Title: The Best Memories 4-Lollipop

Rating: PG-13

Words: 2,008

Characters/Pairings: Veronica, Logan, Lilly (mentions of Logan/Lilly, Duncan/Veronica, Luke, hinted Logan/Veronica)

Spoilers/Warnings: The entire series. Everything.

Disclaimer: None of it's mine. Not the song mentioned, not the charcters, none of it. So don't sue, because it'd be a big waste of time.

A/N: This was written as a response to the current challenge on fanficripples. The song used is 'Lollipop' by The Chordettes.

The Best Memories



"This is your own fault, you know?" Logan told her, trying desperately not to laugh.

Veronica stood in the center of the room in a custom made candy pink dress. A-line and sleeveless, it fell just below her knees. Her pink Monolos made the outfit 'pop' as Lilly put it. The whole outfit was bought and paid for on the Kane dime. A look to help along the fifties-esque illusion of her and Lilly's talent show performance. Veronica had stood at the tailors for a grand total of six hours while the woman clucked her tongue and poked her with needles, saying how she was so short and so petite. Apparently it was a hassle after working with Lilly's more voluptuous body.

She'd even heard her mumble it was almost like dressing a twelve year old boy rather than a fifteen year old girl. It hadn't exactly been an accident when Veronica had leaned back on her heel and stepped on the woman's hand.

"How is this my fault?" Veronica whined, looking at herself in Lilly's full-length mirror that she'd brought down from her room. She didn't look that bad, and once she had her hair and makeup done it would be pretty. The problem was she'd have to wear this. On stage. While singing.

"You agreed. Lilly begged and begged, and you finally gave in. It's completely your fault." Logan was still struggling with his laughter. "Not only that, when she asked you what song you thought the two of you should sing you said, and I quote, I don't care."

Veronica gave him a look of utter annoyance. It was funny how she did that. Sweet little Veronica Mars was never annoyed with anyone, save for Logan. He didn't know what it was about him, but he had a talent at pushing her buttons like no one else. He also got the best laughs. He might know exactly how to annoy her, but he knew how to make her laugh as well.

"I'm just saying. Your fault." He pointed out again, and had to duck to avoid the empty shoebox being hurled at his head.

A loud clapping filled the room as Lilly entered, announcing her presence.

"Okay people, time for a dress rehearsal." Lilly shouted as if she was talking to much larger crowd than her boyfriend and best friend.

"God, Lilly, do you have to shout?" Logan whined, her voice was reverberating in his head annoyingly. They were recently back together again after almost a month apart and he was nursing the hangover from hell after a night of celebratory drinking.

"Another rehearsal, Lilly? You don't think that practicing this song and dance every day for the last three weeks was enough?" Veronica was whiney as well, she was tired of this song, she hated the dance and if she spent one more second in this outfit in front of Logan she'd die of embarrassment. Logan Echolls was the last person she'd wanted to model this in front of, but Lilly had insisted, shoving her out of the bathroom as she finished changing. Veronica wondered why she even bothered changing in the bathroom, it's not like Logan would have been against see. Of course if that had happened she would have been locked in the bathroom while they went at it.

"Stop whining Logan, you're the one that can't just drink one. It's not my problem you drank half a bottle of Vodka on your own." Lilly told him, her hands propped on her hips as she stared him down. She turned to Veronica. "And yes, I think we need to rehearse a little more. We're still half a minute off on our choreography. We only have three days and we haven't practiced at all in our dresses. And more than that, we haven't been dancing in heels, so we should do it a couple times in the shoes we're going to be wearing on Friday."

"But, Lilly…" Veronica started, glancing at the clock. Duncan would be done with soccer practice soon, and home to sit with Logan on the couch in the Rec Room to watch them do their performance. Again and again. She was tired and cranky after spending forty-five minutes at pep club after school and an hour at the mall. She just wanted to go home and take a nap before dinner with her parents and having to do her homework. Duncan and Logan wanted to go to a movie later tonight too, but Lilly had vetoed that too. It would be all work and no play until after that performance on Friday.

She'd never seen Lilly so dedicated to something, willing to work and work for something instead of just letting someone else do it for her. Veronica suspected that it had something to do with bragging rights if they were to win best in show. The prize money meant nothing to her, but if they won Lilly would be able to hold it over everyone's head. Especially Madison Sinclair, who had entered the talent show competition against Lilly's wishes. Baton twirling. Ha! Like that would win against her and Lilly's self choreographed performance of some old song that Lilly insisted would 'endear them to the judges', who apparently were old.

"Okay! Places!" Lilly called. It was almost as if she were talking to a whole room of dancers, all of which had an assigned dance space. Instead it was just Veronica, who continued standing exactly where she was.

"Logan? Could you go away?" Veronica asked, her tone begging him to understand. He knew she didn't want to do this. They'd talked about it a lot over the last three weeks, since Lilly came up with the talent show idea and Veronica got talked into it.

