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Chapter 10: (again, long chapter warning)

"But it doesn't matter." Fay continued hurriedly. "Because 'it's just a number' and I love you so…" Kurogane tried very hard to find his breath. "And you said you loved me…" He added softly. "So… you shouldn't care…" He'd been waiting for the immature laughter, for the punch line or something, and it hadn't come. He felt his temper flare. The magician was using his words against him and doubting him. Of course he loved him: he said it didn't he?
"Shouldn't care! Love has nothing to do with it this is… this is illegal or something!" Kurogane pushed Fay off him, and sat up gruffly. "How the HELL can you be 15!" He demanded. Fay smiled falsely, more than a little hurt emotionally at being pushed so roughly.
"Well see 15 years ago my mummy and da…"
"Don't get smart with me!" He growled, rubbing his temples trying to think.
"Kuro-pon it's REALLY not a big deal…" He started, propping himself up onto an elbow.
"Not a big deal? It's… you're… I'm a soldier for god's sakes!"
"Oh so you're worried you'd be a disgrace for going with a 15 year old." Kurogane clenched one hand, did he have to repeat that. "I think the fact I'm male would be more frowned upon. And Foreign. But I get it the career's more important." Kurogane grumbled, Fay was twisting his words again, and the way he used them so calmly was infuriating.

"Are you mad at me?" Fay asked eventually.
"Mad at you? Of course I'm fucking mad at you just… just get lost!" He snapped. Fay looked as though he wanted to argue, but Kurogane punched the wall, obviously beyond mad. The blond bit his lip and gathered his towel.
"See you later then… Kuro-koi?" He asked hopefully. Kurogane did not respond and continued staring at his clenched fist. Fay slipped off to bed feeling awful.

Kurogane had said he loved him, so why should it matter? He'd been slightly surprised himself to find he was younger than Syaoran and Sakura, and had been even more surprised to find out Kurogane's age… but it didn't change his opinion on him. He knew builds varied across the worlds and had wrongly assumed they were the same approximate age… ish. He sighed as he tugged on his clothes, wishing his conscience hadn't got in the way. They could be one right now. They could be laid hot and sweaty on the floor, completely exhausted and more in love than ever. But his stupid conscience had forbidden it.
"You never could be quiet could you." Fay scolded himself. But Kurogane had said he loved him… if his age was going to be that much of a concern he obviously didn't. Stupid heart. He went to bed, and ignored Syaoran's attempt to talk, he just fell asleep, thoroughly exhausted, frustrated and tense. Kurogane didn't come upstairs for another hour.

"He came back a while ago." Syaoran informed him, looking up from his book. Kurogane grunted and took his shirt off, getting into bed. "He seemed sad…"
"Yeah well…" Kurogane couldn't think of a good comeback, and Syaoran snapped his book shut.
"I won't tell Sakura-hime you're having a fall-out, but I'll go stay with her until you two can work it out okay." He said caringly, it was obvious he wanted things to work for Fay and Kurogane and this somewhat pissed Kurogane off.
"It won't be necessary." He instructed. Syaoran looked uncertain. "Look kid, sleep where the hell you like; I don't actually care but he and I won't be making up tonight." Kid… he called Syaoran kid, yet he was older than his almost lover. Syaoran nodded, and with a
"Bye." left the room anyway. He glanced at Fay, asleep on the bed, and noticed that even in his sleep he looked sad and slightly angry. He wondered if the magician really did doubt that he loved him. He stood up and crossed the distance between the two beds.

"I'd die for you, you know that idiot." He growled. "So don't think it's not like that." He sat on the edge of the bed. Kurogane stroked his fingers lightly through the blond's hair. "How can you be 15?" He sighed exasperatedly. "It doesn't matter I suppose." He leaned down and placed a very gentle kiss to the magician's cheek. "You'll be 18 one day." He lay down very cautiously, so as not to wake the sleeping blond, and wrapped one arm over him. Almost immediately the worry stricken face seemed to relax, subconsciously pleased at the return of his almost lover.

