Crossover story Inuyasha YYH

Crossover story Inuyasha YYH

Pairing: kagome/hiei..

Date: August the 11th 2008

Story:.Stay in the future, not in the past

Chapter 2

Written by: Lovingo0Kawaii0oGirl aka:Girlmar or Mary-am

Mrs. Higurashi and Jii-san looked at her surprised, worry written all over them..

"She is home early... isn't she Jii-san?" Mrs. Higurashi asked, forgetting the crowd behind them that watched carefully how the girl disappeared into her room.

You didn't have to be an expert to see the expression of the girl who was totally broken…

Everybody seemed to be in a trance at the sight of Kagome.

Jii-san and Kun Loon glanced at each other knowingly, both thinking the same thing: 'Inuyasha'.

Yusuke caught their glances and knew that something was seriously wrong here.

"What's wrong with her?" he asked angered, he knew his family hadn't told him something and he wanted to know what it was.

"Kagome... isn't feeling well... I'm going to start dinner, you boys can go back to the living room, you too Yusuke… I'll prepare dinner…" Kun Loon spoke as she left to the kitchen.

Yusuke stood there, feeling that something was horribly wrong, how? It was quite simple his aunt never I repeat NEVER called him 'Yusuke' only when there was something going on that was bad, very bad and on this moment he could guess it had to do with Kagome.

Jii-san still looked at the stairs and started to walk away to one of the other rooms in the house. "Wait up Jii-san! What's goi-"


Yusuke turned around to see Souta jumping on him "You came! You really came! Wanna play video games with me? I have a new game called Slaying Demons,it's really cool! I only didn't get the chance to play it with anyone good, I mean nee-chan is always gone but knowing her she would be the best at games especially slaying demons!" When Souta realized what he said he quickly shut his mouth.

"She... is the queen of video games you know!" Souta said awkwardly while Yusuke looked suspicious at his little cousin.

"How do you mean she is always gone? Isn't she sick most of the time?" Yusuke asked.

"Yeah err, forget what I said ehehehe! I mean nee-chan is so sick she can't play most of the time or she is in another world (Yusuke looked now even more suspicious) "I mean she is in hospitals and then it feels like she's living in another world because I can't see her most of the time ehehe lets play the game shall we?"

"Right Jii-sa-" Yusuke turned around into the direction where Jii-san stood to see that he was gone 'that damn old man' he thought by himself.

"Are you coming YUSUKE-aniki?"

"Hai-hai comin' "

"You're friends can come too then we can play a whole tournament!"

"DAMN" Yusuke cursed as Souta managed to land another hit onto his character, they were playing the 'Demon Slaying' game he himself played a Neko Hanyou, Kuruma had his brother a Neko Youkai, Kuwubara had a monk and Souta played a young kitsune.

Hiei was the only one who didn't play he was looking bored to the matches, Kuwa-baka was already lost after his first match against the computer, and Yusuke, Kuruma and Souta had all won already 3 times, which brought us to the present battle with Souta against Yusuke.

Yusuke was having a hard time because the Hanyou he played was strong but hard to master, with the first battles it was easy to just do one attack and win but against Souta who had played the game many times before it was hard to land a hit especially with numbers of combo's you had to press.

Souta landed a final hit as Yusuke's character hit the ground "Kiri wins!"

Souta was dancing his little victory round "I knew it! Nobody can handle Inuyasha except Kagome." when those words escaped his mouth he froze 'Damn… it slipped!'

Hiei and the others looked suspicious to Souta before Yusuke replied "Inuyasha? Wasn't the name of my character Ichiro? And how do you mean Kagome can only handle him? Didn't you say she never played this game before?"

Souta rubbed his back and laughed nervously "Ahaha well… I always make up names of my own hehe pretty cool ne? Inuyasha would fit don't cha think? And about Kagome... I think she is the master of all games so…"

"Maybe... did you make a name for the other characters too?" Kuruma asked.

"Um yes, Kuwabara's monk I called Miroku and my own I call Shippou." Souta said uneasily.

"And mine?"


Hiei looked suspiciously at the kid. He could feel that the boy was nervous… but why? He had a strange feeling with this family. They had something to hide especially that girl, she looked like she was attacked by Youkai's (A/n: He is just thinking of how it all looks he doesn't actually think she IS attacked… :smirks: yet) but still there wasn't a smell of Youkai on her.. only some blood on her clothes.

He tried to picture how she looked again replaying the events that happened: A green sailor uniform with some cuts in it... and a lot of cuts in her legs but it all did seem to be already healing and blood you could smell it coming from her clothes, her blood. But also some he couldn't identify. A mix of different bloods on her clothes, but not blood from a human, but also not from a Youkai.

"SOUTA, YUSU-CHAN DINNER!" the voice from Kun Loon shouted from down stairs.

Slowly everybody left the room, and Hiei grumbled, if Yusuke hadn't threatened him not to do anything 'suspicious' while they were here, he would have tried to read the boys mind.

Quickly he scanned the room for something suspicious but when he didn't found anything he left to go downstairs.

Everybody sat quiet waiting for Kagome to show up.

"We can star-" Kun Loon began.

"Ohio, gomen, ne for waiting" Kagome appeared with her hair messy and her eyes half closed she looked at the table without noticing the guests who obviously did notice her she walked to her chair and sat down and closed her eyes.

She was wearing a big t-shirt which came over her legs, her eyes were brown and even with her messy hair she still looked beautiful in her simple sleeping clothes, Kuwubara was drooling, Kurama had his mouth a little open and a tiny blush on his face, Hiei was silent as always with closed eyes in a faint sleep it seemed not paying attention to the ningen in front of him and Yusuke was flinching..

"Guys.." he started softly.

Nobody replied.

"Guys..!" he started to become louder.

