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Kurogane was awoken all too roughly by a blond bouncing into his room. Not just any blond, Fay D. Fluorite (who was now on his bed and grinning like a Cheshire cat) was the blond in question, which made it all the more frustrating.
"Ne, ne Kuro-rin!" Kurogane growled in what he hoped was a menacing way, but really sounded like a disgruntled puppy. Whatever anger he tried to direct to Fay was usually melted away by the over boisterous-ness of his behaviour.
"This better be good mage." He ordered, half sitting up, propping himself on his elbows. Fay moved closer, hands on either side of the warrior's waist, with their faces almost touching, the comforter slide down to Kurogane's boxers, which was all he happened to be wearing at the moment
"It is!" Fay promised. "I was watching the… the…" He looked a little frustrated. "The box with the people in it." Moving from world to world meant often forgetting the names of things, and though they had seen things similar, every world had a different name for it. Kurogane nodded exhaustedly, wondering if they would reach the point sometime during this next millennium.
"And…" he prompted.
"AND THEY HAVE A WORD FOR WHAT I AM!" The blond cheered.
"Really, just the one? I have a few four letter words for you 'damn mage' springs to mind and 'get the hell out of my room it's 2am'." He grumbled
"Kuro-pon… I think that's more than four letters." Fay said, in an innocent tone, before batting his hand. "But seriously, this world has a word for me!" He continued proudly, the word 'seriously' seeming blasphemous from him. "Guess what I am?"

"An idiot?" He suggested. "A hyperactive gay wizard with an inferiority complex?" One large hand reached up to brush the sleep out of his crimson eyes, but Fay was so close that Kurogane's hand brushed the eyelashes of the slighter man, he yanked it back hurriedly. "Who has no sense of personal space?" Fay looked a little dejected, his delicate lips in an attractive pout.
"Kuro-kimi doesn't like me this close?" Now there was a question Kurogane didn't want to answer at 2am.
"What's the word?" He asked exasperatedly. Fay forgot his dishevelment and instead smiled.
"I'm 'Ambidextrous'!"
"The hell!" Groaned an irate ninja. "You woke me up… to tell me you're ambidextrous? I don't give a crap, go to sleep!" Kurogane rolled over onto his side, knocking Fay's left hand from under him, causing him to fall with his chest to the bare back of the Japanese man. The material of Fay's shirt felt unnaturally cool against the heat from the other man's exposed skin.
"I'd thought that you'd be interested." Fay mumbled guiltily into his companion's ear. Kurogane felt a blush arise on his cheeks at the warm breath tickling his sensitive earlobe and the lips that were so close.
"I'm pretty damn sure you have a bedroom of your own." Was the haughtiest response he could come up with considering their positions. Fay was effectively spooning him, and the tight pants he wore created a strange yet not unpleasant friction against the back of his own boxers, while the loose fitted shirt didn't disguise the rapid heartbeat against his back one bit.

"But… it can be very useful." Fay purred gently, slipping his left arm over Kurogane and trailing his hand very slowly along his chest. Kurogane hitched his breath, and tried not to let the mage know he was effecting him in this way… but the blond was talented. One very skilful left hand traced each individual muscle, before tentatively toying with a nipple.
"The hell are you doing?" He asked, exasperation in his voice… yet his refusal was only half hearted.
"Showing you." Fay said in as innocent a tone as ever, as his thumb and forefinger tweaked Kurogane's nipple a little roughly. He freed his right hand from under himself, and slipped it underneath Kurogane's waist, so he was half hugging him from behind. "That I'm equally good with both hands, Kuro-myuu." He teased the long fingers of his right hand at the hemline of Kurogane's boxers, gently probing the sensitive flesh which was becoming increasingly warmer under the stimulation.
"Damnit." was all Kurogane could say.

He was getting hard, training had taught him not to laugh or cry in battle, to never show emotion on the field, and to always be on guard, but it had not prepared him with what to do when you're being molested by an eccentric wizard in a foreign world. He had no way of knowing how to resist the tempting touches flitting across his upper body, nor the lips pressing very gently between his shoulder blades. He was sure that the devil himself would be tempted..
"Kuro-tan." Fay mumbled, and without another word he slid his pale, and excruciatingly cool right hand down, teasing his fingers through the mass of curly black hair, the sudden change in temperature made the ninja tense his entire body, but this was soon forgotten when an equally skilled thumb and forefinger found the very base of his member and squeezed gently, rubbing the stiff shaft very gently. Kurogane shuddered involuntarily as his middle finger stretched up and down his length in perfect rhythm with the left thumb probing his nipple. The left hand slowly drew teasing circles over his chest and abs, flitting delicate fingers over sensitised skin. Kurogane bit back a moan he knew was dwelling in the back his throat. Behind him Fay mewled gently, as though he was enjoying this as much as Kurogane himself, and the noticeable buldge pressing against his lower back signalled the same.
"Why the hell are you doing this?" Kurogane said breathlessly, even though he objected… he knew if Fay stopped now there would be hell to pay.
"Because I can?" Suggested Fay. "I'm very good with my hands." And Kurogane found there was no arguing with him for once, and as both of Fay's hands continued to pleasure him torturously slowly he found his own left hand gripping his pillow to relieve the tension.