It was really no wonder, pressed securely between the warmth of his bed, and the hard abs of Kurogane, that Fay woke up hard. He tried very hard not to be, but found that no matter how many ways he tried to talk himself out of it, he was definitely mad at Kurogane. He wriggled out of the protective grip and got dressed, determinedly ignoring his body's pleas to get back into bed.
"Shut up down there." He mumbled to himself, before glancing around embarrassedly to make sure Syaoran hadn't heard. Well… Syaoran wasn't even in the room. Unusual. He became worried, the grandfather clock in the corner of the room signalled it was very little after 8... Syaoran would not go out so early without a note, but no matter how hard he searched he could find no sign from his companion. Panic struck him, and libido and love forgotten he jumped on the bed.

"Ne Kuro-rin! Syaoran-kun is missing!" He said frantically. Kurogane jumped up, sped towards his own bed to grab his sword and got half way there before it registered what had been said and by who.
"The kids shared a room last night." He muttered, rubbing the sleep from his eyes with the back of his arm. Well, one kid not included of course: Fay.
"Why?" Fay asked curiously, wondering what had happened between Syaoran and Sakura while he had been asleep. He could not miss monumental moments like that!
"Coz he was worried about you, idiot. He wanted to make sure you were okay and for some reason thought I'D be the one to make that happen." Fay nodded and there was a long pause of awkward silence, Kurogane didn't even dare to breathe loudly, they locked eyes, both waiting for the other to say something.
"GOOD MORNING!" Chirped Mokona, bounding into the room. Fay was half thankful for the distraction, and accepted the over zealous hug and kiss it gave them whereas Kurogane just batted it away.
"Good morning to you too Moko-chan." He countered happily.
"Gnh." Kurogane grunted, leaving the room. Mokona kept yattering all the way downstairs to breakfast and, with a little guilt, Fay realised he hadn't heard a word.

"Good morning." He whispered to Sakura and Syaoran. Sakura had a small frown on her face, and Syaoran looked decidedly awkward.
"Good morning Fay-san." Syaoran returned, but when Fay tried to meet Sakura's eye, she huffed and looked away.
"Who spit in her coffee?" Kurogane wondered aloud, not used to seeing her act so aloof… then again she was a princess, and he'd learned from Tomoyo they were good at that.
"S…Sakura-hime says that she knows you two have fallen out… and is not talking to either of you two until you make up." Syaoran said quietly, feeling very much like he was about to be shot. Fay smiled slightly, obviously upset.
"That's mature." He said, pouring milk onto his cereal.
"Like you're one to talk." Kurogane snapped back, causing Fay to flinch a little and spill the milk. He dabbed it up silently. Sakura looked incredibly hurt, she thought for sure that her plan would work, and now she'd turned her back on two of her companions. She lay her head on the table and ate like that, uncharacteristically morose. Fay was very sympathetic, all she wanted was for everything to be normal...

After shovelling food into his mouth, Kurogane didn't wait for the blond to finish before grabbing him by the collar and dragging him upstairs, ignoring Syaoran's blushing and Sakura's vague smile. He dragged him into the bedroom, and Fay let it happen. He allowed himself to be dropped onto Kurogane's bed, and even allowed the ninja to turn his back.

"Talk." Kurogane ordered.
"I'm not the one who needs to apologize Kuro-chan." Fay leaned across and picked up a bottle of massage oil Syaoran had acquired last night. Given that they so rarely got customers there was plenty in excess so Fay didn't see the problem borrowing it. "C'mere." He ordered.
"The hell, you're not coming near me with that stuff." Kurogane said firmly. "When do you turn 18?"
"It's 16 in most places we've been to, and relax I'm not plotting on seduction…" He sniffed the oil and shook his head. "Jasmine. Rose oil's better for seduction." He said playfully. Kurogane sighed and crossed the distance, only to have his shirt tugged at.
"The hell!"
"You're tired. We'll talk but I want to give you a massage. I'm good." Fay promised. Kurogane sighed and pulled his shirt off throwing it elsewhere, damn manipulative wizard.

