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Crossover story Inuyasha YYH

Pairing: kagome/hiei..

Date: July 2009

Story:.Stay in the future, not in the past

Chapter 3

Written by: Lovingo0Kawaii0oGirl aka:Girlmar or Mary-am

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or YYH

Little rewind..:

"I'm here for some information I want to have al the information you have over this one person…"



"What is his or her name?"

"His name is Yashikyou.."

"HOW DO YOU MEAN YOU CANT FIND HIM?!" Yusuke shouted angry.

Koenma himself also looked ready to explode "YUSUKE I've already searched through every file of the whole Universe! Are you SURE that you've not been using drugs lately?"


'I don't understand how I put up with such a bratty child! I am more than 100 years older than him' Koenma thought grumpily.

"I repeat it for you Yusuke, in none of the achieves I have is there anything about some demon named Yashikyou"

"DEMON? ITS NO DEMON! It's a human!" Yusuke growled.

Koenma cocked his head to the side "human? That would even a more unique name for someone, are you sure you spelled the name right?"

"Of coarse I'm sure! I know that I heard! My cousin definitely said Yashikyou in her sleep.. or it Was Yishikyou or Yashakyou or-"

"Wait a minute" Koenma replied "you're here in the middle of the night for you cousin who sleep talked?"

"No not that, I mean yes, I heard from Souta that she had a boyfriend and I decided he was no good so i-"

"Came here in the middle of the night to ask for a name that you're cousin might just fantasized about?" Koenma growled.

"Actually I don't like the sound of my cousin fan-"


"Alright alright, you don't have to act so angry!" and Yusuke disappeared in one of the portals.

(Kag pov.)

Slowly I opened my eyes, before closing them again, I wished that all the memories of the past nights just had been a bad dream but as much as she wanted it to be a dream she knew everything was for real, it al had really happened.

The shikon no tama was gone just like.. Inuyasha..

My stomach grumbled, and silently I got out off bed and walked downstairs to the kitchen.

When I passed the living room I saw my mother and grandfather sitting at the table.

"Kagome? Is everything alright? What happened?" asked my mother worried as she fast walked to me together with Jii-san who seemed to look just as worried.

"Okaa-san, Jii-san" I said emotionless, but suddenly the mask I had on since he died broke and my emotions flew out.

I hugged my mother and for the first time in a long time.. I cried in my mothers arms…


(Change pov. Yusuke)

I woke up, not in the "enough-slept-so-automatically-wake-up" kind of way.. no it was the "a-annoying brat-is-jumping-up-and-down-on my-bed!" kind of way.

And yes the brat was Souta who right now, is jumping on MY bed

"Nii-chan! Wake up! Can. We. –jump- play. –jump- my new. –jump- DEMON SLAYER GAME!"

I groaned only being woken up for such a stupid thing isn't the way I wished to wake up.

"Is videogames all you can think about?! Its way to early get off the bed I want to sleep!" I groaned.

"But –jump- Its already 11 o'clock"

'Great he is waking me up at- "WHAT?!" I jumped up, we had to be gone from this home in an hour! Otherwise demons might attack(he is on a mission remember.. even if he doesn't know what the mission completely means yet).

"So Nii-chan! Wanna play video games with me?" Souta asked finally stopping with jumping on my bed.

"No sorry kid, can't have some business to attend" I replied.

Souta looked down sadly "if you leave so soon.. we can't play my game anymore" he said depressed.

My left eyebrow twitched, I know Souta for a long time and I know most of his tricks one of his tricks was.. the guilt trip, and even if I knew it was fake.. or at least well played, I have yet to discover a way not to fall for it.. One of the things I hated was when someone close to me would be sad especially Kagome and Souta.

I grinned uneasy "you know what? I will come back later when everything is done and then we can play that game of yours again"

Souta's eyes lit up "Really?!"

"Yes squirt now get your ass of my bed I have to get dressed!"

"Roger!" Souta replied happily getting off the bed. After I finally got dressed we both went downstairs.

"You know what? Why don't you ask your sister to play that game with you? So you can have some kind of warm up before I will kick your ass at it this time! And I'm sure it will cheer her up!"

Souta nodded happily "Great idea! i take the game with me! so she can see it!" Quickly he sprinted upstairs again while I waited for him thinking about what Koenma told me, why was he being so stuck up! I always helped him with his business why can't he help me for once?! And from what Souta told me is that guy just no good! And when I would find out he caused Kagome to be in such a state he wouldn't be safe WHEREVER he was! Even if I had to drag his ass from the deeps of hell he would get the beating from his life!(or even the beating that would finish his life) screw the rules! Kagome was far more important!