Logan hated it when he and Lilly broke up, but whenever they did he started spending more time with Veronica. He didn't always talk about Lilly either, most of the time he just like to sit and hangout with her. Sometimes, he even brought over his book bag and did homework with her at her kitchen table. He joked that he got the best grades when Lilly broke up with him because it was all Veronica did on week nights. Study.

Each time they got back together, Veronica felt a little sad that she lost that time with Logan. As much as she griped about his possible ADHD while they were sitting there studying, it was fun to have someone there goof off with while her mother sat in her room 'reading' and her dad was at work. There was something going on between her parents these days that she just couldn't put her finger on. But it wasn't good.

"No, Veronica. Logan is our sample audience. He has to stay. How else would we know if we're a step off or out of tune." Lilly argued, fixing Logan with a stare that meant that he better not leave. She leaned towards him to give him a quick kiss on the lips. "Besides, I need eye candy… Other than you."

Veronica rolled her eyes and Logan looked kind of annoyed as well. He would have stayed if she had just simply asked him to. But she had reduced him to just being something pretty to look at. He hated the way Lilly always did, made his importance less than what it was. It was always one of the main things he complained about during the breakups.

"Okay, Lilly. Lets get this over with." Veronica interrupted the oncoming fight in favor of rehearsal.

"You nervous?" Logan asked, presenting her with a bouquet of baby pink roses almost the exact shade of her dress.

"Not really. It's just the people from school. And their parents. And everyone else." Veronica let out a calming breath, she'd done this kind of stuff in front of people all the time with pep squad. Plus, being one of the most popular girls in school made her a constant center of attention. This was nothing. Yeah, right.

"You look kind of nervous. Enjoy your flowers. And remember, even though DK got you a dozen red ones, mine match your dress." Logan pointed out, seeing Duncan headed straight for them, carrying a dozen red roses and a dozen white ones for Lilly.

"I'll see you after the show." Logan told her, leaning forward to give her a hug for luck and kiss on the forehead. He was protective, and had argued with her for a good hour after she'd agreed to this. He didn't want anyone making fun of her, or Lilly, and if they didn't do well or didn't win he was scared she'd be disappointed.

"It'll be fine Logan. You'd better go find Lilly, or we're going to miss our cue to go on stage." Veronica instructed as he pulled away. "She's probably back in the dressing rooms, fixing her makeup again."

Logan nodded and headed off in the direction of the 'dressing rooms', a second bouquet of pink roses hanging at his side.

Logan concentrated on the girls on stage, dancing in perfect sync and singing loud and clear. They looked perfect and all those hours of practice that they'd put in paid off. There were a sure win. Especially since Madison had dropped her baton. Twice.

"I call him. Lollipop lollipop. Oh lolli lolli lolli. Lollipop lollipop..." They sang, finished the song, perfectly in tune. Veronica's voice was louder and clearer than Lilly's. She had a natural singing voice and if they won it would be because Lilly had chosen Veronica to sing with.

It was funny. Veronica had been so against performing in the talent show, but she seemed more at ease with it than Lilly. She was a natural performer, and her talent and personality made her nearly glow on stage. Like she belonged there.

Logan felt the odd and familiar feeling of being watched. There was a camera on him. He knew it. He had a sixth sense about it now, but attributed that to having been in front of the cameras all his life.

"What?" Logan asked, not even turning to look at Luke, who had been filming the whole show at Veronica's behest. Luke had resisted, but with a tilt of her head and a flip of her hair, Veronica had gotten exactly what she wanted. Luke sitting up in the audience with a camera permanently attached to his hand.

"Nothing, just that your girls' just finished to a standing ovation. What do you have to say about that, Mr. Echolls?" Luke asked, his voice taking on the air of an on-air reporter.

"Nothing. Except if you call me Mr. Echolls again you better be prepared to spend your summer in traction instead of on the baseball field." Logan threatened. Mr. Echolls was his father and Logan was nothing like his father. He made it his life's goal to be nothing like his father.

"There going to be an after party tonight? Because I'm lookin to P-A-R-T-Y!" Dick Casablancas announced from the row of seats behind Logan, Duncan and Luke, clapping Logan and Duncan on their backs as he inserted his head between them.

"Wow, Dick. I'm shocked you know how to spell party." Logan commented dryly. There would be an after party, if he and Lilly could convince Veronica and Duncan into having one.

The Kane parents were out of town and Lilly had promised to 'show her boy how much like a lollipop he really was' if Veronica agreed to a party at the house.

He was unlikely to get the same offer from the smaller blonde, no matter how much he fantasized about it, so this was as good as he was going to get.

Grinning, Logan stood and exited his row behind Duncan as Luke fiddled with the camera a bit behind him. "Gee, my lollipop is great." Yes. Yes, it will be.

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