Fay was good, the oil smelled gross and flowery and it was kind of cold to be up without a shirt on, but Fay was good with his hands and always had been. His fingers darted from knot to knot, kneading firmly to try eradicate the tension, he was silent however, because he felt he'd done no wrong. They were at a stalemate, neither wanted to say sorry, so the warrior spoke up.
"I don't mind… that you're 15." Kurogane said eventually.
"Yes you do." Fay's voice was very clear, afterall he was the master of lying, he could definitely tell when someone else was.
"When do you turn 16?" Kurogane was determined to avoid that accusation, and find a better subject.
"I'm only just 15," Having that number repeated still felt like a slap in the face.
"We'll wait until you're 16." He leaned his hand across his shoulder and took Fay's own hand, kissing it gently.
"I'm not waiting." He said, pulling his slick hand from Kurogane's grasp and abandoning all attempts at easing his body. "I love you and you love me; so I won't wait,"
"And I won't agree to sleeping with a minor." he growled
"You're naïve if you think Suki and I didn't…" Fay had obviously said the wrong thing because the warrior snapped round to face him.
"Hey, this isn't about her!" Kurogane growled. "I don't care if she did, I won't." Fay looked away embarrassed.

"A relationship is based on more than the physical… but I don't want to do without it." He mumbled. "Not for that long." Kurogane sighed and turned into Fay, pulling him close and kissing him somewhat forcefully, he was relieved when the wizard returned the kiss enthusiastically, but pulled back when he became too enthusiastic, slippery slope.
"Say what you like, it won't change my mind." He swore. Fay moaned and lay down, which was probably another attempt to tease him.
"Kurogane… I go to bed each night not knowing if I'm going to live to see another sunrise." He breathed, for once in his life being deathly serious. "We'll regret it." he smiled a little as Kurogane linked their hands and pinned him gently. Kurogane was letting Fay know that if he wanted to leave he could, but the wizard had no reason to defy the hold.
"Maybe so." The Japanese warrior licked his ear gently, kissing slowly down his neck. "But it's not too long to wait, I'll keep you alive til then. bastard." He added.
"Kuro-tan I won't wait another thousand days to be yours." Fay growled pathetically seemingly mad as Kurogane tried to distract him leaving love-bites along his collar.
"Mm." The warrior mumbled.
"Kuro-myuu you're not lis…"
"Wait what?" Kurogane did a double take as what Fay said finally hit him, he'd been otherwise engaged sating (or attempting to) the man… boy he'd come to love (albeit reluctantly).
"I said I don't want to wait." He was bewildered, he hadn't actually expected him to stop and was regretting saying anything now. Stupid mouth talking without his permission.

"After that, how long?"
"A thousand days… or thereabouts." Fay, still lying below him and doing some quick math on his fingers. "Nine hundred eighty four." He nodded deciding on the exact number.
"A… thousand. How the hell many days are in your years?" Kurogane demanded, utterly lost.
"One thousand ninety five days a year."
"Damnit Fay!" He growled, running one hand through his hair, "That makes you…" He'd never been good at math. "Closer to 50 than 15."
"Eh?" Fay smiled innocently. "It does?"
"You're lying… you're not 50." Kurogane shook his head, he could VERY vaguely believe he was 15 with his boyish face and cheeky grin but there was no way this guy was any older than 25.
"How many days are in your years Kuro-koi?" He asked cocking his head and looking upwards.
"Three sixty five like normal people." He growled.
"Then I'm… 45 by your standards," He said quickly. "I'm legal."
"Don't get smart and you're making this up…"
"Why would I?" Kurogane was torn, Fay would have no cause to lie about his age… at least not to that extreme.
"You can't be that old."
"Kuro-shii… you forget one key thing… wizards have a much longer lifespan… provided they don't die." Kurogane blinked, the last part having been unnecessary and trying to make sense of it bewildered him. "Average lifespan being 300 of our years… around 900 of yours." He smiled and wrapped his arms around the back of Kurogane's neck, pulling him close. "It's 6 in Celes... So technically I'm legal."