Finally Souta returned with the game in his hands, happily holding it. "I have IT!" This was more like the Souta I knew, in the years I was gone something had changed both him Kagome and it seems the whole family, so I was rather relieved that some things hadn't changed.

I bit my lip and wondered again what might have happened with Kagome, has so much time really passed that she changed so dramatic? I sighed again, when this mission was finally over I would spend all my time on finding out more about Kagome and helping her.

But in the living room we greeted by an unpleasant sight…

Kagome was crying and even the eyes of Jii-san and my aunt were puffy red. Aunt Kun Loon looked up to us. And she looked sadly down on Kagome.

"We have some.. unpleasant news.." she said.

I looked to Kagome's crying form and then saw Souta drop his precious game onto the ground his whole body shaking..

"no…" was all he could say with a trembling voice.

(still Yusuke pov)

I had gathered the whole spirit gang outside.

"Why did we have to leave again?" Kuwubara asked stupidly.

I clenched my fists "Because someone close to the family died, Kagome.. Kagome.. I think she either cared a lot for him or she has actually seen.." I couldn't finish my sentence, I had seen many people die in my life as a spirit detective but for Kagome it has to be much worse.. she is still pure to all the things that happen in the world.

"How did it happen?" Once came the quiet voice of Hiei, I was caught by surprise normally he wouldn't communicate so much with things that aren't important missions but now suddenly he seemed interested.

"I don't know" was my only reply.

"He could have died because he was sick, or because some car accident, heart attack or maybe even.." Kurama suddenly stopped.

"Murder" Hiei finished.

My head flicked up as I looked at them terror seen in my eyes "You guys don't seriously think Kagome would have seen such a thing?!"

Kurama shrugged "If it was poor girl.. that must be awful."

"It would explain why she looked as a drug addicted ghost who has lost its will to live" Hiei replied.

I glared at him as he just glared back giving me the 'you-seen-it-yourself-so-don't-blame-me- look.

'This guy.. is so frustrating!' I thought angered.

"We better not start speculating about this all, we don't know what happened so don't let Yusu-chan worry about this" Kurama said.

I nodded my head "Yea you're rig-" tik tik "HEY! DON'T CALL ME THAT! Bastard.." I mumbled. I knew I shouldn't have brought them with me to my aunts house.. they will never let this one go!

Kuwabara laughed loudly, Hiei smirked and Kurama looked half embarrassed half teasing for his choice of words. The atmosphere had changed by this small comment and I was thankful for that.

"Alright lets start on this mission.. tracking down someone who has a messed up time travel device"

End chapter 3

Answers to some questions:

Sesshomaru or any of the others coming back in the story? Well I do plan to bring the past up sometimes, little things like coming by to visit her friends or Shippou, I also plan to have Sesshomaru come back too, but that is going to take some time.. first everything has to calm down a bit before adding more drama.

2. There is a lot of Yusuke in the story why? I'm really sorry for those who are irritated that Yusuke seems to get more screen time than Hiei. But up to this point I think Yusuke being her beloved cousin and all has more sight and determination over solving what is going on with Kagome. Later it will probably change that Hiei has more screen time than Yusuke but right now it's Yusuke gomenasai.

3. This is a HieixKagome story, where is the love?! To be honest I think it's not that easy to fall in love again after a murdering heartbreak like this one, I also don't think Hiei would immediately fall for a girl just by looking at her (who is may I remind you depressed and seemingly on 'drugs' as some of you would put it ;)), so I think they both need more time to know each other. I'm not really good with right away fluff, it most of the time seems unrealistic to me.. to love you need time and you have to get to know each other.

4. You haven't updated in a year?! Where were you?!to be honest i was just at home.. I just started a new education so I had to get used to everything. I also hadn't so much inspiration anymore so I had to wait till I really started again.. right now that is. I'm done with my first year now and vacation is going to start yay! I might speed up my education process they told me I could and if I do I'm a half year earlier done! Maybe then I can go to America for a half year! AWESOME!

5. Kikyou where is she? Or is she never going to show up again? Right now? In the past I hope.. but yes I think she is going to show up in the story again.. Killing Inuyasha and getting away with it? No way!

That was the story for now.. gomen ne it was so short but if I would write much more it all would become to confusing and really messy! I promise this time I won't take almost a year to update! I will try to finish all my story's even if it will cause me 10 years!

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