"What in the hell, Missouri. My father is alive and you decided not to tell me this." Dean burst into the door.

"What?" Sahara looked to Missouri.

"I am sorry Dean I know I should have said something earlier I just didn't want to upset you. You just got back from hell, figured it could wait I didn't want you to feel guilty or anything." Missouri looked to Dean pleading.

"I couldn't handle it; god this too much we burned his bones." Dean growled, "What Sammy being alone is worth coming back to life but me dieing not so much."

"No Dean it was because of you, his deal it was clear no Demon could be the cause of your death or his deal was not valid so you would be surprised what both heaven and hell will do to save face." Missouri looked to the two who stood gapping.

"What does that mean for us?" Sahara asked.

"I am not sure, no one just comes back from hell, Sammy is alive and your dad is back so to all accounts your deal stands you didn't get out of it in any way that negates it so you must have found a loop hole." Missouri looked at Dean.

"Okay so we figure it out, but..." Dean looked to Sahara.

"I understand you two don't want to leave you don't have to right now it can wait." Missouri smiled.

"Are you sure?" Dean asked.

"Yes boy now Sahara you need to get to work and Dean you need to clean up before you go to watch out for Sahara Missouri looked at Dean oil stained pants and shirt.

Dean walked in he saw Tom talking to Sahara. Dean felt jealousy creep across his body as Tom leaned over and whispered something to Sahara. Tom laughed as Sahara smiled Dean walked up as Sahara slid him a beer and walked away to serve another guy who was checking her out.

"So Dean you will not mind that I am taking Sahara out tomorrow night." Tom looked to Dean who just nodded as a blond walked up.

"No go ahead she needs to get out. Now if you don't mind I see a blond who needs some attention." Dean smirked as Tom watched him walk off.

Dean sat with the blond talking about nothing when he saw something out of the corner of his eye. Dean walked over to Tom who was talking with Sahara. Dean had the blond at his side as Sahara grabbed another beer and handed it to Dean who slapped a five down on the bar.

"So how did the two of you meet?" Tom asked.

"We met at a retreat." Dean smiled.

"One of those relaxation one's. Dean was doing some work there and I was a bartender we met became friends and now we are here." Sahara smiled sweetly as Tom ate it up.

"Really well he is one hell of a mechanic tell you what but then so was John before he switched professions." Tom smiled as he tried to skirt around the issue, he knew Dean and the blond knew what John did Lawrence was a small town so everyone had known what happen but Sahara was different.

"Really Dean told me when he got home, so how is John and Sam?" Sahara smiled sweetly.

"They are good miss Dean for some reason but not going there." Tom looked to both Sahara and Dean who glanced at each other hesitantly.

The night when by quickly between the four Dean had quickly realized that Candy that was her name was not a conversationalist so it was mainly between Tom, Dean and Sahara when she wasn't working. Dean took Candy home asking if Tom would see that Sahara got home okay. Tom was more then up for it.

Dean once again stumbled up the stairs this time he heard Sahara whimpering as he walked past her room. Dean stepped into the room as he saw her huddled in corner. Dean tiptoed next to her he swatted down to listen she was gritting her teeth he knew what she was going through he had the same nightmares as she did he sat down and pulled her into him. She snuggled into him as he laid his head on top of Sahara's. The two slept soundly together for the rest of the night.

Dean woke up to Sahara was gone he walked down the stairs to Sahara coming in the door from what looked like a run. She smiled as she swaggered up to him, "So the Impala?"

"Not a chance in hell." Dean smirked as Sahara rolled her eyes at him.

"Fine get you ass to work sunshine and tell Tom that I will meet him for lunch work called I am picking up the early shift tonight for one of the other girls who called in sick." Sahara ran up the stairs.

Dean walked in to see Mike on the phone as Tom came in behind him, "Hay Dean."

"Hay Tom, Sahara is going to have to meet you for lunch she has to work tonight." Dean smiled.

"Fine, oh and Candy says hi." Tom laughed.

"Bitch." Dean smirked.

"Jackass." Tom countered as the two began to rough house, Mike forgetting he was on the phone looked over.