He stroked his fingers along the nape of his neck, allowing one hand to tangle into the spiky black mess as he locked blue eyes to red.
"Game set and match… Kuro-rin." He purred, kissing him very gently. Kurogane knew that look too well… he'd given it often enough: a determined lust filled gaze with only one intention in mind. Kurogane smirked.
"Tcheh." No sense in stopping now. He returned the fevered kiss and hooked his arm under Fay's waist to bring them as close as possible. Fay seemed to resist a little but Kurogane only let him surface from the kiss for air, they'd waited too long for this for the blond to say something else that would ruin their chances. He bit down on Fay's bottom lip probably a little harder than he'd meant to, but he didn't seem to mind as he slid his hand along the curve of Kurogane's bare tan back, causing him to growl.
"Kuro…" He managed to get out but was pulled forcefully into another breathtaking kiss. The blond tried several times after that to talk, but failed, and eventually he had to use both his hands to tug Kurogane's head away from his own. "Stop." He ordered.
"The hell am I gonna stop. I've waited long enough and I don't care if you're secretly a prince or… a woman… hell I don't even care if you're married. I love you so we're doing this." He barked. Fay smiled softly, with a calm look in his eyes. He knew Kurogane loved him but hearing the words spoken made all the difference in the world.
"I love you too... and I was just going to say." He whispered. "That one of us should lock that door." Kurogane blinked, a bit embarrassed at his outburst now. He reluctantly pulled away from Fay's warmth and got up to lock the bedroom door.

During his absence Fay sat up, removed his own shirt to make them equal, and picked up the massage oil, he was reading it carefully when his lover returned.
"What're you doing?" He asked exasperatedly.
"Lubricant." Fay mumbled, nodding his head sure it was safe.
"Why the hell do we need lube?" Kurogane questioned, biting the side of Fay's neck gently. Fay rolled his eyes: this is why you shouldn't date people half your age, they're so naïve.
"You've only ever been with girls right?" Fay queried, roaming his free hand slowly over Kurogane's chest. The warrior nodded and continued to leave territorial marks along the mage's collarbone. "Trust me, we'll need it."
"Have you?" Kurogane asked, laying Fay back down and sliding on top of him, very careful not to put too much weight on him.
"Have I what?"
"Ever been with a guy?" He probed, unbuttoning Fay's pants clumsily, he'd never hated pants more than this moment in time. The magician shook his head.
"Never, but I've read enough of Suki's yaoi novels to know what goes where so to speak." He smiled down at Kurogane who was still struggling. "Having trouble, Kuro-wan?" He teased, putting the bottle down and assisting with the evilbuttonofdoom.
"Shut up." Kurogane muttered, tugging the wizard's pants down and off.

He allowed his hands to roam up and over the pale thighs now exposed to him as they kissed again. Fay's hands, instead of their usual torture concentrated on the warrior's face, his fingertips tracing every contour to make a memory that would forever be there, even if he lost his battles.
"I'm…" Kurogane whispered, breaking the kiss to breathe. He kissed along Fay's cheek and jaw. "Reinstating." He bit very softly causing Fay to wriggle all too pleasantly and brush their hips together. "The no…" He drew his left hand up to cup Fay through his underwear. "talking rule."
"Is that so?" Fay asked amusedly.
"Yeah now be quiet." He kissed Fay again to silence him and he willingly accepted, afterall, talking was fun but kissing was always much much more. Kurogane slipped his fingers underneath the fabric and teased them along Fay's shaft, enjoying the automatic arch Fay's back made to reach into the touch. Trailing his fingers roughly along the hot flesh he could feel the blond gasping into his kiss, which was understandably erotic.

He used his free hand to remove Fay's underwear completely, leaving him exposed and nervous. It was one thing to be completely naked with your lover, but to be nearly naked in front of them was a different matter. He wriggled anxiously, knowing he technically shouldn't talk, but if he kept the worried expression it could all stop again, so instead he sat up, blocking himself from Kurogane's view in order to sit on his lap, successfully distracting him.
"Hn." Kurogane muttered as the 'torture' began, Fay being ambidextrous was a skill he put to amazing use, and it caused even the steadfast ninja to shiver under the taunting brush of fingertips against his bare chest, down his stomach, over his abdomen. He knew his breathing must be heavy because he could see the wispy blond hair moving away and towards him with every pant.
"Off." Fay mumbled, undoing Kurogane's pants one handedly with ease. But Kurogane didn't want that, at least… not yet. He grabbed Fay's hands and placed them on his shoulders, then slid his own hands to the small of the pale back. The blond man was still wearing a slightly too large button down shirt he'd brought with him from another world, but the flimsy fabric changed the texture just enough for it to feel pleasant between their heavily sensitised skin.

