Title: The Best Memories 1-Misty and Water Colored

Rating: PG

Words: 1,437

Characters/Pairings: Logan/Veronica

Spoilers/Warnings: The entire series. Everything.

Disclaimer: None of it's mine. Not the song mentioned, not the charcters, none of it. So don't sue, because it'd be a big waste of time.

A/N: This was written as a response to the current challenge on fanficripples. The song used is 'Lollipop' by The Chordettes.

The Best Memories


Misty and Water Colored

"Tell me again why you're making me do this?" Logan asked, raising an eyebrow along with the question. He'd been asking the same question for over an hour and had yet to get a satisfying response. In truth, he was a little shocked each time she answered him, no matter what obscene answer she gave he was happy that she was giving one at all. He'd expected an annoyed "Fuck off" and then to be ignored for the rest of the time it took for them to sort their things and divide them between the two ever growing piles on the opposite sides of the room.

"Because, they're your memories too and therefore you have a say in where they go and what happens to them." Veronica answered, her annoyance becoming more and more obvious in her tone. She sighed deeply before adding, "and if you don't stop asking that question I'm getting my taser and you don't want that."

Logan chose not to respond to the threat. If he had been sure it was empty he would have antagonized her a little more, until she was so annoyed that she told him to just go away. He hated going through their things and their memories, sorting and discarding, it seemed like such a horrible way to spend what little time they had together. But it was a genuine threat. He really didn't have any doubt that if he asked why he had to do this again she would make sure knew what a thousand volts of electricity running through his body felt like. Again. Only this time he would not be accidentally doing it to himself as he curiously played with her weapon of choice while waiting for her to get ready for dinner.

"No one gets rid of this sort of stuff. Why don't we just put this whole box-o-memories in your pile and be done with it?" Logan asked, handing her a box that bared his messy scrawl on the side. He'd thought it was pretty funny at the time to label every box that held anything with any kind of sentimental value as a 'box-o-memories'. Right now it didn't seem like such a hot idea. In with the pictures and videos and old cards he'd sent her while they were dating were stupid and meaningless items that he'd completely forgotten about.

And Veronica was determined that everything in this portion of the room be sorted today. Tomorrow they had the left side and the whole day after that was probably going to be spent going through the tiny storage room at the other end of the upstairs hallway.

Spring cleaning this year was turning out to be a nightmare, one he'd avoided last year with the convenience of having to be out of town for work. Sadly it was not a circumstance that could be repeated a second year in a row. She'd worked it out with his assistant and her work and they had a whole week of blank schedules to clean out the attic and the storage room and possibly the basement.

Logan had been hoping that a week off from his hectic production schedule and a week off from the magazine for her would mean a lot time being made up in the bedroom. They were both so busy lately they hardly had time for each other. Veronica kept saying that once she 'paid her dues' and became a full time staff photographer things would slow down. Logan had the misfortune of being idiotic enough to book three back to back to back films and wouldn't have a truly free moment for a year after this week.

And here they were. Cleaning.

"What is this?" Veronica asked, pulling a large black, leather CD case decorated with bright purple flowers and hot pink hearts and big bubbly letters: Memories, Like the Corners of My Mind.

The words were written across the front of the case, like the title to a book or something. The lettering was reminiscent of Veronica's, from the days of Lilly and the pep squad, but they reminded him more of college for some reason.

"Memories?" Logan supplied, reaching for the case but missing it completely as his wife swung it out of his reach. "See, that's not fair. It's like you're that bully that holds something just out of reach and taunts. You're a bully, Veronica."

He said the last part so matter-of-factly it made her smile, the warm look in her eyes soothing any edge there may have been to it.

"Na-na-na-na-na-na." Veronica sing-songed, leaning back to give her arm more length and hold the case even further away from him.

"See? You're mean." Logan sat up from the leaning position he'd been in while trying to make a grab at the prize she now held victoriously away from him. He folded his arms in front of him, across his chest, and pushed his bottom lip out in an overdone pout and sat there with a faux air of melodramatic petulance.

"Oh, poor baby." Veronica teased, leaning back towards him to kiss away the rather silly expression. Turning she scooted backwards towards him until her backside connected with his front and she could lean against his chest.

"Okay, enough with the suspense, open it up, baby." Logan demanded, clapping his hands loudly, trying to move her along. He had a vague memory of what this could be, even though he hadn't seen it in three years or opened it in five.

Unzipping it as slowly as she possible could, Veronica grinned at his sigh of frustration. She opened it quickly, hoping to avoid any further whining on his part.

"Oh, it's those DVDs I made you our sophomore year." Veronica announced, pleased that he still had them. She'd thought herself so silly and sentimental afterwards that she'd almost taken the gift back. In the end, she was glad she did it. He deserved to have a visual reminder of better times just as much as she did.

"Great. I thought I'd lost those in the move from the apartment to the house." Logan commented, trying to hold in his excitement of finding the discs he had thought lost forever. Several boxes had quite literally fallen off the back of the truck when they'd moved from their small apartment to their much more spacious house.

"You know, you're only twenty-six, Logan. I only gave these to you six years ago, you shouldn't be forgetting this stuff yet." She commented as she flipped through the pages of discs marked with the same bubbly handwriting she'd tried to recreate from the days when she'd written with pink glitter pens. Her hand hovered over a disc, one that he'd always enjoyed as well.

'Same Old Song and Dance'

She'd titled each disc of memories like they were actual movies deserving of an official title. Somewhere in the back of the case was a disc containing the footage shot on their last homecoming with Lilly, entitled 'I Never…". Along with this one, they were the most watched out of any of the home movies she'd given him.

Veronica slid the disc out of it's place and got up to put it in the DVD player.

"Lets take a break, watch something funny before we finish all this." Veronica said, reaching her hands out to help him up. She always did that, offered him help. And he never accepted, knowing he'd pull her right down with him.

Standing, Logan swung Veronica up in his arms and carried her to the couch. He sat, never putting her down so she was already cuddled quite cozily on his lap as one of his best memories began playing on the screen.

He heard a soft chuckle from Veronica as Sean, Casey, John Enbom and several other guys from their class finished dancing to some ridiculously male hip-hop song.

"I love this video." Logan told her, a grin spreading on his face as he pulled Veronica closer to his chest and relaxed into the cushions.

"I know." Veronica replied knowingly. She did know how much he loved this video. She remembered how much he'd loved the performances that night, Neptune High's talent show. He'd enjoyed it almost as much as he had enjoyed the rehearsals. "This was the one and only time I ever willingly got on stage and sang in front of everyone. Minus the one or two times I've done karaoke."

Logan sighed before whispering "I know" into her ear.

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