Still no one answered him.

"GUYS STOP DROOLING OVER MY COUSIN!" He shouted, as Hiei and Kagome both snapped their eyes open looking faint surprised, and Kuruma and Kuwubara looking into another direction.

"Nee-chan" Souta said softly, Kagome looked at him without saying a word.

"I'm glad to see you're back."

Kagome only nodded in reply before looking at her cousin and his friends.

"Who are they?" she asked pointing to Yusuke and his friends. She held no recollection in her eyes as she looked to Yusuke with lifeless eyes as if all her life force was drained and the only thing that was left was her body like a lifeless doll.

"Ka-Kagome? It's me Yusuke… Your Cousin?"

Kagome looked at him again and this time she had a faint smile on her lips "Oh now I see glad to see you back Yusuke-kun who are they?"

"These are my friends, Hiei ("Hn.") Kurama ("Pleasure to meet you Kagome-san.") and Kuwa-"

"I'm the greatest fighter Kazuma Kuwabara!" Kuwubara said proudly.

"Hmm more the greatest baka." Yusuke mumbled.


"Keh, whatever Kuwa-baka."

Kagome flinched.

"If you say it one more time I'm going to kiss your ass! I mean kick your ass! Why didn't you tell us you're cousin was so cute I wanna ask her to be"



"Don't be a perv on my cousin!"

Kagome flinched again this time she started to look at her food and froze.

"Kaggi everything alright?"

Kagome looked at the food served for her.

She looked down her bangs covered her eyes before shoving the food away from her "I'm not hungry" she said emotionless.

Her family looked at her full concern.

"Kagome.." whispered Souta said full sorrow.

Kun-loon and Jii-san sighed as they looked at each other and then at the food.

'Ramen... that was his favourite food. Inuyasha what happened?' Kun loon thought sadly.

Yusuke looked at his family, something was wrong... and he had to find out what.

The spirit detectives spent that night at the shrine, Hiei up in a tree (they told the Higurashi's his family lived nearby), Kurama insisted to sleep on the couch, Yusuke took one of the bunk beds on Souta's room and Kuwabara took the guest room.

Staring up in his bed Souta couldn't sleep.

"Souta... can I ask you something?" Yusuke asked.

"Sure Aniki"

It was like he could feel it coming... a question about...

"What is going on with Kagome? I'm kind of worried about how she is acting."

Souta seemed to hesitate before he answered.

"Well she is having a hard times with school... because she is sick so often, and there is this boy..."


'Seesh and I heard from mom he had a girlfriend... he is only one year older than Kagome... he seems as protective over Kagome as... someone else I know…' Souta thought

"SSHHH Yusuke! Everybody is sleeping... Kagome doesn't exactly has a boyfriend but she does like someone… he is kind of a hard head, but he is SO COOL! As cool as you are but then ... different."

"And what is the problem with this guy? He doesn't hit her right?! Otherwise I will hunt him down and kill him slow and painfully…" Yusuke said the last in a whisper but Souta did know it wasn't something good.

"NO! Not as far as I know... but the guy.. doesn't think before he speaks.. and a lot of times they have arguments... most of the time Kagome gets angry or a little sad... but I've never seen her this depressed."

Everybody was asleep... well almost everybody.

Yusuke was the only one who was still up worried about his favourite cousin and her jerky boyfriend.

He remembered that when they were small he always was there to protect Kagome and she told him everything every secret she had but now... why was it that right now he had the feeling she wasn't telling him something and why was it that he couldn't protect her from whatever what has happened here.

"Damn." he cursed softly.

'This is so frustrating! Why can't I protect her why do things change, why don't I know from what I can protect her?' he thought.

He stood up walking through the house until he reached her room softly he opened the door and looked at his cousin who was peacefully sleeping in her bed.

But then he noticed her stir and a frown covered her face, a few tears slipped away from her face and he knew she was having a nightmare.

" yasha-kikyou.. why betray... us" she mumbled.

Yusuke looked at her one last time before exiting the room not much later he took a device out of his pocket…

Koenma was sitting in his office when the doors opened.

"WHa! Yusuke what are you doing here?!"

"I'm here for some information I want to have al the information you have over this one person…"



"What is his or her name?"

"His name is Yashikyou.."


About the story just to make things clear:

1. Yes I did make Yusuke understand It wrong... hehe I thought this might could get interesting.. or frustrating for him :wink:

2. Kikyou is still alive (with a voice dripping of sarcasm: 'Hurray' grrr sorry I just DON'T LIKE her!)

3. Hiei and Kagome are going to end up with each other (but it does need time I'm not so good in jumping into relationships with almost all my story's they don't jump into relationships).

4. Maybe Kagome is going to be a little depressed in the first chapters but she will get over it... eventually (I almost would bring Inuyasha back.. but that would ruin the script).

Further Author note:

Ah that was it! It took me a while to update GOMEN! Right now I'm having a vacation… (I've just passed my exams YAY!) And a week ago I was in Italy! You know I don't know how it is with you people but... when I was in Italy I was gaping at the many handsome boys! (ey! I'm just a sixteen year ol' girl!) It was paradise! (just jokin') hehe I'm not really that boy crazy.. most of the time I can't even stand straight in front of a boy.. sometimes I stutter or become red.. Other times I feel comfortable around them (doesn't happen so often).. but well in another country people wouldn't understand me even if I did speak. And it was mostly lying on the beach or pool and sight seeing(Not on the beach people! but Rome, pompei and such a places).

In the first week I posted this fanfic I was gaping.. in a short time I had 20 reviews! And it all went higher to the 33 I want to thank you all for reviewing and I also want to thank Mistress Ayako my beta reader for fixing my mistakes..

Anyway thanks for reading..

I hope you R&R&E (enjoy)