He could feel his own heartbeat and Kurogane pulled him up, now instead of being sat on his lap he was straddling him. Kurogane began a slow rhythm, rocking forwards and backwards, and even though he was painfully hard inside his trousers and underwear, Fay was completely bare and the friction seemed to increase his pleasure. Kurogane smirked seeing the blond so excited.
"A-ah." Fay whispered, the tension building in his own member as Kurogane's grinding became a little wilder.
"If you're this worked up now you won't last." Kurogane pointed out, cupping Fay's ass and squeezing gently.
"Thought we… weren't talking." Fay closed his eyes and kissed Kurogane to shut him up, a growl echoed from the warm cavern of his mouth… his mouth that was so good at sucking, his mouth that could bite pleasantly and not too hard, his mouth that could pleasure and torment and torture and release. Fay moaned into the kiss thinking of Kurogane's talents, and was surprised to find Kurogane's fingers probing at his hole. He pulled free.
"Use this." Fay nodded at the bottle from earlier and Kurogane looked confused.
"We didn't need it last night."
"Last night we were in the baths, we were wet and our skin was relaxed." Fay whispered, licking Kurogane's cheek gently. "It'll hurt if you don't."

Kurogane mumbled and grumbled, grabbing the bottle and looking it up and down.
"How do you know this stuff is safe you can't read it." He added.
"No, but I can see the warning pictures just fine, there isn't a toxic label, which means it wouldn't be pleasant to eat but it would be… mmph." He was quickly silenced by Kurogane's hand on his cock. The ninja pumped very fast and very hard, and it had been so sudden that Fay nearly lost it. His eyes rolled back in his head, his hands gripped Kurogane's back much harder than he'd meant to and a moan that could entice a nun spilled from his lips.
"Better." Kurogane asked. It took Fay a moment to realise that during that brief moment Kurogane had managed to slip one finger into him, and now the attention was not entirely focused on his cock he was acutely aware of it.
"Mmm, much." Fay mumbled, and this time, aided by the jasmine oil, the insertion of the second finger did not hurt. He pushed his hips down to accommodate the intrusion and moaned at the sheer dextrousness of the digits. Kurogane probed them in and out, forwards and backwards, rubbing the mage's insides fairly hard in search of his prostate, Fay wasn't as relaxed as yesterday though, and the angle wasn't as good, at least not for his fingers, so adding a third finger and a few good thrusts he pulled out, causing Fay to mewl impatiently.

"Kuro-tan I want to retu…" Started Fay, tugging at the zipper keeping Kurogane's erection from him, but was cut off with a kiss.
"You can return the favor some other time." He promised, helping Fay ease his trousers and underwear down, he didn't bother to take them off since that would involve removing his shoes which would take time he just didn't want to waste. He lifted the half dressed teen onto his lap again and greedily touched any skin he could reach, there was something very attractive about Fay leaving his shirt on, it meant there were parts still left to be explored, something to struggle for, and his hands roving hungrily seemed to let Fay know that because he made no attempt to remove it, more preoccupied in touching Kurogane too.

It was all so pleasantly new to them, foreign for Kurogane and alien to Fay, the feel of hot skin against their fingertips, the increasing heat, the mounting pressure. Fay tilted his head back as Kurogane found a sweet spot on his back between his shoulder blades. Toying with the new discovery Kurogane licked his fingers and traced cooling circles over it, causing Fay to arch again, this time away from the touch. The movement meant Kurogane's hard-on probed between his cheeks and his own erection brushed Kurogane's stomach. Kurogane growled excitedly.
"No more." Fay begged, lowering his head and trailing kisses along Kurogane's collarbone. "No more games, no more teasing… no more interruptions." He pleaded.
"Just us." Kurogane swore, leaning Fay back against the pillows. He grabbed the bottle again and handed it to Fay, giving him the option. Fay smiled and rubbed a little of the cold oil against his entrance before stroking Kurogane with it, he began to rub slowly, massaging the hardened length causing Kurogane to become distracted and close his eyes, Fay really was good with his hands.

