group, who took an instant liking to the little girl, especially Buffy and Mari. Going down on one need beside next to Mari, she studied Naomi for a moment, then smiled. "I used to have a friend who had body spikes. They went from his neck down to his shoulders, so he could never wear a shirt."

Naomi eyes widened. "Wow, really?"

"Yep. He had a really long name that I could never pronounce, so I just called him Argo." Turning to Mari, she spoke to the girl in S'Terran. "Mari, this is Naomi. Would you like to be her friend?"

The child looked from Buffy to Naomi, then shyly asked in English. "Can I touch your pointy bumps?"

Naomi looked up at her mother, who nodded and smiled. "Okay, but you have to be careful, cause they're sharp and they can cut you."

Samantha backed up to stand next to her captain as they watched the interaction. These people were endearing in a way. She had been in the Science lab when the illusion of the blonde kneeling before her daughter appeared fighting off a misshapen 'creature', a monster, as a group on young girls watched. She had used what looked like steel wire to decapitate the monster, turning it to dust at her feet. It had been the most savage fight she'd ever seen, which, she freely admitted, wasn't saying much since she was a scientist, not a soldier. To see that same woman kneel down to the same level as Naomi, and speak to her and the other child with such gentleness was not something she had expected. After a few moments, the blonde rose and backed away, leaving the two children speaking with each other.

"Thank you, Mrs. Wildman." Buffy said. "Mari could really use a friend. We will protect her as if she were one of our own."

After a little while, Samantha decided to leave Naomi with her new friend and, after Buffy assured her that she would bring Naomi home personally, she returned to her duties. Buffy and Faith started putting the older girls through their paces as Kathryn left with Willow.

"Where are we going?" Kathryn asked as they walked to a secluded hut.

"Seven's been helping me with a project." Willow said. "I'm sure that you noticed the holographic projections in some of the rooms as you passed." Kathryn nodded. "I've been working with the idea of using kinetic energy to help power some of the more energy-consuming systems, like the holodeck and the replicators."

"Kinetic energy?" Kathryn mused. "Energy created by movement?"

Willow nodded. "There's always someone moving on this ship, and I figured, what if we could harness that energy and put it to use. The theorists in the NSA had some pretty interesting ideas, oddly enough. Seven helped me download my files from my handheld computer into a database."

"All right. Explain the experiment to me."

- - - BtVS - - ST: Voyager - - -

"What do you think, Tuvok?" Kathryn asked as they left the holodeck to go back to the bridge.

"I believe that you have done a very admirable job integrating the S'Terrans into this crew." Tuvok complimented. "Giving them different, small jobs in the various departments has given them the opportunities to find their 'niche', and do the things that they feel comfortable with. Buffy and Faith are ideal for Security, as well as the specialized squads that have been created."

Over the last two months, Kathryn had been implementing her plans, especially the ones for the Marine-type squads. Instead of putting Tuvok in charge, as she normally would have, Kathryn instead decided to make Buffy the leader of the Alpha Squad and Faith the leader of the Beta squad. Buffy's squad also doubled as an Advanced Away team, and consisted of Ro Laren, B'Elanna Torres, Seven of Nine and a Corvellan Ensign name Raktoth. Raktoth had been picked by Buffy, who had sensed something about the young alien. That intuition had proved true during the training simulations, as the Ensign showed impressive improvisation to get out of situations where he was trapped and cut off from his compatriots, or it was left to him to find a way to come to the aid of the others. Each team member had been tested under similar situations, and by far, he had thought up the most unusual ideas that always seemed to work, either perfectly, or enough to give the others a fighting chance. As one of a race of mercenaries, he was able to work as a bridge between the gap of such divergent personalities. Faith's team was more eclectic. Immediately choosing Willow and Michael for science and tactical, she gave Willow free reign to choose the remaining two members. Willow had skipped over most of the engineers in alpha or beta shift and chosen a Catullen Ensign named Timal, and an unjoined Trill named Jakea, a former Marquis member recommended to her by Tuvok as being level-headed and accomplished in several martial arts skills.

"I agree." Kathryn nodded. "Willow is also doing very well with her theoretical research. Between the idea for kinetic energy and dimensional pockets, not to mention the database of the work from the Theoretical Propulsion Group, she's quite happy to spend her days trying to make obscure theories work. These three plus boredom does not equal to anything good." Kathryn paused for a moment. "Now that the S'Terrans have found the departments that they like best, I want to start training them. Academy level, but hands on instead of book work. Their metabolisms do not give them the patience to sit still for long periods of time. Buffy told me that, although she loved attending her college classes, it took everything she had to remain focused and in her seat. Practical application will be the best way to go."

Bridge to Captain Janeway.

Kathryn tapped her communicator. "Janeway here."

We're picking up a distress signal. Chakotay reported. It's coming from a planet two lightyears away. Captain, we're also reading Borg transwarp signatures.