This is my new story, Eddie the Teddy is actually based on my teddy called "Eddie the Freo Teddy." He wears my favourite footy teams colours.

Oh. My. God. He's gone! Where else could he be?! I left him on my bed! He was there last night! Now he's gone! NO! Eddie the Teddy is gone. Where oh where could he be?! He was there last night! This is bad. Real bad.

"Oi Emmeline! Have you seen Eddie?!"

"Eddie who? Eddie Davies or Eddie Jones? I saw both of them this morning at breakfast." My best friend Emmeline informed me hopelessly. I rolled my eyes, how could she not know which Eddie I was talking about?

"No! Eddie the teddy! You know, yea high and hay wide?" I said rather dramatically, flapping my arms around. Emmeline was looking at me weird, it was hard enough been accepted at school, and not much of a confidence boost when your best friend looks at you like that. She was also looking very confused.

"Hang on Lily, you mean to tell me that the teddy that the James Potter gave you for a birthday present, that you said you hated has gone missing and you want it back?"

Damn Emmeline and her adding two and two together. I forgot that I wasn't supposed to inform her of that…

"Oh. Um. Yes. I just want him back! He's so cute and cuddly!" I sort of blushed. Emmeline wasn't supposed to get any of those hints that I - oh my Merlin. I'm losing my mind! I like James Potter. Great. That's just what I need.

The dorm door opened. Emmeline and I bent down, ready to pounce. We jumped at the person who walked in, grabbing her wrists.

Emmeline yelled, "HaveyouseenLily'steddybearEddie?!" all in one breath…

Maria our dorm mate was looking at us. Me with a firm hold on her wrist and Emmeline in a mid flap look. It would have been hilarious had it not been so serious.

"Um. No, I haven't…" Maria said looking at us sorta scared.

This was getting very serious. I want Eddie back, NOW!

Luckily it's a weekend so we don't have any lessons to go to and we can dedicate ourselves to looking for Eddie.

"Eddie! Oh Eddie! Where are you?!" I cried out through the dorm. Maria walked out of the shower and looked at me, holding her wet towel in one hand and backed back into the shower.

Oh great. So now Maria thought I should go with the men in white coats. Its not fair! Can't a girl look for her teddy?!

"Em, come here, we need to think of scenarios of where Eddie could be!"

Emmeline nodded, that's what I loved about my best friend, she was with me on everything!

"I think we should you know, like make a list of possible scenarios of what happened to Eddie." She said very happily. I nodded.

After about an hour we came up with these scenarios,

Scenario One: Last night, a ninja baby with wings flew in and stole him

Scenario Two: Someone who hates me like Chanelle stole him to make me sad (Chanelle is a 5th year who hates me.)

Scenario Three: Eddie sprouted real legs and ran.

Scenario Four: Eddie wanted to try skydiving and jumped out the window and well, didn't make it.

Scenario Five: He was possessed and taken away.

Scenario Six: He was just stolen by the person who gave him to me, James Potter.

Scenario Seven: He wanted me to be lonely with out him.

They were the seven scenarios that Em and I came up with, we didn't know which one to follow…

"What one seems most likely?" Emmeline asked me as I teared up.

"I don't know!"

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