He moaned softly as Fay picked up the pace, then jolted as Fay slid a slicked finger into him.
"The hell." He grunted, unused to the feeling, and a little pissed off his masculinity was in jeopardy. Fay continued to smile and forced a second finger into the ring of muscle. Kurogane was straight… or at least a virgin when it came to this, so it was too tight and hard for Fay to manage a third finger, instead he used a thumb to rub against Kurogane's balls. The combined fingering and hand job was a little too much for the ninja who now seemed completely lost at the touches. He really wanted this to continue, Fay was talented and that much was obvious by the immense pleasure he could feel… but he also wanted to complete this. He grabbed Fay's right wrist, forcing the hand job to stop. Fay seemed to understand what came next but did not stop thrusting his fingers into his lover. Kurogane growled.

"You need to move that damn hand if I'm going to fuck you." He ordered. Fay smiled and nodded, giving one final curl of his long fingers, he removed them, and held onto Kurogane's shoulders as he positioned himself. The blond couldn't help but smile, knowing now was so much more right than yesterday. Kurogane didn't know everything about him, he probably never would: but at least he knew enough to be sure of his own feelings. And somehow the two had just fallen into a good position for lovemaking, as though yesterday Kurogane's body had doubts, and today it knew exactly what to do. "Ready?"
"Kuro-chan… you shouldn't ask me questions when you've told me not to talk." He teased, but then nodded. He was ready for this, he lifted one leg and hooked his ankle around the back of Kurogane's knee to give him more leverage and slowly, aided by the flowery smelling oil, Kurogane pressed into him.

Automatically Fay's hands flew to his face to shield it from Kurogane's view, for he knew it must be distorted in pain. Kurogane was very barely inside him and it already hurt like he was being split in two, he knew if Kurogane saw his face he would not want to continue, so hid it was best he could. Kurogane pushed a little more insistently. When he was around 2 inches in Fay could not take anymore, he thrashed his head violently and clung his hands to his face.
"I can't…" He whispered. Kurogane did not offer kind words, nor any words at all, for Kurogane had never been romantic… but he had always been affectionate. He took one of Fay's hands, dragging it from his face, before kissing it gently. He held it tight and nodded at the blond who was peering from between his fingers. He could not lean forward to kiss him properly… not without hurting him, so instead he lifted Fay's leg from around his waist , to over his shoulder. He kissed his calf muscle and squeezed his thigh reassuringly. The blond removed his hand-mask and nodded very cautiously.

Though it still hurt as Kurogane eased into him, the pain seemed diminished by fact Kurogane was squeezing his hand tightly. Now almost completely sheathed inside Fay, it was taking all of Kurogane's strength not to go full force, he understood why guys did anal with girls… why guys chose other guys. Fay was tighter and hotter than anything he'd experienced before, his animalistic pride telling him to conquer already, but the weird little voice in the back of his head, the one that had spent so long convincing him he was in love told him he had to wait.
"Ne… Kuro-ai…" Fay mumbled gently.
"Not yet." Kurogane hissed, if Fay gave him permission now, when he obviously wasn't ready… Kurogane doubted he could control himself. Fay interlaced their fingers and nodded slowly. The look of pain had gone and was replaced with a slightly uncomfortable gaze.