Fay curled all his right fingers underneath Kurogane's now rock hard cock, while pressing the print of his thumb against the slightly weeping head. Both hands still and Kurogane, unable to stop the words from tumbling out of his mouth voices his opinion
"Damnit move already if you're gonna." He grunted.
"I am moving." Fay teased, rubbing his thumb over the head keeping a steady pressure. Kurogane's breath caught in his chest, he knew he was flushed all the way to his ears and half wanted to kill the other for making him feel so weak, yet the nerve endings in his skin were setting on fire with each new touch… the wanton wizard was excruciatingly slow in his movements but oh so good. As if in response to this thought, Fay's left hand slid upwards, tracing itself over Kurogane's lips, probing for entrance, while his right hand squeezed and kneaded his erect penis. Kurogane let out an unwilling gasp, and Fay seized the opportunity to slide two fingers into his mouth. The warrior was half tempted to bite him, but the fingers flicked in circles over his tongue in a semi-erotic dance, Kurogane had never known his tongue was so sensitive and a shiver hurried down his spine.
"Tease." Was all he could manage to say, allowing Fay to slip in a third finger during the momentary speech.
"Sorry." Came the response, and his right hand sped up, massaging and pumping Kurogane's member at half speed while his left hand made phallic motions race through his mind while exploring his mouth.

He didn't know what possessed him to do it, but the moan Kurogane had been biting back sounded and he closed his eyes tightly.
"That's… what I wanted to hear." Fay whispered affectionately, he freed his left hand and slid it downwards, scraping his nails over Kurogane's side. Still jacking with his right hand, Fay's left expertly slipped the boxers downward, fully exposing the ninja; whose breath was now coming in short sharp pants. He switched hands, pumping instead with his left while his right palm cupped and pressed against Kurogane's ass, his fingertips grazing his balls with every backwards thrust of his left hand. Shy teeth cautiously nipped along Kurogane's jaw line, and his eyes snapped open, only to find his vision blurry. Fay's breathing was easily as loud and as desperate as his now, but so close to his ear it was driving him crazy. An insane part of the back of his mind told him to kiss the blond, as they were so close right now, but turning his head would meaning turning his body, and turning his body could cause
"Hngh!" Kurogane grunted, not knowing whether to thrust forward into the left hand shamelessly wanking him, or backward into the right hand fondling him in extra sensitive areas.
"Mhm." Fay mumbled, licking his ear gently, before speeding up his left, and putting more pressure into his right, pushing Kurogane to the edge. The ninja moaned again, an unearthly almost haunting groan loud enough so he was sure the kids would hear, but he didn't care, he was almost there and it didn't matter who knew it. Because it was now or never.

Kurogane twisted his body and neck a little, kissing Fay roughly. For a sickening moment both of his hands froze, but then they picked up double the intensity, as he returned the kiss reverently. Kurogane gasped into the opened mouth as both of Fay's hands started to pump him furiously. His teeth brushed against his bottom lip and Fay let out an equally desperate moan, his own erection pushing firmly into Kurogane's hip.
"Cum." He whispered gently. "Go on." His voice was a taunting purr, as though almost daring him to try not to, but the ninja had been close enough anyway, and as the hand-job became so intense he could hear the slap of fingers against the tight flesh of his abdomen he released, warm sticky fluid spilling onto Fay's equally skilled hands, leaking onto the bedcovers and soiling his sheets. Kurogane breathed a sigh of relief before lowering his head back onto his pillow. Fay lay down next to him, his right hand, still sticky from their adventures found a place on his chest, while his left settled on his hip.

"Can I sleep here tonight?" The ambidextrous wizard asked gently.
"Suppose so." Kurogane squeaked… it had meant to come out as an indifferent grumble, but the afterglow was too amazing for that Fay buried his head into the crook between Kurogane's neck and his shoulder. He placed a gentle kiss in the hollow. Kurogane rolled his eyes, he'd never been much of a post coital cuddler, but Fay was always an exception, so he slipped one arm around Fay's back, holding him protectively close.
"Ne, I wonder… if this world has a word for someone without a gag reflex," Fay mused aloud. Kurogane groaned. It was going to be a long, long night.

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