"Dean, Tom will you two stop." Mike barked then he looked to the phone, "Shit."

"What?" Dean asked, Mike gave him the quiet signal as Dean began to piece together what was happening his face paled.

"What is it Dad?" Tom asked, Mike decided that he could answered his son.

"I am on the phone with John." Mike told him.

"Oh Shit." Tom looked over to Dean who hung his head and put his hand out knowing his father heard his voice, Dean plastered a fake smirk on his face as he took the phone from Mike.

"This is one Dean Winchester." Dean sat down his who body draining as he tired keep his voice cocky.

"Dean?" the other two sat next to him hearing John's voice quivering.

"Yeah dad, it's all me back from my trip, taking some off time." Dean's voice sounded cocky but his body looked broke and beaten.

"We are coming don't move." John gave him the opening Dean needed.

"Dad the garage is a lot less comfortable then Missouri's is okay if I move that far." Dean smirk, "Dad really don't come stay away for awhile I will find you."

"NO. Dean we are coming." John corrected Dean.

"Fine." Dean gave in as his shoulders sagged.

Dean hung up the phone and walked into the garage and began to work Tom watched as Dean just kept working as the day heated up it seemed that Dean was trying to keep his shirt on till he couldn't take it. It was about an hour before lunch when Dean removed his shirt Mike and Tom came into the garage to work on cars they had booked as they walked in they saw Dean's back it covered in scars, burn marks, an other tell tale signs of beatings beyond beatings.

Mike and Tom then realized there was a reason for Dean being secret about where he was and what had happened, "Dean if you want we can run interference for you if you want."

"No John is like a pit bull with a bone but I need to talk to Sahara about this later." Dean continued to work with out looking at them.

"Okay was she with you." Tom asked with a shaken voice.

"Yeah, she was does that change your mind." Dean almost growled.

"No. But are you sure it is okay with you we go out." Tom asked again.

"It is fine." Dean looked to him, "I want her to go out she needs it."

"Okay." Tom smiled as they heard foot steps, Dean turned to see Sahara at the door. She looked to him with a worried expression. Dean just shrugged his shoulders Sahara nodded. Tom greeted her and they took off for lunch.

Dean finished work and walked out to his Impala. Dean drove around for awhile he needed to talk to Sahara but knew she was at work by the time he got home so he decided to get ready and go to her work.

Sahara was at the bar serving people when he got in. Dean walked up and smiled she handed him a beer as he looked at her she leaned on the bar, "So what is it?"

"John knows and will be here soon." Dean looked down.

"Dean I am not leaving your side we with stood all Lucy had together I will be there with you for John." Sahara looked over to the other bartender and signaled she was leaving he just nodded telling her that it was okay he didn't really need her.

The two drove around till they ended up across from Dean's old house. Sahara looked at him as he stared at the house. Dean just looked at it his jaw clenched tight. Sahara put a hand on his shoulder Dean turned grabbing her cheek as he pulled her into a kiss. Sahara gave into to him when they broke Dean looked at him, "Sorry." Dean went to look away.

"Don't be, it is I who am sorry I know you and what you are, but don't know me." Sahara looked down.

"I do know you," Dean smiled, "I know that you are good."

"Yeah but you don't know that I am what you hunted and didn't not believe in. I am what you wanted to kill. My mother was your mother's friend." Sahara sighed Dean not understanding her what she was saying so she brought her shimmer down revealing her golden eyes and shimmering golden skin.

"What are you?" Dean looked to her.

"An angel's daughter something supernatural." Sahara looked away.

"I didn't hunt you, nothing like you Demons and the things that caused harm." Dean smiled, "Never you, for some reason you make me want to be more then a wise cracking, womanizing, hustling, hunter."

"Your welcome, but you are the same as me a good person. So lets get back to Missouri's before John and Sam show up." Sahara smiled as Dean nodded.

"Okay but no dating Tom." Dean smirked.

"Fine no bimbos." Sahara smirked as Dean laughed as he started the car. They arrived at Missouri's to see John's truck out front.