Now he had a little more leeway to move, Kurogane leaned forward and kissed Fay on the lips, squeezed his hand and then broke off, staring into his eyes with their foreheads together.
"Kuro-shii is always so affectionate with me." Fay smiled sadly, and Kurogane shook his head. He knew that smile was poison, so decided to wipe it off, kissing him harder. Fay's free hand tangled into Kurogane's hair and he pushed his hips upwards, forcing Kurogane's cock deeper. Kurogane and Fay both moaned against each others lips.
"Bastard." Kurogane hissed.
"Move already." Whispered Fay. Kurogane experimentally pulled his hips back a little, before pressing them back harder. Even though he'd only moved an inch or so, it sent electric shockwaves through both of their bodies. They didn't have to read each other's mind to know they wanted more, they wanted to feel that again… more intense.
"Does it hurt?" His voice came out half strangled, and Fay knew it was killing him having to go so slow, afterall… slow and careful was not Kurogane at all.
"Liar." He growled, but repeated the semi-thrust a little harder, causing Fay to wince.
"You got me." Fay admitted. "It hurts a little." Kurogane nodded, he hated it when the idiot lied to him, and lying in this situation just seemed very wrong. He tightened his grip on Fay's hand before beginning to rock gently.

He could feel Fay's hesitation fall away as he very slowly, and with the occasional pained look, adjusted to him inside him.
"Kuro-rei - I won't break. I'm ready." Fay promised, but Kurogane, who had been lied to all too often by the mage, didn't believe him. If they kept it this pace, he would go mad with pent up sexual frustration, and that was something he just didn't want, so Fay, who for once was not lying, took things into his own hands. He brought his leg down from over his shoulder, which resulted in a gasp from Kurogane as the angle changed very suddenly. The blond took the initiative and during his moment of uncertainty forced Kurogane to the sheets, not breaking their tryst but ensuring he was on top.
"Taking charge." Fay smiled cutely. "Since you seem to think I'm made of glass." And he lifted himself up before sitting back onto Kurogane's erection, forcing Kurogane to fuck him at his own pace. Not that the ninja was complaining. His thumbs hooking into the dips of Fay's hips he helped lift and lower the mage. The heat and warmth were rapidly increasing and with each re-entry, each slap of Fay's ass against Kurogane's abdomen, they became closer.

"Damnit." Kurogane hissed, thrusting a little faster: Fay was deliberately clenching himself around Kurogane's swollen cock and it was incredible. Fay's gasping and moaning became louder as Kurogane's force became stronger and wilder, but he still remained all too calm. It pissed Kurogane off. He should be writhing in ecstasy… should be barely capable of speech, should be so dazed he couldn't object to anything he said: yet he looked perfectly happy, riding himself on Kurogane with ease. "Damnit." Kurogane repeated.
"Harder." Fay whispered, unable to get the pressure right on his own, he needed Kurogane to guide him. Kurogane nodded and did as instructed, slamming himself up into Fay as hard as he could from the bottom, sending himself dizzy in the process. Fay moaned and clutched at Kurogane's hips for support as he felt Kurogane hit his prostate, and that's when it hit Kurogane like a ton of bricks, why this wasn't effecting Fay as much as him. Internal pleasure was good… but hard to reach everytime.

Kurogane grabbed Fay's hard on and rubbed the flushed head between his fingers. Fay closed his eyes, his hair sticking to his face with sweat. Kurogane didn't waste time being slow, they'd tried slow and it had failed, so he used his member to thrust into Fay, all the while tossing him vigorously with his right hand, thumb wiping the hot precum from his leaking tip. With one hand on his arousal it distracted the blond from the few thrusts that didn't hit his spot dead on.
"Kuro…Ku…ro… I… I…" That was it, that was what Kurogane had wanted, that delirious excitement he'd seen in those bewitching blue orbs last night, the red flush creeping over his pale cheeks. Fay was gasping hard, unsure whether he should lean backwards into the sex or forwards into the palm. He didn't have to decide, for Kurogane matched the motions, gathering a steady rhythm. Fay's nails dug into Kurogane's thighs and his head fell back, moaning desperately. Kurogane panted and as he neared his edge his free hand dragged Fay down to kiss him. As their lips met, Fay clenched deliberately around his lover, and Kurogane tightened his grip. Kurogane came first, if only by a few seconds, inside of him. Just the thought of the ninja's seed inside him was enough to spill Fay over the edge too and he spurted thick clear/white liquid onto Kurogane's chest. They both rode out their orgasms like that, kissing furiously, skin cooling faster than their libidos. With one final thrust Kurogane gave up, and collapsed, pleasantly exhausted against the bed.

Fay arranged himself like a haphazard blanket over the warrior, his heaving breath hot on his neck, and for once the magician was silent. Tan palm creeping under the shirt he'd forgotten to remove, and large fingers curved into the groove of his hip, Fay knew he should be happy. Theoretically he was, he had all he wanted, he was coming down from an immense hormonal high, and Kurogane was there beneath him, holding him tight.
"You okay?" He asked. Fay nodded dazedly.
"Fine." He said, though truth be told he was nervous. Fay was not used to being happy, there was something decidedly wrong with it, like any second it could all come crashing down at his feet.
"Liar." Kurogane said lazily, lifting one hand to cup Fay's face. "I don't mind… if you don't tell the truth… but don't lie to me." He kissed him on the lips and felt a slight pang of guilt at the metallic taste of blood, he'd probably been a little too rough for their first time.
"I can't make you any promises Kuro-koi." The blond held his hand gently to his cheek and nuzzled into it. "I can't promise I won't lie, I can't promise we won't end up hurting each other… and I can't promise we'll live to be together for too long." Kurogane sighed and kissed the blond.
"No matter how many times I tell you I won't let you die, you'll ignore it, right?" Fay smiled and nodded, knowing he could not allow Kurogane to be responsible for his life, when it was so risky.

"Fine then… forget the future." Kurogane stole another intoxicating kiss. "Don't worry about it, we'll live this moment by moment." Fay blinked in shock. "I can't force you to tell me your whole story, and I can't force you to believe we'll get out unharmed… but I want you to live in the present." He ordered, pulling away from his lover, Fay's warmth having left him, the sweat and cum cooling stickily to his skin the warrior shivered. "Step by step."
"I was wrong about you." Fay said, and it was Kurogane's turn to blink in shock. The wizard smiled genuinely in a teasing tone. "You can be decidedly romantic when you want to be." The ninjas cheeks turned red and he looked away hurriedly as he stood up and pulled his pants up from their knot round his ankles. He absolutely refused to admit he was romantic.
"Can you walk?" He asked, trying to distract Fay from that thought as he searched for his shirt.
"Don't flatter yourself." Fay laughed, standing up, however he sat back down right away. "Ow… okay Kuro-chan's as good as he says." He blushed. Kurogane threw him his pants and he got dressed, well aware they were in need of a bath, at least before they next saw the children.

Kurogane glanced back at Fay, his sex tousled hair was dampened and slightly darker than usual, his wide blue eyes relaxed and trusting, his lips slightly sore and redder than usual, his pale skin glowing with the after-effects of their duties. He'd never be romantic enough to say it aloud to Fay… but he was beautiful. He hoped he could be affectionate enough to show him that though, that every time in future they would make love, his words would be unnecessary, that his actions could show it.
"Ne… what're you thinking?" Fay asked, seeing Kurogane was staring.
"That you look a damn state." He said gruffly, and with a swoop of his hands lifted Fay clean off the bed, he blushed furiously at the indignity. He wasn't being romantically held like a bride or a new baby, he'd been slung over his lover's shoulder like a rag doll.
"Kuro-tan!" He objected as Kurogane unlocked the door.
"We need a bath." Kurogane said simply, carrying him down the hall.
"Put me down you rotten old caveman!" Fay berated. "Though… the view from up here is pretty nice." he could quite clearly see Kurogane's butt, and at the most inopportune moment gave it a sharp squeeze. Sakura, Syaoran and Mokona were just coming up from breakfast, and turned scarlet at the scene. Or at least Sakura and Syaoran did, Mokona 'ohohohoho'd'

"Wai, Kuro-rin's being mean." Fay complained loudly, playfully thumping his hands against Kurogane's back, unperturbed at the fact they'd been seen.
"Shut up you." Kurogane barked, and walked past the three. Fay waved cheerily at them.

"Think we need to erase that from our memory… forever." Syaoran whispered, rubbing the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger.
"Agreed." Sakura nodded, her face redder than a tomato.

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